Stylish Wallpaper Ideas and Trends 2021 For The Walls

Wallpaper Trends 2021 For The WallsThe style and shade of modern wallpaper can be anything. The main thing is that the chosen wallpaper design is suitable for the interior. The article talks about the most fashionable wallpaper for walls in 2021. Consider what you should pay attention to when buying. What directions, colors, prints are in fashion today?

Trends in Wallpaper Style 2021

At the international exhibition of interior design Heimtextil in Germany, the main trends are revealed. The name of the event is “In Search of Utopia”. The main idea of ??modern design is individuality. Everyone can create the perfect space in the house. What should be guided and what wallpapers are in fashion?

Abstract wallpaper patternsWallpaper Trends 2021 For The Walls

We live in a digitized world today. Therefore, in the decoration of housing dominated by artificial materials and intricate forms. Suitable wallpaper ornament for a futuristic setting – geometric patterns or holograms.

Original printsWallpaper Trends 2021 For The Walls

A busy life leads to stress. Designers advise not to take trouble to heart. Fill the interior with creative elements with a bright finish. In fashion 2021 wallpaper with original prints. Don’t be afraid to use custom wallpaper designs. You can use unexpected colors, unusual texture.

Eco-friendly materialsWallpaper Trends 2021 For The Walls

Naturalism is an attractive area. Man’s craving for roots is eternal. Recently, a natural style has become popular in interior design. Materials with the prefix “eco” are suitable for such an interior (wood, natural stone, plenty of vegetation, naturalistic accessories). A lot of sunlight should enter the room. Trendy wallpapers for 2021 eco-style walls – paper. This material is eco-friendly. The walls “breathe”, the air exchange in the room is not disturbed.

The practicality of the wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2021 For The Walls

Professionals advise using quality materials for design. We recommend that you approach the acquisition selectively. Give preference to practical things. The house, crowded with decor, is uncomfortable. Do not litter space. Modern wallpaper should be dense, unpretentious, durable. Better when the walls are washable.

Luxury wallpaperWallpaper Trends 2021 For The Walls

“Suite” is a classic. This trend is always in fashion. What is the premium class in interior design? It is recommended to choose materials of superior quality. Copyright items, exquisite art deco wallpapers are welcome. In such a space is comfortable. Of course, such repairs are expensive. The main thing is that the decor does not look elaborate, lurid.

New wallpapers for walls 2021Wallpaper Trends 2021 For The Walls

In 2021, several new directions are planned in the design.

Eclectic style

If you don’t like the variegation in the design of the room, you do not like wallpapers with prints of different colors, it is worth taking a closer look at the monochrome. This style refers to fashionable eclecticism, but the decor does not look boring. Monochromatic combinations of matte wallpaper with glossy look original.

You can combine wallpaper patterns in different ways, there are no strict rules. The following options are possible: floral ornament with ethnicity, checkered pattern and polka dots, striped pattern next to the leopard print. How to combine dissimilar elements? The uniform shades will help to create uniformity.

Minimalist direction

Many consider this style a challenge to the consumer society. The environment is polluted today. People are tired of this. The minimalistic direction is a breath of clean air. Forget about intrusive decor, bright prints. The basic idea of ??minimalism is nothing more in the house. The situation should consist of the most necessary. Minimum amount of details, colors is welcome. The room should be spacious. Choose fashionable wallpapers in a minimalist style in one tone, with a simple texture. Patterned options are undesirable.

Eco design

Environmental style has been trending recently. This is easy to explain. People have a love of nature. They are her children. Eco-aesthetics in the interior involves the use of natural materials, natural colors, unpretentious textures. This also applies to the choice of wallpaper.

Mono wallpapers

The exquisite mural on the wall is a real art. Especially in the author’s performance. Design mono wallpapers – aesthetic decor. The modern materials that are used to make these wallpapers are durable, dense, and environmentally friendly.

Trendy wallpaper color 2021

What is the palette of wallpapers in fashion in 2021? Specialists pay attention to the new items that have appeared. The five most popular shades:

Neo- Mint (delicate pastel). Adding white will add freshness to the finish. In combination with rich colors, the situation will seem brighter, more dynamic.

Purist Blue (dark blue). Not an easy color. This tone is more neutral than the mint shade, so it is more suitable for the classic direction.

Cassis (hot pink purple). Active blackcurrant color can be used both as a base and in the form of accents. Such a design looks bold, and as you remember, bold decisions are in fashion!

Cantaloupe (muted orange). The story of the creation of the shade is noteworthy. Designers were inspired by the color of the cantaloupe melon. Experts came to the conclusion that such a coloring is able to replace the boring “curry”. Optimistic orange is suitable for life-loving natures. The interior is bright, energetic.

Mellow Yellow (mustard color). This shade today is a trend. In glossy magazines – an abundance of mustard details. This tone is combined with many basic colors. It is used to create bright accents on a neutral background.

By creating a unique decor, you can transform the interior. Choose the most fashionable wallpapers. If you taste the finishes, any room looks attractive and comfortable.