New Wallpaper Trends 2020: Best ideas for memorable interior

Despite the abundance of constantly improving varieties of wall finishes, wallpapers do not lose popularity, acquiring a new sound in different eras. The trend of the coming year surprises with the opportunity to pick up the original wallpaper trends 2020 that meets modern fashion trends.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Beautiful wallpapers – a win-win solution for any interior

Knitted wallpaper trends 2020: a unique pattern on the walls

Cozy “knitted” wallpapers based on the peculiarities of the Scandinavian style relevant in recent years become the trend of 2020, offered by world famous design studios.

This is a version of minimalism with peculiar notes of retro. This design looks very original, as it is an image of a fabric knitted from thick yarn.

Advice! It is advisable to use “knitted” wallpaper to decorate one wall. To enhance the effect and create an exquisite interior corner, a sofa is set, covered with a large knit blanket with a pattern identical to the wall image.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Knitted wallpaper is a stylish piece of furniture that will add warmth and personality to it.

Beautiful 3-D wallpapers 2020: an overview of the best options

The use of three-dimensional printing in an amazing way transforms the usual wallpaper, turning them into exquisite widescreen images.

Volumetric imitation of a variety of textures, color, geometric compositions looks realistic, creating an amazing charming atmosphere. Illuminated options and mysteriously flickering fluorescent canvases are available.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Beautiful 3-D wallpaper with a picture of a fish

Important! Volumetric 3D wallpapers 2020 will fill the most unremarkable interior with brilliance, however, it is important to follow the advice of designers and design one wall in 3-D format, keeping the remaining planes monochrome, choosing a tone in a single color scheme.

Textile wallpaper trends 2020: new items and trends this year

The fabric of jute, linen, cotton, silk or artificial fibers, velor, felt on a non-woven or vinyl basis firmly holds the top lines of the rating of these types of finishes.

Textile wallpaper features exquisite decor. They are environmentally friendly, resistant to fading, temperature fluctuations. Valued for high sound and heat insulation characteristics.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Successful use of textile in the interior of the living room

Liquid wallpaper trends 2020: pasting tricks and help in choosing

Liquid wallpapers remain fashionable and in demand , attracting with simple application on the surface and able to mask minor cracks, chips, elevation changes.

The range is presented in a wide range of colors, while you can independently make a certain shade accent, focusing on the general style decision of the room.

The main advantage of liquid wallpaper is that after drying the mixture does not leave seams, it can have a different texture. If desired, at the kneading stage, sparkles can also be added to them, which will give them special expressiveness.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Liquid wallpaper will fit perfectly into the interior of the children’s room

The method of applying liquid wallpaper on the wall is very simple, and the result of the work done will pleasantly surprise you

Neoclassical wallpaper trends 2020: creating a thoughtful interior

Creating a corporate design for wallpaper trends 2020 and focusing on fashion trends, well-known brands offer neoclassical motifs among the new products this year.

If you want to create a prestigious interior, you can choose a textured finish with elegant floral ornaments, ennobled with gilding. Looks aristocratic classic pattern on modern wallpaper with a gold and silver backing.

Wallpaper in a neoclassical style will radically change the character of the room without overloading the interior with unnecessary detailsNew Wallpaper Trends 2020

Beautiful neoclassical wallpaper in blue design

Trending wallpapers 2020: romantic notes in interior design

By 2020, advanced murals are at the peak of demand. In the trend, images that bring perspective into the room. It can be a path that goes into the distance, a window with incredibly beautiful views behind it. Fills the living room with a sense of luxury, the image of the fireplace with a majestic decoration or bookshelves with rare editions in rich bindings.

Gorgeous flowers, enlarged on the entire wall, exotic landscapes, elegant bouquets are popular. You can choose a picture, a reproduction or even a photograph yourself and order any plot, having previously thought over how harmoniously it fits into the interior.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Photo wallpaper with flowers is a favorite technique in the design of a bedroom interior

Hi-tech Wallpaper

Until recently, high-tech wall decor did not involve the use of familiar wallpaper. However, among the novelties of 2020 from well-known brands, connoisseurs of high-tech interior will already be able to pick up varieties of such finishes with a pronounced metallic effect.

Interesting textures, glossy surfaces, images of microcircuits, geometric shapes become relevant. You can choose plain colors, including fashionable achromatic.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Bright high-tech interior

Wallpaper options for loft style

Well-known brands showing exclusive loft-style 2020 wallpapers did not ignore the surprisingly realistic imitation of precious wood, brutal stone, exotic leather, retro brickwork, aged crumbling plaster. All these textures are in demand when creating the still fashionable loft style, characterized by a revolutionary atmosphere, as well as unexpected combinations of glamorous things and deliberately rough finish of the planes.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Loft-style brickwork will emphasize the exclusivity of the furniture set

Despite the fact that wallpaper simulating brickwork will be appropriate in absolutely any room, their choice should be approached with special responsibility

Ethno Wallpaper

Ethno-theme attracts the attention of designers with a wide palette of proposed thematic plots reflected in modern wallpaper.

  • Indoors, landscapes of wild jungle, hunting battles of African tribes can arise.
  • Drawings resembling a patchwork made from leather pieces will recreate the Native American flavor.
  • A room with elements of the Egyptian style will be decorated with wallpaper imitating majestic marble.
  • The Provence style is characterized by an elegant delicate floral ornament.

Good to know! The novelty of such coloristic refinements is reflected in the high quality of materials and realistic images.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Stylish design of the living room in ethnic style

Eco-friendly design and wallpaper

Environmental design is still trending, and its popularity in 2020 will only increase. The range of such environmentally friendly finishing materials includes eco-friendly wallpaper made from fabric, paper, as well as cork or bamboo.

Advice! Choosing the last two options for gluing, it is worthwhile to dwell on the design of one wall by them. At the same time, the high thermal insulation ability of the cork, which also absorbs external sounds, is also taken into account.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Bamboo variety fits well into the interior with oriental motifs

2020 trends in wallpaper design

Innovations in the field of wallpaper production are surprising in their diversity, which allows to choose a modern finish not only according to the criteria of durability of the material, but also according to aesthetic characteristics.

Prints and drawings

Among the variety of textures and ornamental solutions, one can distinguish the original modern wallpaper trends 2020, which continues to gain popularity and will remain relevant for a long time.

The deliberately hypertrophied image of a flower, an elegant twig, a butterfly, an exotic plant attracts attention, becoming a central element of the entire interior. Such a print is placed on one wall or decorate some part of the room, which allows you to visually zoning the space.

Advice! Furniture, curtains, flooring for such an interior should have a calm neutral color in order to balance the overall color perception.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Beautiful bedroom in delicate floral shades

The splendor of blurry pastel combinations

The trend of 2020 is a universal non-contrasting pattern – floral or geometric, solved in very light colors (gray, bluish, coffee, beige).

This design fits into a variety of styles and creates a feeling of light and spaciousness in any room – living room , kitchen, bedroom , children’s room.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Scandinavian style looks flawless, especially with pretty wallpaper on the walls

Gradient design

Among the trendy varieties of wallpaper trends 2020, a gradient design stands out, performed more often in muted exquisite pastel colors.

Important! A smooth transition from more saturated to light is oriented from the bottom up. This solution expands the space, gives it a dynamic modern sound and a sense of comfort.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Gradient wallpaper can be safely called the standard of modern interior

The gradient design of the wallpaper is presented in an incredibly wide range of color shades and textured variety.

Geographic Maps

Cloths of wallpaper that depict geographical maps , this is another trend in 2020. Preference is given to aged cards with artificially expressed scuffs from previous eras with slightly blurred contours.

Such decoration gives the interior an extraordinary mysterious atmosphere, filling the space with a sense of intelligence and good taste. It is created by the impression of the owners as creative curious people with a broad outlook.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Trendy bedroom design with beautiful world map wallpaper

Maximalism or a riot of colors

The striking design of wallpaper trends 2020, which this year is becoming quite relevant, is gaining ground. An unusual exclusive interior is created using paintings, on a white background which intertwine, intricately intersecting several bright colors, as if randomly spilled in a chaotic order.

An interesting trend version of “blurry” wallpapers, the pattern on which is felt as if it is located under the water column. Such motives fascinate, allow you to relax and get the necessary rest after a busy weekday.New Wallpaper Trends 2020

Bright accents help create a unique atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

Ornamental wall solution

Ornamental solution. Constantly improving plant, flower, geometric, animalistic motifs remain popular.

If you wish, you can fill the room with a natural color scheme, picking up images of a sweet-hearted birch grove, exotic jungle, flowering garden. There are many options.

  1. Floral ornaments from the image of modest daisies to the stunning majestic inflorescences are selected, focusing on personal preferences.
  2. Geometric prints bring dynamics, among which are dominated by honeycombs, zigzags, rhombuses and hexagons.
  3. The vertical strip is still relevant, creating a feeling of spaciousness.

New Wallpaper Trends 2020To create a unique design, it’s enough to decorate at least one wall with beautiful wallpaper, the main thing is that they fit well into the overall style of the interior

Conclusion from the read

Choosing fashionable wallpaper in 2020, it is important not only to decide on the color and ornamental sound of the wall decoration, but also to create a harmonious holistic image, in which furniture ensembles should organically fit, as well as the design of windows, floors, and ceilings.

The range of wallpapers is constantly updated and improved, which allows you to independently create an interior that meets fashion trends.