New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square Meters

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersLiving room 16 square meters – this is not the largest room. But with a competent approach, it will be possible to turn the room into a cozy place to relax or receive guests. We have prepared 16 sq. m. of different layouts and in all basic styles. Use ideas, even if your living room is a little larger.

Where to start the repair in the living room 16 square meters?

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersLet’s figure out what are the first steps to make the living room 16 meters turned into a cozy room.

Preparation and layout

To the design of the living room 16 sq m pleased:

  • make a layout;
  • determine the style;
  • choose a color scheme and material for decoration;
  • pick up a decor;
  • choose lighting in the general style.

The layout is determined by the location of the windows, the doorway and the shape of the room. There are a lot of options for arranging furniture, dividing space into zones.

Living room 16 sq m in a modern style. Project photo

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThis living room of 16 sq. M is suitable for extraordinary individuals who love courage in design. The central piece of furniture is a sofa in brown tones. Opposite it, a TV stand is installed, above it is a wall two-tier shelf. And next to her in the left corner is a desk with a chair in a dark brown color scheme. A coffee table with a transparent worktop is a bright spot with a white carpet.

An interesting detail is the spacious sliding wardrobe located to the left of the sofa and the TV. Its doors are painted in the color of the wall. They would be almost invisible, if not for the glossy shine.

Living room design 16 squares in white

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThis white living room looks delicate and elegant. Its main emphasis is a spacious wardrobe throughout the wall, which allows you to get rid of household accessories and small items that often clutter up the space in the room.

Among the additional items are a gray sofa, beige curtains in two keys, a light brown coffee table. Moreover, the sofa occupies almost the entire space from wall to wall due to the angular orientation and large dimensions. In front of him is a coffee table.

Interior of a modern living room 16 square meters beige

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersA small living room in beige colors with bright accents of orange and blue looks surprisingly warm and homely.

The main pieces of furniture are sofas, and they have a brown tone with bright pillows and rugs. In front of him is a white coffee table. It is enough to put a bunch of flowers on it and the interior will sparkle with new colors.

Additional elements in the interior of the 16-meter living room – shelves and a lamp in a minimalist style – are on the right and left, respectively. Opposite the sofa is a TV with TV stands and hinged cabinets on the left. The final touch is a straw-colored carpet that matches the color of the furniture.

Living room bedroom 16 squares with sliding doors

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThe living room bedroom of 16 squares is very light and light. The main colors are shades of beige, gray and blue.

The room has two zones: a living room and a bedroom. And they are separated by a sliding door, which adds functionality to the interior and harmoniously fits into the overall design. An interesting detail of the living room is a gray sofa, which is complemented by a blue and beige pillow. It occupies all the space in one of the corners. A coffee table is a kind of accent. It is round small and mounted on three legs.

The warmest is the floor, which has a light brown color.

Design living room-kitchen 16 sq meters in the loft style

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersRoom – a combination of living room and kitchen. The main advantage is the excellent functionality of the interior.

The living room-kitchen of 16 meters is decorated in a loft style and fairly calm colors. The only bright accent is a dark yellow sofa with massive pillows. Nearby is a modest coffee table, and on the contrary – a TV.

The walls of the living room are painted gray and the floor is light beige. It is worth noting the masonry of red brick, adding originality to the overall setting. It adorns the kitchen part. There is nothing superfluous in the room: a dining table with chairs and kitchen cabinets with a sink and stove, guaranteeing practicality.

White living room 16 square meters in a modern style

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThe interior of the living room of 16 squares is made in a modern style. It impresses with its conciseness and beige colors.

Interior details – cabinets with open shelves with lighting. The sofa is large, gray, soft and with pillows is located opposite the TV, and next to it is a light coffee table. There are also interesting details: a carpet on the floor with a 3D effect and a similar picture. The latter is unique, as it opens up a picture from different sides of the view. The composition is completed by wall lamps with yellow light.

Living room design 16 sq. meters in the Scandinavian style

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThe living room is decorated in a Scandinavian style, embodying practicality, sincerity and comfort. Basis – notes of minimalism.

In our Scandinavian living room, only the most necessary: a computer table in the left corner, a large TV stand next to it, hanging structures above it, a sofa with a coffee table opposite. There aren’t a lot of interior items, but even without them, the living room looks cozy and even sincere. All this is due to the plant ornament, which can be traced in many details, bright warm finish, abundant lighting and plants. All furniture is located closer to the walls, allowing you to free up space in the center, achieving freedom.

Rectangular living room with direct sofa and workstation

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersIn such a rectangular living room 16 square meters. m. recreated a fabulous mood. This is largely due to decor items: impressive paintings with bizarre images of elements and heroes of fairy tales, a mirror imitating a portal to another world, a black and white striped carpet, as well as numerous photo frames, watches, toys. All this seems to be a continuation of the tale. And these items are located on small cabinets, a chest of drawers, cabinets, which are placed around the perimeter.

Near the window there is a computer table with a transparent chair, near the wall closest to the right there is a spacious light sofa with bright pillows. Original sconces perfectly illuminate the space.

Room living room 16 sq. m. The combination of gray and green

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThe living room boldly combines fashionable gray and green hues. To make them more juicy and spectacular, there is a beige background of individual walls and white with dark brown furnishings. A wall is painted in dark gray, where the TV hangs and there is a curbstone, and an impressive sofa, complemented by striped pillows. Elements are located opposite each other.

Near the TV stand there is a pencil case and a bookcase with an additional shelf below. These are capacious cases for storage of books, accessories and personal belongings. And near the sofa there are immediately two coffee tables in white, resembling stools with stands. And green is a bright rug.

Black and white living room 16 square meters. Project photo

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThe living room is decorated in black and white colors, but with bright splashes. The basic style is minimalism, and the notes of the African direction add variety and make the interior more interesting. A black sofa with white pillows, a snow-white coffee table and a fleecy table are the main interior items.

Opposite the TV. And other pieces of furniture remain in the shade, because they are made in such a way that it seems – just a continuation of the wall. This is a TV stand and cabinets on both sides of it. They are made in black glossy tone. On the wall there is a picture with a black and white leopard and a leopard print on the opposite. But the main emphasis is the bright red curtains.

Living room design 16 sq. m in a studio apartment

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThe central part of the living room looks spacious and free. The interior is dominated by sandy shades in the decoration of walls, carpet, door structures and sconces. The main pieces of furniture – a wall with a TV stand and numerous hinged shelves – are located opposite. They are made so that a feeling is created – they soar in the air. Opposite is a sofa with chocolate and dark blue decor.

The coffee table is quite roomy and traditionally has a square shape. He is nearby. The final touch is the original bookcase made of square shelves that differ in color and size. And he seems to separate the living room from the rest of the rooms.

Design bright living room 16 sq. m in a modern style

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersThe living room is decorated in a modern style and bright colors. Thanks to the snow-white walls, more space can be achieved. The remaining light elements with wood textures make freedom and ease of design more pronounced. Upholstered furniture is decorated in an original pearl tone, and it occupies the main place in the room – the center. on the contrary – a massive TV stand and a television above it. And in front of the sofa – there are three coffee tables at once – two white ones of different heights and a large yellow one.

Draped curtains complete with Roman curtains are also painted in pearl color. A snow-white woven carpet completes the overall composition.

Living room-bedroom 16 sq m in a studio apartment

New Interior Decoration Living Room Design 16 Square MetersFor a studio apartment in the design of the living room-bedroom, practicality and functionality are important for a comfortable stay. The color scheme is black and gray with warm spots. The proposed option is made in a combination of several styles.

The main element is a white sofa with massive pillows and a soft ottoman, playing the role of an impromptu coffee table. The bed is on the left, and it is separated by means of the original cabinet with square shelves, where you can place decor elements. The TV is located on the opposite wall with the ability to view both the living room and the bedroom. And under it – a TV stand for personal details.