Modern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Modern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021Interesting news about the modern design of the living room in 2021 came from the IMM International Furniture Fair in Cologne. Getting acquainted with new trends in interior design, it can be noted that the new collections are oversaturated with bright colors and original prints. Interestingly, what is more characteristic of modern ideas in the design of a living room: modern style or classic, simple or luxurious materials.

Stylish living room decorModern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Elements of old styles organically fit into the modern design of the living room: the baroque style influenced the abundant use in the decoration of materials such as velvet, silver plated metal, antique gold, brass paint, which replace bronze.

In the stylistic variety of the exhibition, you can find notes of the Scandinavian and vintage style, in which gilding is actively used. Designer decisively sets bright accents, carefully selects surfaces that evoke a feeling of comfort. To fit in the design of the living room in a modern style, upholstered furniture should be large, massive and joyful.

The Scandinavian loft combines a wall laminate, the functionality of a closet, woven rugs and, of course, streamlined Ploum sofas. Pillows of the Ploum collection are also suitable for a classic interior, they will become bright and rich, as well as a comfortable decoration of the living room thanks to a pleasant upholstery fabric and goose down filler.

Living Room Design 2021Modern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

The furniture exhibition allows us to predict modern ideas for the design of the living room 2021, because some trends are especially noticeable:

  • saturated colors;
  • polished surfaces;
  • exquisite vintage gizmos.

Designers boldly mix forms from different decades and use synthetic materials. The style decisions of past years bring inspiration to create new patterns and borrow retro shapes.

Furniture shape trends are also changing.

  • Wider sofas with huge seats that can fulfill the function of a sleeping bed are in fashion.
  • Shelves with an abundance of shelves occupy the entire wall, which makes it possible to arrange objects that are in harmony in shape, and opens the vision of the wall surface pattern. A good example of this is the LEMA Selecta shelving.
  • Air shelves dividing the space of a room into two zones are gaining popularity, but the transparency of the rack provides good illumination of the entire room.
  • Tables for newspapers and magazines – an innocent reason to play with color and shape. Contemporary living room design ideas 2021 are offered by countertops created by combining several materials (steel, marble ceramics, dark glass, eco-friendly wooden countertops, lacquered tabletops on air legs, as well as original tables, almost invisible due to the surface of transparent glass).

At the exhibition of modern living room design ideas 2021, original items were also presented, for example, a designer table, which was created on the basis of scales. To visually highlight an unusual thing, you need a bright and rich color of the walls to match. Against this background, the metal frame gives clarity to the shape of the sideboard.

One of the trends is a harmonious combination of rigidity and softness. A rustic Ruché wooden bench covered in a downy pink mattress will blend in with a country-style interior.

Interior Partition DecorModern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Partitions in the living room are a functional detail of the interior, several people can be in the room, located in different zones and not interfering with each other. New trends in the interior dictate the fashion for partitions. What materials are used to divide the space? The exhibition offers unusual solutions: ceramics, wood, textiles.

  • Tierras brand offers a set of unusual porcelain products for decorating walls and partitions, similar to exotic souvenirs brought from travel.
  • Partitions made of wood – light structures of various sizes resemble both an Eastern European ornament and a basket.
  • New functional ideas are the highlight of the living room design in a modern style, for example, a unique extravagant partition from designers K. Gerhards and A. Glucker has high strength and at the same time

softness, as it is created from felt and steel, and is also designed to place objects in it.

  • High construction of openwork lattice of Archiplan studio – a new word in the Italian style, expressing lightness and friendly warmth.

Textile Decor 2021Modern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Rugs are not only cozy islands for relaxing your legs, but also details that help to set color accents. Australian designers make the house more fun by placing Patricia Urquiola furniture on a thin yellow carpet. It is important that the carpet is in harmony with the upholstery of the chair or sofa, yellow and gray are compatible colors.

Warm notes of ginger and honey in the colors of the interior by LEMA, as well as a soft and thin rug make the interior tender with a rough and durable brass table. The room in futuristic forms and unsaturated colors needs coziness in order to look friendlier. Portego’sSottoportico rug softens the decor, creating an illusion of warmth.

Lighting and Wall Covering Ideas 2021Modern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Elements of artistic decor should somehow be combined with lamps. Wallpaper plays the role of a background for the expressiveness of detail.

The old Milanese house inspired the architect Massimo Castaña to create a design that combines old and modern details. As a result, he achieved his goal by choosing a shade of the sofa to match the shade of the walls, reminiscent of unpainted concrete, brass and copper lamps came up to the urban notes.

A new word in interior design is a stone pendant lamp. A marble creation by Tom Dixon with a brass ball is a real art object. Will heavy stone fixtures on ropes in everyday life be in demand? Or remain a demonstration of modern trends, like a glass bed.

The combination of wallpaper patterns is another fashion trend from Europe, an occupation requiring skill. It was possible to combine the large and small wallpaper pattern from Cole and Son into a single composition to emphasize the shape of the designer chair. Small wallpaper patterns are a storehouse of backgrounds for exquisite gizmos.

7 trendy colors of the living room 2021Modern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Whereas pastel dominated interior design in past seasons, contemporary living room designs are filled with vibrant colors that combine with gray and brown. The combination of wall coverings by color is becoming one of the methods of zoning space.


Yellow is used to indicate accents, juicy tones of chairs, rugs and wall panels are relevant.


Natural green muted herbal tones – a desire to satisfy the craving for nature. Used for wall decor, designers predict a new wave in minimalism – foliage color backgrounds. As parts on a dark green background, you can place furniture or decor that mimics the fruits and berries of red, purple and blue colors.

The black

No one is afraid of the gloom of black, the artists appreciated the convenience of combining black with any color, as well as its characteristics as a background. Black imitating the atmosphere of the night is used in the interior of living rooms as a way to create a mysterious and sexual atmosphere.

A mixture of blue, gray and green

This interesting muted color on the crest of popularity, it is selected both for the rustic style and for neoclassicism. In the modern design of the kitchen and living room, the muted tone is a discreet and at the same time stylish background, on which the tree looks convex, both brown and painted white. Color mixes well with shades of sea landscapes. You can create vibrant color accents from them, such as orange pillows or a rug.

The combination of blue and orange

Cold blue and warm orange complement each other, like the expanse of the sky and sunny sunset. To beat this effect will help blue backgrounds and bright orange furniture. Airy white or beige for the shade of the floor will complement the range, and gray will add a little autumn atmosphere.


The powdery tones of pink pastels are a wonderful backdrop for bright pinks, and the combination with white and gold is a glamorous effect. But will consumers be able to abandon the stereotype that pink is an attribute of a women’s bedroom?


Golden – perhaps one of the most basic tones for the metal parts of fixtures, many manufacturers of brass and bronze are covered with gilding.

An example of the modern design of the living room 2021

Muted gray and huge pillows are the dominant touch in Scandinavian lofts.

Modern Scandinavian style living room 2021Modern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Two-room studio apartment created in the style of the Scandinavian loft. For registration, the color scheme of stylish and harmonious tones is taken, where two shades of gray are combined with rich mustard and wood. The apartment creates a feeling of comfort: a huge sofa in which you can drown, curtains that protect from drafts. The functionality of the loft reflects a geometric rack filled with a variety of objects.

Modern and concise design of the living roomModern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Another example of the Scandinavian modern style, where wood is combined with gray, and a huge functional sofa stands on a woven rug. The dominant design note is laminate flooring. The airiness of a large room is created by pendant lights and huge windows.

Modern living room in blueModern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

The bold modern design is again a combination of imitation of a brick texture on the wall, plush sofas in gray tones, a vintage sideboard and a wrought-iron floor lamp. Designer table and chandelier made of shiny cylinders – original art objects. In the apartment you can notice another fashionable move – an open sideboard in color against the wall with even rectangles of shelves.

Modern living room with retro furnitureModern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

Another example of the Scandinavian style is textured linoleum, white walls, aquamarine sofas and simple lamps. The abundance of air is a great occasion to fill the hall with elements with woven decor, flowers and things that are always at hand. And the laconic shape of the sideboards is chosen a little lighter than the floor.

Modern living room in the style of minimalismModern Design Trends Of The Living Room 2021

The atmospheric coffee-colored living room looks friendly. Masterfully selected shades are the main advantage of the design. Two-tone armchairs and minimalist lighting fixtures are original details, matching in color with the atmosphere of the living room.