Modern Living Room Wallpaper Trends 2020-2021

Modern Living Room Wallpaper Trends2020-2021Thinking about repairing a house, or about to transform only its main room – the living room, people most often choose wallpaper as the material for wall decoration. And this choice is justified, because with them the room becomes cozy and beautiful. And using the latest trends in wallpaper fashion 2020-2021 will help you to make the atmosphere not only comfortable and conducive to communication, but also admirable for the guests. In this article, we have collected for you the recommendations of designers about fashionable wallpaper in the living room 2020-2021, the rules of combinations and choice of wallpaper. Considering them, you can fabulously transform the room.

Modern wallpaper style trends 2021Modern Living Room Wallpaper Trends2020-2021

Designers call the seasons 2020-2021 a period of comfort and prosperity. The predominance of light shades, natural materials, the unobtrusiveness of the interior decor and the abstracting from the frenzied rhythm of modern life are welcome.

Speaking specifically about fashion wallpapers 2020-2021, the designers highlight several trends. One of them is 3D murals, pleasing with non-standard and fresh ideas. With their help, you can visually expand the boundaries of the room space and focus on one of the walls.

At the peak of fashion, the use of a gradient is now especially relevant in small living rooms. In them, the transition from a more saturated to a gentle shade will bring light and lightness to the surrounding space.

In addition, the use of original prints is encouraged. And although monophonic wallpapers remain in trend, they are crowded with might and main products with floral and geometric prints. Using them in the design of living room interiors allows you to give the room an individuality and a special gloss.

Types of Wallpaper for Living RoomModern Living Room Wallpaper Trends2020-2021

Wallpaper suitable for decoration of the living room, presented on the market in a wide range. And in order to choose the best material, first of all, you need to determine its appearance.

Paper – they are characterized by a thin base, which, when stuck, can tear and deform. Their advantage can only be considered an inexpensive price, since gluing such wallpaper is not forbidden only on perfectly even walls without roughness and cracks.

Non-woven – more dense, with a beautiful texture and able to boast of durability. Such wallpapers are not afraid of sun exposure and moisture. And they can be repainted to your liking.

Vinyl – in fact, it is a vinyl coating on a paper basis. Based on them, you can create a wall covering that looks monolithic. If it happens to get them dirty, they wash perfectly.

Acrylic – imply the application of polymer on a paper base. Compared to vinyl, these wallpapers are breathable, however, they do not like moisture.

Fabric – are produced on a non-woven and paper basis, on which a fabric is applied – velor, linen or silk. Such material looks exquisite, but it is expensive, it quickly accumulates dust and causes difficulties in cleaning.

Cullet – created on the basis of fiberglass. In addition to decorativeness, they are distinguished by durability, moisture resistance, ease of cleaning and the possibility of repainting.

Bamboo – a godsend for the interior in a colonial style. Usually used only on one or two walls.

Metallized – used for high-tech and techno-style. Based on non-woven fabric, on top they are covered with aluminum foil with embossed or pattern. As a result, the material has excellent heat-insulating and moisture-resistant parameters, as well as a long “life” term.

Liquid – are created on the basis of cellulose, silk fibers, dyes and decorative additives to the coating. Outwardly, they are like plaster, and in finished form an elegant silky finish with a fancy pattern.

Want to change the annoying atmosphere in the living room, but are not ready for repairs and major changes? Change curtains that can not only transform the room, but also make it more functional and comfortable.

Choosing a wallpaper for the living room by styleModern Living Room Wallpaper Trends2020-2021

Before deciding on the choice of color and pattern of wallpaper, you need to pay attention to the style of the living room (existing or just created by you). After all, if warm wallpaper shades are usually selected in a room designed in the spirit of classics or Provence, then modern styles welcome a light and cold palette, as well as the presence of bright contrasts. However, in addition to the shades, the texture and the wallpaper drawings should also fit into the interior styling.

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Classic style involves the use of harmonious shapes and thoughtful lighting, the predominance of pastel colors, large designs, gilding and luxurious accessories;

Minimalism. The decoration of the living room in the spirit of this style dictates the dominance of strict lines, minimal color scatter and clarity of shifting tones;

Art Nouveau suggests florid lines, the presence of stained glass, floral designs and stylish accessories;

Country style is not the best choice for a living room if you do not want to turn it into a rural house option. But if this is so, it is necessary to use mainly monophonic wallpaper of muted colors in combination with natural materials of rude furniture and the rest of the decoration;

Art Deco. The eastern decoration professes the presence of contrasts and bright colors, dim lighting, the presence of openwork carvings and rich patterned designs;

Loft implies an extremely naturalistic design, the use of unprocessed textures of concrete and a brick wall, which can be found in wallpaper drawings;

High-tech means excellent lighting, the use of monochrome white and black shades, avant-garde accents and clear lines;

Eco style. When designing a living room in an eco-style materials should be used natural, the color palette should be natural, the forms of decoration should be simple and conducive to a relaxing break.

How to beat the appearance of the window so that the interior decoration in the living room does not resemble a provincial museum or a grandiose restaurant? In this article, we will talk about the lambrequins most relevant in 2020-2021.

Choose a wallpaper for the living room by colorModern Living Room Wallpaper Trends2020-2021

With the help of a well-chosen color of wall decoration, you can easily create the desired interior effect – for example, identify functional areas, raise a low ceiling, lighten or darken a room, move its walls apart, and so on.

The most traditional technique is sticking light wallpaper into the room. This is a classic design, especially relevant when decorating small spaces. Light colors, naturally illuminated by the sun during the day and lamps, coupled with a chandelier in the evening – make the room light and visually increase it.

In particular, among the most relevant design trends of 2020 are:

Gray wallpaperin the living room is an up-to-date trend for all times. At the same time, you can play with colors, sorting shades from silver to saturated graphite. This design will bring rigor and elegance to the living room.

White wallpaperin the living room – will give the room a certain splendor and help to lighten it if the windows face north. Using the technique of color transition from top to bottom, you can illusory raise the ceiling. Of course, it is probably not worthwhile to completely cover the room with white wallpaper. A wonderful technique will be the white wallpaper decoration on the top of the room, while the bottom will be glued with a darker shade of material.

Beige wallpaper in the living room will provide positiveness and vivacity to all people gathering in the room. At the same time, you are free to choose both the pale ivory color and a deeper tone. In any case, beige shades become a wonderful backdrop for brighter furniture, curtains and carpet.

Keep in mind: if you plan to decorate the walls of the living room the same way, select a neutral-tone wallpaper of soft pink, gray, white, pale yellow, etc., in the role of background decoration. The living room with turquoise, mint and pale blue colors will become as cozy as possible.

How to combine wallpaper in the living room?Modern Living Room Wallpaper Trends2020-2021

Unfortunately, the apartments available to Russians are not always ideal. And living rooms are often not without flaws – it can be low ceilings, a small area or a disproportionate form. Even a very spacious hall is not always good, since it deprives people in it of a sense of comfort. It is gratifying that the above and other shortcomings of the living room can be veiled by a competent combination of materials on the wall.

By zoning. Within its framework, different shades of wallpaper are combined in the decoration of the living room, allowing you to divide the space into functional sections – intended for reading, a work area, a fireplace, and so on. The same technique is relevant for designating a living room in studio apartments;

Playing geometry. By marking one of the four walls of the room with 3D wallpaper or photo wallpaper, you can improve spatial geometry. Keep in mind that combined wallpapers with a vertical pattern visually raise the ceiling, and with a horizontal one they “push” the walls;

Use of wallpaper as a decorative element. Having picked up two well-matching shades of material, you can experiment with the design of the room. For example, to make the walls light, in several places breaking them with a strip of dark wallpaper with a bright pattern. Or try to divide the walls in half according to the “light top-dark bottom” rule, or you can draw frames using more saturated color wallpapers.

As for the correct combination of wallpaper colors, then:

  • the ideal companion of blue is considered sand;
  • gray is in harmony with blue;
  • the combination of sand and green looks beautiful;
  • white successfully combined with blue;
  • the combination of yellow and gray looks fresh in the interior;
  • the combination of beige and brown is considered a classic combination for the living room

Keep in mind: do not combine more than two bright colors in the design of the living room. Otherwise, you can overload the interior, introducing randomness into it.

Important nuances when choosing a wallpaperModern Living Room Wallpaper Trends2020-2021

The venerable designers, answering consumers’ questions on how to choose the right wallpaper for the living room, highlight a number of important criteria:

  • In addition to aesthetics, the wallpaper chosen by you should also be practical, as well as not easily soiled;
  • ideally, if they are made of environmentally friendly materials that are not dust-attracting and easy to clean;
  • in living rooms, where usually there is quite good sunny lighting, preference should be given to fading-resistant wallpapers – that is, to prefer non-woven models to vinyl;
  • Wallpaper should not only correspond to the interior style, but also you and the household should like it. Only then will you be comfortable in the room;
  • Choose the best color for your living room wallpaper based on its lighting. If the living room has southern windows, you can use cold and dark colors in its design. If they look north, then you should take care of buying a light finishing material;
  • Remember that the shade of the wallpaper affects the perception of the room as a whole. This means that dark wallpapers visually narrow the space of the room, while light glossy ones, on the contrary, contribute to its visual expansion;
  • Bearing in mind that some interior styles involve the simultaneous use of several types of wallpaper, experts do not recommend combining more than 3 types of material. Otherwise, instead of the dynamism of the design, you get a fragmented interior;
  • Do not use a large contrasting pattern to create a wallpaper background. Instead of an atmosphere of relaxation, this design will cause negative emotions;
  • when realizing your fantasies, do not combine wallpapers of various relief and thickness, otherwise you will get a negative effect of overly noticeable joints and transitions;

You can get a fashionable design of the hall in Khrushchev even with the apparent problematic character of Khrushchev’s apartments, if, of course, you competently approach their design. And the advice of professional designers that we have collected for you in this article will help you in this.

A small living room with an end wall devoid of a window suggests pasting it with photo wallpaper that visually dissolves the border of the room. A panorama of city blocks or sunlit lawns is a great way to transform a small space.

Wallpaper Trends 2020wallpaper trends for 2020

Modern wallpapers are distinguished by attractive appearance and functionality. Using the right material, you can hide the unevenness of the walls, and visually change the dimensions of the room. To choose the right wallpaper trends in 2020, you need to study the latest trends in design.

Characteristics of materialswallpaper trends for 2020

For the manufacture of wallpaper canvases, various materials are used. A huge assortment allows you to choose the best option for the implementation of a design idea.

Demand for previously popular paper canvases decreased significantly. Despite the low cost, buyers stopped choosing this type of material due to the fragility and poor quality.

Consumers increasingly prefer other types of wallpaper:

Vinyl linens have a long service life, high quality indicators, are easy to clean and are harmless to health, but their cost is higher than paper analogues;

Wallpaper with a non-woven coating is no less popular. They are distinguished by high strength, a wide range. Cloths are available both with a printed image, and for painting. The technology of pasting involves applying glue directly to the surface;

Liquid wallpaper is an ecological material, applied as plaster, as a result of which there are no joints on the surface. The mixture may be plain, interspersed or sparkles;

A textile fabric is obtained by combining paper and non-woven fabric. The coating has soundproofing properties and allows air to pass through. Thanks to these indicators, buyers often choose this material.

Prints and drawings

The image on the wallpaper should correspond to the wishes of the homeowners and become an emphasis in the stylistic idea. Designers offer several interesting ideas, the use of which will make the room original.

Plant motifswallpaper trends for 2020

Natural motives can be expressed in different ways: in the form of an image of a blooming garden, tropical or deciduous forest, park alley. The image of nature has many options:

  • Wild jungle;
  • Blooming bouquets in vases or pots;
  • Exotic plants, their foliage or flowers.

Such decor will fill the room with bright juicy colors. To create a harmonious design with such wallpapers, you should opt for the neutral color of the flooring.

Geometric lineswallpaper trends for 2020

This year, a separate niche is allocated to canvases with geometric images. The main role is assigned to hexagons and honeycombs. The use of such wallpaper allows you to visually balance the space, make it harmonious and holistic. The pattern on the wallpaper is duplicated in furniture upholstery or textiles. Honeycombs can revive even the most boring interior, divide it into functional zones.

For lovers of experiments and bold decisions, manufacturers have produced canvases with multi-colored geometric shapes: rhombuses, triangles and zigzags. A wall glued with such material will become the accent of the room and will attract attention.

Solid geometrical figures on a dark background will ideally fit into a glamorous retro style and will become an excellent background for pieces of furniture made in a classic style.

Flower ornamentwallpaper trends for 2020

Already not the first year at the peak of fashion, images of flowers remain. The English style in the interior with rose bushes on the walls is very popular.So that consumers can choose the right design, manufacturers produce canvases with flowers of various sizes – from small ornaments to bright colors of maximum size.Exotic flowers, blurry garden flowers, like a watercolor drawing, picturesque bouquets – any of these options will look appropriate in the interior of the home.

Animal printswallpaper trends for 2020

The image of animals fits perfectly into the interior of any living room. To do this, you must responsibly approach the choice of colors and patterns. Special attention should be paid to paintings in retro style. They fill the room with elegance and sophistication. On such wallpapers animals located scattered across the entire surface, without ornate details.

Prints with butterflies, fish and colorful birds are designed to draw attention to a specific wall or area in the room. The same goes for wild animals. Oversized images of animals made with graphic lines look original as an accent. A clearly defined profile of a fox, deer or wolf favorably emphasizes the space behind the head of the bed or the back of the sofa. Great idea for a room made in the style of minimalism.

Imitation of natural materialswallpaper trends for 2020

For those who dreamed of an apartment with a brick wall, but could not afford it due to material and labor costs, there is an excellent solution – a wallpaper with an imitation of brickwork. From afar, such canvases cannot be distinguished from natural material. Imitation can be under any natural material: wood, stone, concrete or marble, and even snake skin. An unusual solution for decorating walls in the hall or in the kitchen.

What about the wallpaper colors?wallpaper trends for 2020

This year, designers have a priority in a complex color scheme: shades of olive and green, eggplant, aqua. In modern repairs, collections are often used, in which bright colors prevail: yellow, chocolate, pink, turquoise and yellow. This range is able to make positive notes in any interior.

Due to its uniqueness and durability, a new wave of popularity was won by photo wallpaper . It is worth forgetting about paper images of nature that used to be found in apartments. You can add coziness and warmth to the city living room with the help of paintings with a fireplace, and imitation of bookshelves will fill the atmosphere with aristocracy and luxury.

A floral motif will fill the room with natural tranquility and freshness. In order for the space to look harmonious, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room. A small flower will look great in a small bedroom, and the wall of a spacious living room will be decorated with large flowers in combination with plain pastel-colored canvases that are suitable for design.

Abstraction in any color design will look good. For the youth style, you can choose multi-colored figures, the minimalism style will complement the wall with clear silver geometric lines on a dark background. Properly selected colors and prints will help visually expand a small room and highlight a certain part of the room if necessary.

Designers remain in high esteem with contrasting black and white wallpapers. This wall decoration is suitable for any room, including a bathroom and a room for the baby. White furniture against their background looks more advantageous, and black figures of animals or plants decorate the nursery, and attract the attention of the child.

Modern wallpaper trends for 2020wallpaper trends for 2020

Wall murals amaze with their variety. When buying finishing material, attention is paid not only to quality characteristics, but also to aesthetic qualities. The assortment is quite wide and in order to keep up with the times, it is worth taking a closer look at several options:

3D format. With the help of three-dimensional printing, ordinary wallpapers turned into large-format images. With their help, bookshelves, imitation of brickwork or a bamboo grove looks realistic, transforming the space. Looking at the wallpaper from certain angles, you can observe various pictures. 3D wallpapers are distinguished by durability, environmental friendliness and high cost. There are fluorescent canvases and backlit for sale. With their help, you can tear the space or recreate in your living room the atmosphere of a blooming garden;

Gradient wallpaper. Spectacular and vibrant wallpapers, on which a smooth transition of color from bright to a calmer shade occurs. Such canvases look harmonious in a room with laconic furniture. Walls with such decoration will make the room lighter and airier;

Metallized wallpapers belong to the elite class of finishing materials. An image similar to the surface of the foil is applied to a paper or non-woven backing. Such a coating can be either monophonic or with a printed image (mainly geometric shapes). Cloths have a lot of advantages, the main of which can be considered their versatility – the ability to use for decoration of any room in the apartment.

The combination of wallpaper. One of the most popular solutions in recent years. Use for emphasis. For example, in the dining area in the kitchen, or on the wall above the bed in the bedroom. It can be applied to any room, regardless of its size. There are many different combinations. For an example, see a photo.

Gallery of Wallpaper Trends 2020wallpaper trends for 2020

Taking into account all the above tips, you will certainly choose the perfect wallpaper for your living room. However, before buying and sticking them, once again weigh the pros and cons, since the design of the hall for receiving guests does not tolerate spontaneous decisions. If you have difficulties with the design of this room, it is better to contact a professional designer. Together with him you are guaranteed to create the perfect design of your dream room!

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