Living Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

Living Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutionsThe modern world dictates to us trends in the interior, which are replaced one after another. Nevertheless, despite the variety of decoration materials, the use of wallpaper remains one of the most popular methods of decorating walls in the living room. And no wonder, because they are an excellent tool that can transform a room and give the walls the necessary visual effect. How to choose fashionable wallpaper in the living room? Let’s analyze the most current living room wallpaper trends 2021.

Wallpaper for living room – trends 2021Living Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

The living room is the most important room in the house. After all, it is here that the whole family gathers after a working day to watch films and board games. In addition, most people on holidays receive guests in this room. Proper decoration of the walls in the hall helps to create a good impression of the interior and forms the overall image of the room.

Today it may seem that wallpaper is already a boring technique for wall decoration. However, this is not at all true. New items that began to appear in stores over the past few years are striking in their originality, which is manifested not only in the color scheme, but also in the surface texture.

If we talk about fashionable wallpaper in the living room in 2021, then the designers unanimously highlight the following trends:

  1. 3D wallpaper for the hall. This, of course, is not the wallpaper with the image of landscapes or animals that appeared a couple of decades ago. Today, a variety of 3D paintings includes fresh and innovative ideas. This technique will visually increase the space of the room and give an accent to one of the walls.
  2. Gradient. A smooth transition from one shade to another during the interior decoration of apartments is observed more often. It is especially relevant in small rooms. The transition from bright to calmer colors will make the space more airy and lighter.
  3. Say yes! Original prints. Of course, plain wallpaper in the living room is still popular. However, along with them, models with geometric or floral prints began to appear on store shelves. They set the tone in the design of modern living rooms.

What wallpaper to choose in living room?

Choosing wallpaper in the room, many people first of all think about the color scheme of paintings. However, this is far from the most important factor. First of all, you should pay attention to the type of product. Fortunately, the living room, unlike the kitchen, does not require any additional characteristics of the canvas. There is practically no condensation, high humidity, odors, etc. So in this case, when choosing, you have no restrictions. We recommend that you pay attention to the following types of wallpaper for the living room:

PaperLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

Eco-friendly paper wallpapers are the most affordable option for wall decoration. That is why they are often used for wall decoration in residential buildings and apartments. Based on the type of surface, modern manufacturers distinguish two types of paper wallpaper: glossy and matte.

Among the advantages of paper paintings can be identified:

  • affordable cost;
  • environmental friendliness (the material does not emit harmful substances and does not cause allergies),
  • wide range of shades and prints.

The disadvantage of paper wallpaper is that for low cost, as a rule, are short-lived products. Even the best paper canvases will not last more than 10 years. In addition, they require a perfectly flat wall surface and are easily exposed to various damage, such as:

  • Sun rays;
  • high humidity;
  • mechanical damage.

VinylLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

The production process of vinyl wallpaper involves applying a special material called polyvinyl chloride to a paper or textile base. Based on this technique, several types of surfaces are distinguished:

  • smooth;
  • solid;
  • embossed.

Often when decorating the walls in the living room with wallpaper, many designers stop on vinyl paintings. The thing is that such products are most resistant to high humidity and are ideal for walls with defects (chips, cracks). In addition, they are lightweight, which makes the gluing process much easier and faster.

Of course, vinyl paintings will cost more than paper counterparts. However, their service life is higher. On average, such wallpapers can last 15-20 years. The main disadvantage of this type of wall decoration is the presence of plastic in the composition. Because of it, the circulation of air and steam is disturbed.

Tip: Pay attention to the embossed vinyl wallpaper models. They look quite original and, in addition, are able to hide minor defects on the wall.

TextileLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

Textile canvas is one of the most popular options for wallpapering the living room. Of course, it costs a lot. However, the result will exceed all your expectations. Modern manufacturers offer textile wallpapers based on:

  • flax;
  • silks;
  • velvet
  • atlas.

Such products are perfect for decorating the walls of the living room in a classic style. They look luxurious, so they will give the interior more sophistication. The price fully justifies the quality of the material – fabric wallpaper can last 15-25 years. In addition, an environmentally friendly foundation allows the walls to breathe, providing good air circulation.

Among the shortcomings of the paintings can distinguish features of care. Wallpaper is very susceptible to ultraviolet rays and high humidity.

CulletLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

By the principle of production, cullets have much in common with textile fabrics. The fact is that such models are made from specially made glass threads. This allows you to achieve not only an attractive appearance, but also wear resistance and a long service life. The main advantage of the material is its environmental friendliness. The composition of cullets includes exclusively natural materials (sand, soda, clay, limestone), which do not emit toxic substances and do not harm human health.

In addition, the cullet meets all the requirements and fire safety standards. Their melting point is over +500 degrees Celsius.

Such products are more expensive than all the above options. However, they also serve the longest (25-30 years). The only drawbacks are the high, high weight of the product, which complicates the transportation and gluing of wallpaper in the hall a little. In addition, cullet is a relatively new material, so boasting a large number of textures and colors from manufacturers has not yet succeeded.

Liquid wallpaperLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

The process of applying liquid wallpaper is somewhat reminiscent of plaster. In fact, such paintings are not much different from such a finishing material. The composition of the liquid floors includes a special acrylic solution, in which natural fibers (silk, cotton, paper) and a coloring pigment are added.

Why are many designers to the question: “What wallpaper to choose for the hall?” recommend liquid paintings? The fact is that you can prepare and apply them yourself. This will not require special tools or lengthy leveling of the walls. Such a material has a minimal surface requirement, and does not require thorough preliminary preparation of the base.

Among the shortcomings of liquid wallpaper can be called a low degree of resistance to high humidity. However, in the living room such a problem is extremely rare.

Wallpaper color schemesLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

When choosing beautiful wallpaper for the hall, the first thing that catches your eye is the color palette of the paintings. By and large, there are no restrictions on the design of the living room. This is a universal room in which you can realize any design decisions. However, if we talk about the trends of 2021, you should pay attention to such colors:

  1. Bright wallpaper in the hall. Like the little black dress in the fashion world, white wallpapers have been an invariable classic of the interior for many years. Light canvases are especially popular when decorating small spaces. In combination with natural light and various lighting devices, such a solution will visually enlarge the room, add lightness to it and fill it with air.
  2. Gray wallpaper in the living room. Restrained classics are still relevant. And, if white wallpapers have not so many shades, then with gray color things are much simpler. You can choose any color option from silver to carbon-graphite. Gray paintings will make the living room more modern and add a bit of rigor.
  3. Pastel colors. As if burnt in the sun, such delicate colors will be an excellent backdrop for any living room. Take a look at light blue, mint, lilac, sand or pale pink shades. The main advantage of pastel wall-paper for a drawing room is that they can perfectly be combined among themselves. In addition, being in a bright palette, such canvases are able to visually increase the area of the room.
  4. Brown and gold. Warm colors create comfort and a luxurious atmosphere. However, keep in mind that brown colors are quite heavy, so they are recommended for use in large rooms.
  5. Yellow wallpaper. Such canvases will give a charge of vivacity and positive for the whole day. You can choose either pastel yellow or rich banana or orange tones.

The combination of wallpaper in living roomLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

In order to create a more original interior, we recommend taking a closer look at such a technique as combining wallpaper in the living room. Of course, there are several rules that are important to consider during repairs. I adhere to our recommendations, you will get the most harmonious interior. Let’s look at the most popular types of canvas combinations.

The combination of shades of wallpaper in the living roomLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

Combining wallpaper in the living room according to the color palette is an excellent solution to create contrast in the room and give the interior freshness and originality. Such a design technique is as simple as possible and perfect for people who have not encountered the design of rooms before. The main thing is to choose two shades of the canvas, which are harmoniously combined with each other. So you can create an elegant and at the same time dynamic interior that you want to consider.

The most appropriate combination of shades:

  • blue sand;
  • blue gray;
  • green sand;
  • blue White;
  • yellow gray;
  • brown beige.

Important ! We recommend combining no more than two bright colors in one room. Otherwise, you can oversaturate the interior and make it too chaotic.

Combining plain wallpaper with printsLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

You can combine with each other not only plain wallpapers. The combination of the canvas in one color and the wallpaper with a pattern looks more original. This technique requires a little more knowledge than the ability to combine two different colors into one composition. The most popular are combinations of plain products with:

  • floristic patterns;
  • geometric patterns;
  • large or small strips;
  • oriental ornaments.

There are two main types of combination of plain and patterned wallpaper for the hall:

  1. Stripes. In this case, one roll alternates with another.

Important ! With this combination, one type of wallpaper should be used. Otherwise, the thickness of the web may vary, which will be noticeable during gluing and during operation.

  1. Accent wall. This technique suggests that on the three walls in the living room there will be monophonic wallpapers, and on the fourth – more original prints, which can become a bright accent in the room.

Wallpaper trends for small living roomLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

Most original interior designs require large spaces. However, this does not mean at all that a small living room places severe restrictions on decoration. The main thing is to adhere to several principles that will visually increase the area:

  1. Light color. White, beige or light gray colors of wallpaper 2021 for the hall will make the room visually larger and lighter.
  2. 3D wallpaper in the living room. With this technique you need to be careful. It is categorically not suitable for a very small hall. However, if the area allows, stick on one of the walls a photo wallpaper with an image, for example, a road, a pier, paths in the forest, etc.
  3. Vertical stripes make the walls visually taller. While horizontal ones will help to make the room wider.

Important ! Horizontal stripes on the wallpaper are categorically not recommended for use in rooms with low ceilings. Here it is better to choose vertical lines or even a plain canvas.

Wallpaper in the living room in different stylesLiving Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

Thinking over the interior design, we first of all start from the style direction that we want to translate into one or another room. Therefore, before choosing a wallpaper in the living room, you need to decide in what style the space will be decorated. In 2021, the most popular will be the following motives:

  1. Hi-tech. Discreet laconic style, which is perfect with plain gray or white wallpaper.
  2. Modern – plain colors of warm tones are relevant. In some cases (for large spaces) the presence of geometric prints (circles, rhombuses, abstract motifs) is allowed.
  3. Classic style. The most popular direction in the design of the living room. Here, silk or velvet textile wallpapers will be appropriate. Golden, beige or light brown tones, which create a cozy atmosphere in the room, will give even more luxury to the interior. It can be either monophonic fashionable wallpaper for the hall, or canvas with a large floral print.
  4. Provence. French motifs involve the use of pastel plain wallpaper or canvas with a delicate floral print.
  5. Scandinavian style. White or gray wallpapers, which are typical for this style, can be supplemented with photo wallpaper on one of the walls of the room.

Photo stylish wallpaper for living room 2021Living Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions

Sometimes it may seem that the wallpaper is too banal and already outdated version of the design of the walls. However, modern manufacturers argue that this is not so. Just look at these original photo wallpaper for the living room! The color scheme, texture, patterns – everything is created so that you can realize any of your ideas.Living Room Wallpaper 2021 – Latest trends and interesting solutions