Ideas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Ideas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021Various modern living room styles will help to equip your living room comfortably and at the same time with taste: thanks to them, the apartment will sparkle with new colors and will delight the eye every day. Consider the features and trends of the year 2021 in the design of a modern living room.

Living room in a modern style: features and trendsIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

The term “modern design of the living room” does not mean a mindless mixing of glamorous trends, but a competent combination of fashion trends that help to create a harmonious and holistic picture of the future interior.

A modern living room, combining several styles at once, should be practical and harmonious. As a rule, the hall is designed depending on the personal preferences of the owner of the apartment, however, modern interiors still have a number of distinctive features:

when choosing a color scheme, preference is given to neutral tones, bright details can serve as accents;

  • the arrangement of the room is functional and practical, there are no useless things littering the room in the interior;
  • only high-tech materials act as decoration, care for which does not cause unnecessary trouble;
  • mandatory elements of the interior of a modern living room – good lighting and the presence of free space;
  • the form of furniture is laconic;
  • modern technology fits well into the overall picture of the living room.

The choice of interior color palette also has several features. The main factor is the side of the world that the windows of the room overlook.

According to the rule, if the windows look south, the owner should choose cold tones for his living room. If, on the contrary, the windows face north, it is recommended to use more warm colors and place accents throughout the space.

Also, special attention in planning the design of the living room in a modern style is given to dark colors: they will look advantageous only in large areas.

Take into account the functionality of the room. In order to expand the space, living rooms are often combined with a study, kitchen or even a bedroom. Skillfully zoning the space will help a competent choice of furniture, shades of decoration or other interior details.

To achieve a stylish and harmonious interior of the living room, it is worthwhile to consider in advance the options for arranging the room in a modern style that will help you quickly navigate various design trends.

Living room in the style of art deco (art deco): photo design projectIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

The color scheme of the living room is based on a combination of light walls with coffee, black and gray elements in decoration and furniture. The accents diluting the monochrome setting are bright yellow, lilac and turquoise colors.

The effect of external space in the living room helps create futuristic decor elements, including sharp geometric shapes of accessories and patterns on upholstered furniture. A non-standard approach is also manifested in the artificial lighting system, original chandeliers and artificial plants.

Mirrored and glass surfaces of finishes and furniture contribute to the visual expansion of the space.

Classic living room in a modern twistIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

The main features of the classical style in the living room project are clear zoning of the space and a harmonious combination of decor, decoration and furniture. The modern solution manifests itself in colors: shades of gray, beige and cold turquoise.

Nevertheless, the room does not look uncomfortable due to the lack of warm colors, as the “coldness” inherent in the basic tones is skillfully neutralized by correctly selected wood shades of furniture, equipment and decoration.

The unusualness of this design is emphasized thanks to accessories: Roman curtains made of translucent fabric, as well as geometric patterns on upholstered furniture and decorative pillows.

Design of a modern living room with yellow accentsIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

An excellent option for designing a living room design in a modern style will be the arrangement of the room in restrained tones with the placement of bright yellow accents. This color looks advantageous in combination with cream or beige shades in furniture and decoration.

Creativity of the interior is added by a non-standard approach to the choice of accessories: an unusual shape of a clock, paintings and ceiling lights.

Design of a large modern living roomIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

You can impress guests with the choice of design for the main room in the house by merging several spaces in one room. The accuracy of the interior is created due to the sharpness of the lines in the decoration and the use of overwhelming dark tones.

In such a room it is pleasant to spend time near a large TV or even work without leaving the sofa. A comfortable miniature work area is created by a wide table along the back. Dark colors dilute the bright yellow accents that soften the overall coldness, as well as beige tones in the finish.

Living room in a modern style with bright wallpaperIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

The “joyful” color scheme of the interior will help maintain a positive attitude and will never make the owner feel uncomfortable in his own home.

Such a bright interior with bright yellow accents is not only easy to read, but also universal for any type of activity: here you can also conduct photo shoots, relax with the whole family, and make friends.

An interesting addition to the interior – a cabinet in the entire wall – contains a lot of small things, thereby giving owners a chance to enjoy minimalism and free up space from unnecessary details.

Design of a modern living room in a loft styleIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Making a living room under a loft is perfect for all those who appreciate laconicism and minimalism in the surrounding environment. This design is quite strict and at the same time progressive, it is distinguished by the lack of pretentious pathos, but it stands out with a high level of functionality and practicality.

The design is made mainly in dark shades with rare inserts of yellow and beige. The small area is compensated by the presence of high ceilings and the lack of extra furniture. But even despite the apparent simplicity, such an interior has everything you need for a comfortable life.

Living room in Scandinavian style. White furniture in the living roomIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

White color in the design of the “Scandinavian” living room is a kind of reminder of the snow-white mountain plains filled with the warmth of sunlight. There is no room for pathos in this room. Only warm and soft accessories are appreciated here, as well as the crackling of an electric fireplace and conversations with family people.

Emphasis is placed on the premises not at the expense of household paraphernalia, but with the help of potted plants and “sunspots” of upholstered furniture, which help to dilute the general cold of the interior. An unusual addition to the design will be unusual bedside tables made to look like a felled tree trunk, or a kind of wall work.

Modern design of the kitchen combined with the living roomIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Apartment owners are increasingly resorting to the union of two different zones, and today a modern living room combined with a kitchen can be seen not only in studios, but also in private houses, as well as in small apartments.

When combining the two zones into a common space, it is necessary to take into account many household nuances and choose furniture, textiles and finishing materials wisely.

So, the finish of the kitchen area should consist mainly of heat and moisture resistant materials (artificial stone, ceramic tiles, washable wallpaper), however, in order for the overall picture of the room to look harmonious, the shades of the selected finish should overlap or at least be combined with the tones of the guest space.

Skillfully selected furniture will help to cope with zoning of the kitchen-living room: a bar counter or a large island table.

As a rule, in order to get a living room-kitchen in a modern style, it is necessary to move or even demolish existing partitions and walls. Before proceeding with the redevelopment of the apartment, it is worth contacting the appropriate authorities and obtaining permission. Otherwise, you risk damaging the supporting structural elements.

Advantages of the kitchen combined with the living room

The combination of kitchen and guest areas has the following advantages:

  • combining several rooms into a single whole, you radically transform the appearance of the room: the combined space looks impressive, it can be adapted to the loft style or create a studio apartment;
  • the area of ??the apartments visually increases, since due to the demolished wall, the kitchen-living rooms seem much more spacious than ordinary rooms;
  • there is no need to equip the dining area, which is often so lacking in small apartments;
  • when moving the wall, a new zone appears, which can be used as an office, bedroom or even a nursery.

Disadvantages of the kitchen-living room

However, the combination of two spaces entails some inconvenience:

  • such a solution is unlikely to suit large families or people who constantly need privacy;
  • the combination of the kitchen space with the living will ensure the presence of odors or steam in the guest area;
  • maintaining order will require more attention, since dirt in one of the zones will lead to its spread throughout the apartment.

If, after a careful analysis of all the pros and cons, the owner nevertheless decides to redevelop his apartment, he should consider several projects to design a modern kitchen-living room.

Scandinavian project of a combined living-kitchen with a gray sofaIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Demolition of the wall between the two rooms adds practicality to the space. The result of this decision is to get a comfortable dining area where you can receive guests or dine with a small family.

For daily meals, there is a bar that delimits the kitchen and the living room.

Minimalist decoration also gives spaciousness to the room. Cold Scandinavian shades and 3D-drawing on the wall help to visually push the walls, and black furniture elements add accuracy and clarity to the apartment.

Design of a living room combined with a kitchen. Modern classicIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Golden details against the background of ivory furniture and accessories contribute to the elaborate and spectacular design. Elements of such a living room-kitchen are made in the same style, which enhances the pathos and luxury of the room. In the room, household appliances are correctly masked: so that they seem to be part of the interior itself.

A large amount of light from huge window openings, from lamps and additional lamps also contributes to maintaining a festive atmosphere. Reflecting from the glass and glossy surfaces of finishes and furniture, it creates an extra shine.

Living room-kitchen with a beige sofa in a modern styleIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

This layout is somewhat reminiscent of a natural corner. Natural wood, warm beige tones and well-placed plants in pots – all this contributes to the atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the room.

Particular attention in such a project is given to lighting. In addition to the two hanging chandeliers of the original form, additional lighting is attached above the working area, along the perimeter of the ceiling and even the illumination of the floor.

Living room-kitchen in an ordinary three-room apartmentIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

In a relatively small area, three zones coexist without problems: a dining room, a kitchen and a living room. Despite the contrast of bright yellow accents with gray-blue walls, the room seems unloaded and causes a lot of positive emotions. A floor with a tone and texture, like natural wood, helps to dilute the severity of the Scandinavian colors.

Zoning in the room was done using the bar that separates the kitchen space, and the center of the guest area becomes a wide corner sofa. The cosiness of the room is given by original artificial lighting systems.

Living room combined with kitchen in the studioIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

The main goal of the interior of such a room is to “push the walls”, expand the usable area and visually increase the space. A similar effect is created due to the choice of furniture: dark shades help add clarity to the design, but beige tones dilute the color and do not allow them to escalate.

The kitchen space, where completely idle appliances are completely absent, adheres to a minimalist finish. The original solution was to place two chandeliers on the rails. They look stylish and easily move to the desired point in the room.

Classic-style living-dining roomIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

In this interior, the separation of the two zones is achieved due to the group arrangement of furniture elements. The decoration is mainly done in bright colors with the addition of noble gold and purple shades.

The main decoration of the room are long satin curtains with drapery. Despite the external luxury, this design of the modern living room-kitchen is very functional, as it does not provide for unnecessary details.

Retro interior of the living-dining roomIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Restrained shades, straight lines of furniture and the absence of pathos excesses in many respects resemble the style of the sixties of the last century. The modern approach is manifested in the use of white gloss in the facade of the living room, unusual forms of furniture and open shelves with books and accessories.

Particular attention should be paid to the chandelier. Made in a pleasant green tint, they blend perfectly with the woody palette of the room.

Design a bedroom-living room in a modern styleIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Another popular way to expand the space of a small apartment is to combine the living room and bedroom areas.

Due to the fact that both the living room and the bedroom are places to relax, such a layout has no practical drawbacks. The main disadvantages of such a design solution are, as a rule, psychological factors in the form of a lack of personal space for sleep and the need to always maintain cleanliness in both areas. Nevertheless, living rooms in a modern style receive more and more recognition from owners of small areas.

There are not so many zoning methods for such a layout. Usually, when choosing the most suitable method, many factors are taken into account, from the location of the windows to the layout geometry, and only then the best zoning method is selected. Consider the most common of them:

  • separation of zones by sliding partitions: they protect the bed, creating a kind of “room inside the room”;
  • installation of a curtain rod for indoor curtains: the most mobile option, which, however, does not always thoroughly solve the problem of fencing the desired area;
  • dividing the space into two levels: unfortunately, the catwalks are only suitable for apartments with high ceilings;
  • competent arrangement of furniture: the separation effect is achieved through cabinets and book racks, less often – sofas and armchairs.

There are much more styles for designing a modern living room combined with a bedroom.

Living room-bedroom in one room. Cozy ProvenceIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Skillful and thoughtful layout allowed one small room to turn into two practical and comfortable spaces, which even fit a miniature fireplace. The zones are divided by a partition adapted for pot flowers and other pleasant little things.

Natural motives add a special aesthetics to the room: the same flowers in pots or ornament on the wallpaper. The main color scheme is made in monochrome shades, competently diluted with pink, gray and beige tones.

Snow-white loft. Design of a bedroom-living roomIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

Such an interior is best for creative and young people. In the crystal-white space, decorative black lines and elements (for example, frames and watches) stand out. The absence of small items and unnecessary furniture visually increases the area of ??the room, and details of warm colors help create an atmosphere of comfort and design integrity.

Modern living room-bedroomIdeas For Decorating The Living Room In A Modern Style 2021

The colors popular for all varieties of modern styles – black, white and gray – have become a good choice for this project. To dilute the room’s monochrome, plants were added: living and painted, massive and very small, on the walls and in pots.

Natural motifs are also supported by natural wood and granite finishes.

In the end, it is worth recalling that there are no prohibitions and taboos in choosing a living room design. Even if you have firmly decided to design a room in a modern style, the first thing you should be guided by at the planning stage is your own taste, for which you can easily adapt any design decisions.