Small Sofa In The Interior Of The Kitchen: Types, Rules For Choosing And Placing


Amazing sofa in the kitchen designSmall Sofa In The Interior Of The Kitchen Types, Rules For Choosing And Placing

Typically, the kitchen does not have enough territory to accommodate the main pieces of furniture, which is why sofas are placed only on a more spacious area.

It performs an excellent function for seating guests. Most often, semi-rigid sofas with drawers are installed in the kitchen, in which the necessary utensils are laid out.

Important characteristics of a sofa for a small kitchen

A kitchen sofa can be either the main sciatic seat at the dining table, or as a complement to other stools and chairs.

Such a model usually does not fold out, because you would have to move the table every time.

It is not recommended to install sofas in places where there are overweight people, then the furniture will quickly fail. Also, the use of pads is also not appropriate, due to the fact that they immediately absorb external odors.

A small kitchen sofa may have a lid that leans back, following the example of a chest. For such models, the back is attached separately to the wall.

Purpose of a small sofa

In a small area, the main furniture is quite problematic to place, and the sofa is an extra item.

A straight sofa in the kitchen can be installed if other planting items cannot be placed in the middle of the kitchen.

It can be placed if the table is set, and you can sit at it only near the wall, pay attention to the photo of the sofas for the kitchen. Because in another case, you won’t be able to move around the room at all.

Also, a small sofa in the kitchen can act as a decor, complementing cabinets or a small table. There are options for mini sofas in the kitchen with curved legs, and they come complete with similar chairs.

Such furniture requires a circle-shaped table on one counter. You can also use the couch or another seat with an ottoman as a sofa. Such an example does not “eat up” free space, but it is not suitable for storing other things.

Interior options for a small kitchen with a sofa

Most often, apartments in panel buildings do not have extra meters, not only for a sofa, but also for any necessary chairs or stools. For this reason, the couch needs a certain place.

It is important for added convenience and for completing the overall interior. Similar to the way that in some rooms the tabletops are attached to corner sofas, the kitchen sofa is also a spare place for up to 3 guests at the dining table.

Such a piece of furniture will be indispensable, for example, if a group of friends often play and drink tea or coffee with it.

A small kitchen sofa has the following features:

  • Creates harmony with a common color palette;
  • Used to store kitchen utensils or supplies for the winter.

Such a kitchen sofa is not suitable as a sleeping place, because the apartment, in the kitchens of which there is a sofa, will already have enough places for daily sleep in more suitable conditions than the kitchen space.

The sofa is usually located in the corner, opposite the sink, the corner sofa in the kitchen is perfect for this. It is better if a window is placed to the side of it, because it will not be possible to secretly stretch the lighting devices.

Small kitchen sofas are needed to place guests at a table in the kitchen. Sitting on such furniture with a back is more comfortable than on any rigid cabinet.

But it’s quite problematic to get out of the table without disturbing people sitting nearby. Sofas of various colors can revitalize the atmosphere or create the necessary balance of furniture.

As mentioned earlier, folding sofas in the kitchen play a significant role; they are indispensable in the storage of kitchen utensils, dishes, cans and other items. Therefore, the frame should have a high-strength design and the ability to withstand immediately about 200 kg of guests sitting on it.

Quite rarely, such sofas are used as beds. If you try, you can find a sofa in the kitchen with a berth or even a double. But this is taking into account the fact that the kitchen has sufficient dimensions after it is laid out.

We hope that our recommendations will help you in choosing a small sofa for a small kitchen.

Before buying, carefully determine its size, color and purpose, so that in the end the acquired item does not cause inconvenience, but only delights its owners and guests.

Models, beautiful ideas how to do it yourselfSmall Sofa In The Interior Of The Kitchen Types, Rules For Choosing And Placing

The kitchen has long ceased to be just a cooking area. Now they welcome guests here or relax after preparing complex recipes. Therefore, the presence of upholstered furniture is not considered something unusual, but rather expands the visual and functional capabilities of the room. How to choose a suitable model, where to place it? In this article we will try to answer these and other questions related to buying a sofa in the kitchen.

Direct sofas

A traditional option with a simple and convenient shape. It may seem to someone that such a sofa is too bulky for the kitchen, but choosing a suitable model, you can fit it into the space with any layout.

Mini sofa for the kitchen

Two-triple furniture, endowed with small sizes. Even in spacious rooms, it is recommended to choose compact views so that they do not take too much attention into the interior of the kitchen. To provide more seats, it is better to combine with several seats on both sides. Stationary sofas can be placed in any part or used for zoning.

Bench sofa for the kitchen

A laconic version created like a regular bench. Often he does not have armrests, which only visually simplifies the design. The sofa can be designed in a minimalist way or decorated with forged elements. The presence of upholstery and textiles eliminates the possible “street” image.

“Bench” is more suitable for the dining area, next to the table. Such an item does not look as bulky as standard sofas, and fits well into a small kitchen. There are also views with drawers under the seats where you can store kitchen utensils.

Combined sofa for the kitchen

Such a model is usually part of a furniture set, forming a single monolith with a cabinet. In essence, it is a drawer design with a seat mounted against a wall or window. A great option for modern kitchens that put functionality in priority.

In addition to the obvious practicality of the solution, the visual unity of the furniture allows you to create a holistic design that does not split the space into many details.

Folding sofa for the kitchen

In small dimensions, an extra bed will never be superfluous, especially if it can be “disguised” as a cozy sofa in the kitchen. Collapsible models are often as comfortable for sleeping as beds, but they save space.

Unfortunately, putting such a design near the dining table will not work, but it can become part of the relaxation area – next to the bookcase or in front of the TV. Perfectly fits into a studio apartment.

Corner sofas for the kitchen

In the space of the kitchen, it is far from always possible to find a free corner to place upholstered furniture there. But if there is such an opportunity, corner sofas will help transform the room and maximize the use of the capabilities of each square meter.

Such models may include storage or have a minimalist design, like a bench. The optimal solution is a copy with three seats and drawers on the sides, which are convenient to use next to the table.

If the kitchen has a bay window, you can buy a sofa that adapts to its geometry. True, they are easier to make to order than to look for goods with suitable sizes.

Curved shapes are much less common. On the one hand, it takes up more space. On the other hand, it smooths corners and makes the area visually “friendlier”. But the most important thing is that such a solution looks non-standard, helping to diversify the design.

Where to place a sofa in the kitchen?

The location of the sofa depends on its purpose, furniture set and the geometry of the kitchen. It is necessary to think over the layout so that the object does not interfere with free movement, but at the same time is in a place convenient for residents.

Direct models can be installed along a free wall or under windows, and corner ones, respectively, can be placed in a corner. If an island countertop is included in the kitchen set, a small sofa will look good on the opposite side of the work area. However, even a freestanding product will fit into a spacious interior and help with zoning.

With narrow geometry, it is recommended to place kitchen furniture along one wall, and a table and a compact sofa along the other. This solution is more profitable than chairs, which only crush the space, and can be used as storage.

In a kitchen with a large area, the sofa does not have to be combined with the dining room, as it is suitable for the relaxation area. A very narrow room will not seem like a drawback if at the end along the walls you put two seats opposite each other – an image inspired by the romance of a cafe or trains.

Materials and upholstery

Due to the close proximity with the kitchen to the materials of the sofa put forward increased requirements. It is necessary to take into account temperature differences, high humidity, as well as the possibility of getting a drop of fat or food.

The most stylish and practical option for the frame is durable varieties of wood, which include beech, oak or cheaper pine. At the same time, a special varnish coating will protect their surface from the negative effects of the environment. But you can always choose a budget type, for example, chipboard. Just keep in mind that the life of such an alternative is small – about five years.

Traditional leather has no competitors as upholstery. It has aesthetics, a variety of colors, as well as practicality, does not absorb odors and is easy to clean. What can not be said about natural fabrics. Cotton, linen, silk modifications are not suitable for the kitchen, as they are difficult to clean. But the same textile is acceptable as a cover: it can be removed for washing or replaced, thereby inexpensively updating the design.

In the matter of visual design, it is necessary to focus on the chosen style. We only note that the sofa can become a bright accent or merge with space. Pillows in the kitchen are extremely rare, but their presence will only “revive” the situation.

Style solutions

Even the smallest sofa is a noticeable part of the interior, so you need to responsibly approach its design, given the laws of style. This applies to decorative elements and design features of the model.

Classic style kitchen sofa

In the kitchen in the classical style, a significant role is played by the subject composition, when the central object is chosen, around which the interior is built. A stationary large sofa made of wood with a beautiful texture and carving may well qualify for this role if the area of the room is large enough. In this option, leather upholstery or textiles with a restrained pattern will look great.

For a more modern interpretation of the classics, you can focus on corner or combined options with storage places – here, other objects will help to create the right impression of the model.

The coating may have a natural texture or be painted white. The color scheme should reflect the overall palette of the room.

Sofa in the kitchen in a modern style

In such an interior, you can fit a model of any design: from a sofa with bends to standard compact copies. The origin of the material is not fundamental, its practical properties and beautiful texture are much more important.

Plain textile in harmony with curtains or another part of the interior will look more appropriate than richly decorated fabric. It is recommended to choose natural light shades that will create the most comfortable atmosphere.

Scandinavian style kitchen sofa

This direction is characterized by a snowy color scheme, the dominance of natural coatings, minimalism, but at the same time – real comfort. Laconic sofas with leather upholstery will look very natural and easy.

Residents of the Nordic countries demonstrate their unique approach to creating objects, making them as practical, functional, and affordable as possible. Models with built-in drawers of any geometry and a woolen blanket as a stylistic accent will fit into this concept.

Loft style kitchen sofa

Industrial style loves the concept of open-space, which involves the absence of partitions between the main zones, maximum comfort and a large number of seats.

In such a multifunctional room, it would be quite appropriate to look like a large sofa next to the kitchen, which acts as a resting place. It can also serve as a partition, separating the kitchen and the living room.

To adhere to an authentic interpretation of the style, it is recommended to stay on a design with leather upholstery or purchase an antique item. The presence of small traces of time will give the object depth.

High-tech kitchen sofa

High-tech style requires appropriate solutions. Ideally, angular models with bends, benches or other options of unusual shapes will fit into such an interior. In this case, the coating may be glossy, and the upholstery – leather.

Since a high-tech style kitchen is often built on contrasting shades, you can choose a sofa in white, gray, brown or even black.

Sofa for a small kitchen

At first glance, it might seem that the sofa for a small kitchen is too bulky and absolutely unnecessary element that will only take precious square meters. But in some situations, this is a more profitable purchase than a few chairs or armchairs. The following recommendations will help you choose the right model:

  1. Although angular views save space, it is rarely possible to find a free angle in small-sized vehicles. In this case, straight sofas along the wall are perfect.
  2. Ideally, if you manage to put it under the window, because other objects will not fit here except for it.
  3. Try to choose options with a minimum number of parts. A sofa without armrests and pillows will attract less attention. But the most optimal solution would be wall-mounted structures that do not form a gap.
  4. With a sufficient number of storages, it is better to stop on a sofa bench with free space under the seats.
  5. A sofa in a small kitchen should not stand out in color. It is better if it merges with the wall, forming a monolithic volume with it.

Sofa in the kitchen – photo

A beautiful sofa in the kitchen is comfortable, cozy and aesthetically pleasing. A variety of assortments allows you to choose a model for any interior, even the smallest. How else can you fit upholstered furniture into space – see our selection of colorful photographs. Real projects will surely prompt you to a successful solution. Happy viewing!

5 placement rulesSmall Sofa In The Interior Of The Kitchen Types, Rules For Choosing And Placing

Most of the time a person spends outside the home: at work, street, study. After such turmoil, I want to gather the whole family at the dinner table, share news or just talk. It would be nice to have a separate room for eating. The footage of apartments does not always allow you to equip the dining room separately from the kitchen. In most cases, this is one room. So it turns out that if the family gathered in such a cramped room, then “the apple has nowhere to fall.” And for the kitchen chair you will need to compete, as “for a place in the sun.” Stools and chairs take up a lot of space or are not enough at all. And so, with this problem, the family goes to the furniture salon to see if there are small sofas for the kitchen. Of course!

The choice of designs is diverse. They can be straight, angular, round, modular, with drawers for storing things, or just small folding sofas for the kitchen. In order not to get lost in the wide range of proposed designs and make the right decision, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the latest trends in the production of upholstered furniture.

Key Features

When purchasing a small sofa for the kitchen, it should be remembered that its operation will last more than one year. It is necessary to reasonably approach the choice of the desired design. Be guided by the following characteristics:

  1. Calculate the area of the kitchen with furniture and without it. Having chosen a small sofa, take an interest in what sizes it has.
  2. If the design is equipped with a berth, is there enough space in the kitchen when fully unfolded.
  3. Check that the folding mechanism works flawlessly.
  4. The model must be practical, durable and stable.
  5. The materials from which the small sofas for the kitchen are made should be natural and not cause an allergic reaction.
  6. The upholstery for the sofa should choose strong, wear-resistant and durable.

“If you purchased a sofa in the kitchen, make sure that the set includes removable covers. This will allow them to be washed in case of contamination.”

Models for a small kitchen

Mini sofas in the kitchen are ideal for small rooms. Despite their small size, the designs are multifunctional and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. We recommend choosing light-colored furniture to visually increase the space. A dining table made of thick plexiglass will look spectacular with a small sofa. It remains to determine which model is more appropriate in combination with the overall interior of the kitchen.

  1. Corner construction.

A corner sofa for a small kitchen has been popular with most buyers for a dozen years. Such a model can be easily placed in the free corner of the room. Initially, the sofa was equipped only with drawers for storing things. To improve the design, designers equipped it with additional functions. Now a small corner sofa in the kitchen can be used as a full bed. The berth is pulled out of the drawer under the seat.

  1. Direct sofas.

Small straight sofas look harmoniously in narrow-plan kitchens. They are of two types: with a berth and without it. Remember that such designs are laid out on the principle of “books” or rolled forward. The second option is less practical, as it takes up a lot of space in the unfolded position. If you often have guests staying overnight, you should buy a folding sofa in the kitchen. The most suitable model would be the Euro Book. Its mechanism is designed for frequent folding and unfolding. And under the seats there is a place to store things.

  1. Round or semicircular patterns.

For a small square-shaped kitchen, a round sofa is suitable, which will take center stage near one of the walls. All forms of the sofa are smoothly rounded. Basically, such structures are not folding. Under the seat is one common box for things. As an upholstery eco-leather or chenille is used. Such textiles can be cleaned at home. The differences between round and semicircular sofas are small. The semicircular structures are externally more elongated, resembling the shape of an oval.

  1. Modular designs.

Regardless of the size of the room, modular furniture will be presented as a stylish accent of the interior. The model consists of several parts, which can be equipped with additional shelves for storing dishes, or with a retractable minibar. At will, modules are placed nearby, or in different corners of the room. When buying such a design, make sure that its frame is made of durable materials. Since the constant transformation of low-quality furniture will lead to an early breakdown.

  1. Sofa – couch.

This design of the soft corner is equipped with a berth, which works on the principle of a clamshell. When unfolded, it takes up a lot of space. The couch can be either single or double. It’s just not comfortable to sleep on it without an orthopedic mattress. Overall, not a bad option for the remaining guest.

  1. “Bench”.

“Bench” is a small narrow sofa that does not provide a berth. It consists of a back, seat and two armrests. They can be soft, semi-soft and hard in texture. The maximum length of the bench is one and a half meters. Under its seats there are boxes for storing things. He looks very restrained. The price will surprise with its availability. You can decorate such a model with a colored plaid or small pillows.

“When choosing a suitable sofa, consider whether the model matches the overall interior of your kitchen. If necessary, consult an interior designer. He will tell you the main directions in accordance with the chosen style. ”

5 placement rules

To furniture was in place, it is necessary to properly calculate each centimeter of the kitchen. For greater accuracy, you can draw a drawing or floor plan. It is necessary to install the design taking into account its modification.

  • Near the free wall you can put a straight small folding sofa or a modular design of upholstered furniture. The model can be both with a folding berth, and without it. The main thing is that the width of the room allows to lay out upholstered furniture.
  • Small kitchen sofas are usually placed near a window. A round sofa or “bench” will look spectacular. In this embodiment, the length of the structure should be small. You can install it to the left or right of the window.
  • The corner sofa will be a refined complement to any kitchen. Its shape will create a cozy area for tea drinking and family dinners. Of course, such a model can rightfully occupy the red corner of the room.
  • The place under the window is considered the most successful for sofas of direct, semicircular and round shapes. They will help create an atmosphere of romance in the kitchen. And more lively indoor flowers in the rays of sunlight, will give a feeling of summer day in your home.
  • If you purchase a sofa for a studio apartment, it is better to install it in the center of the room. This will allow you to divide it into two zones. And the sofa itself will act in the role of the island. The best option would be a modular design, corner and straight sofas with a berth.

Sofa in the common style of the kitchen

In any kitchen, regardless of its size, the overall style should be preserved. Even if the design of the sofa is small, it may well become the main focus in the interior of the room. Remember several basic stylistic trends and be guided by them when decorating your kitchen.


Furniture in a classic style should be restrained forms and light shades. The statement “Everything ingenious is simple” is suitable for such a design. Small elements of the sofa can be made of wood or decorated with forging.


Mentioning the Provence style, one sees a picture of a country cottage, wicker furniture, warm blankets and large bouquets of wildflowers. Furniture for the kitchen can be chosen with soft upholstery or an ordinary bench with a back. Everything will depend on the decor. In this design, the style is set by textiles of warm colors, and the silhouette of the headset is better to choose a rustic.


Art Nouveau designs with smooth bends, asymmetric shape. Upholstery for such furniture is used from the most expensive materials.


The most functional models of sofas are inherent in the style of minimalism. This trend is often intertwined with classics. As presented in direct and concise models of pastel colors.

Art Deco

If you are a creative, extravagant person, art deco style kitchen will become your visiting card among friends. A soft corner in such an interior acts as a “royal person”. Textiles of the model are selected from colorful tones of velor or velvet. The back of the dyne is necessarily voluminous and high.

A small sofa is a very useful thing in the kitchen. The main thing is that the model is a continuation of the interior and delight your family.

Sofa in a small kitchen: more than 50 suitable solutionsSmall Sofa In The Interior Of The Kitchen Types, Rules For Choosing And Placing

When gathering with your family in the kitchen at the beginning of a hard day, I want to spend this time as comfortable as possible. The same thing, by the way, applies to evening time, when all family members want to relax from a stormy day, sitting comfortably on a sofa. But after all, not all kitchens can boast of serious dimensions, in most cases they are medium-sized or very tiny.

So what kind of sofa in a small kitchen will look most appropriate ?! We will talk about this in the framework of this review. Sofa pulled to the kitchen island. Sofa in the small kitchen.

Is there even a sofa in the kitchen?

Of course, this question has its own answer for everyone, but figuratively speaking, firstly, even the smallest folding sofa can provide an extra bed, which in the case of a sudden influx of guests will be very useful. In addition, the comfort of this furniture can seriously compete with conventional kitchen chairs. Agree, eating on a soft cozy sofa is much more pleasant than huddling on a slightly harsh stool. Also, one cannot fail to note the fact that thanks to the sofa, the room will be able to play with new notes, something new, stylish and relevant will be brought into its design. Well, to everything else, a sofa equipped with storage compartments can serve as a wonderful storage for all kinds of kitchen items (towels, food processor, tablecloths, dishes, etc.). Blue sofa against the wall.Bright pillows add mood to the room.

Small sofa for a small kitchen

A small sofa in a small kitchen is quite commonplace for prefabricated houses with tiny apartments. Naturally, the kitchens in such apartments are rather cramped, but you really want to make such a small room comfortable, stylish and cozy. There is a way out, it is necessary to select small corner sofas to which the dining table will be moved. And here you need to make the most of the usable area, which means that the furniture should be quite versatile, even if it can be laid out in a sleeping place, if necessary, and in ordinary time serve as an additional storage for kitchen utensils. By the way, for small kitchens we recommend choosing light furniture, if you are afraid to stain light upholstery, then cover the sofa with light rugs, which can be easily washed if dirty. A glass table is also ideal here, Sofa bench with a carriage coupler.

What to look for when choosing a sofa for the kitchen

Simply, going to the store and buying the first small sofa that caught your eye for a small kitchen will not work. It is necessary to soberly evaluate all the nuances, namely:

  • Estimate the size of the room and the parameters of the sofa when assembled.
  • To consider the moment of folding upholstered furniture, whether it will be easy to fit unassembled in the kitchen.
  • We must not forget about additional functions – storage boxes.
  • The design of the sofa should be in harmony with the style of the kitchen.
  • Make sure that the selected model is laid out elementarily.
  • Furniture must be strong and stable.
  • Upholstery should be practical.

Varieties of sofas for the kitchen

Corner sofa

Such a sofa for a small kitchen can be considered the most suitable, because it compactly fits in a free corner of the room, and also concentrates a large number of people on itself. When choosing such a sofa, it is important to accurately measure the wall parameters of the corner of the room where you plan to place it. Such models of sofas are often equipped with drawers for storing things.


Wanting to buy a direct roll-out sofa, you need to be prepared for the fact that in a small kitchen it will be uncomfortable to lay them out. In addition, it will not be possible to store things in it, the roller mechanism quite often pops out of the groove, and they are already very dimensional when unfolded. It’s better to take a closer look at the sofa-books ”, which in turn can be“ Tick-Tak ”,“ Click-Clack ”,“ Relax ”and“ Euro-book ”. For frequent use, the Click-Clack models and the world-famous Euro-book are ideal. After all, it is these models that are quite easily transformed into a berth, withstand frequent folding and folding, and almost always have additional drawers for things. In the case of the usual “Book”, you can be sure that it will not stand up to frequent folding, but if you know that it will be used only if guests arrive,


Such cute sofas are often installed in medium-sized rooms. Well, if the room is quite small, we recommend that you look at non-folding models equipped with a mass of compartments, for example, handles with shelves, as well as drawers for things under the seat.


Such a sofa is divided into several parts, and if necessary, one part can move from one edge to another. In addition, such models are often equipped with a minibar and compartments for storing household items. When purchasing such a sofa, it is important to assess the strength of the frame, otherwise a poor-quality product with frequent transformation can deteriorate.

Sofa bench

This sofa model does not fold out, it is intended exclusively for seating and possibly storing things in compartments specially provided for these purposes. In addition, it looks very impressive, despite its simplicity, and it costs quite acceptable. Such sofas are traditionally complemented by colored pillows, which are not always included, but this is even better, because you yourself can already buy the copies you like.

Sofa couch

A couch with a folding mechanism is an excellent option for the kitchen, where from time to time someone may stay for the night. True, it is worth noting that due to lack of space to sleep on them it is not entirely comfortable, but as an alternative, this sofa is very good. On sale you can find double couches and single. The choice is yours! And a couple of points, couches are with a back, as well as without it. The option with a back looks more weighty and impressive, and is convenient in general.

How to choose the upholstery of upholstered furniture

Ideally, the upholstery of the sofa should be resistant to moisture, not absorb fat, durable, resistant to fading. Accordingly, the most suitable materials can be considered leather and its analogue – leather. substitute. But these materials are not dogma at all, because you can also look at rattan (wicker products look elegant), velor with special impregnation and a flock with Teflon coating. In addition, we must not forget that the furniture can be covered with a nice plaid, which organically fits into the style of the kitchen, and will look very appropriate. The same goes for sofa cushions, buy stylish decorative pillowcases for them, and just periodically wash them with rugs. By the way, with the help of a steam generator it is possible to combat pollution on sofa upholstery, as well as odors, in this article you will find all the details,

Where to put the sofa

Near the window. A small sofa on a small kitchen will make its due impression if it is placed near the window, on the right or on the left. Moreover, it should be a straight sofa or semicircular.

Under the window. The place under the window can be called a classic area for placing a sofa, its direct or semicircular representative is also suitable here.

At the free wall. If the room has such a wall that is absolutely not occupied with anything, then you can move a rectangular straight sofa to it, which can be designed according to the style of the room.

In the corner. Accordingly, the sofa itself should be angular. It will look especially interesting with bright decorative pillows.

In the center of the room. This option is appropriate for studio apartments, where separation of space is required, as well as for large rooms, this option will not get along in small rooms.

Back to the kitchen. This layout looks especially good in kitchens with a kitchen island, to which a sofa is attached.

Sofa to the style of the interior.

  1. The Provence kitchen gets along with a sofa with rounded soft handles, on the upholstery of which there will be a floral print.
  2. The interior of the country will look great with sofa sofas made of wood and soft mattresses.
  3. Modern design gets along with a sofa of strict forms with leather upholstery, decorated with a carriage screed.
  4. The room in the classic style will look great with a sofa of strict forms, with the possible presence of forging and carving.
  5. Kitchen Minimalism will look good with a rectangular sofa, no frills.
  6. Scandinavian cuisine will feature a white sofa with textile upholstery.
  7. Baroque cuisine will be glad to make friends with a sofa made of leather or velor with a carriage screed on the back.
  8. The Art Deco kitchen will receive a bright sofa with a large back without arms with luxurious velor upholstery.

A sofa in a small kitchen may well be present, it is only important to choose its size, shape and color. Well, of course, we must not forget about the possibility of using the sofa as an additional place for storing things, as well as its transformation into a berth!

Small sofas for the kitchen: folding, corner, with drawersSmall Sofa In The Interior Of The Kitchen Types, Rules For Choosing And Placing

Kitchens are different. Lucky if its area is comparable to the size of a small room. Finding a place for upholstered furniture in it is not difficult. However, a small kitchen, and most of them are not a reason to refuse amenities. After all, this is not only a room for culinary exploits, but also a home. In addition to the functional filling necessary for storing food and cooking, in any space you can organize a comfortable place to relax, such as a small sofa. The main thing is to think over the design of the room, make accurate measurements and choose the best option.

Small size sofas for the kitchen

Replacing the usual kitchen corner with hard seats with a small sofa gives a significant gain. It will take up almost as much space, and the level of comfort and aesthetics is much higher. There is where to place a late guest, watch TV or work at a computer, without disturbing sleeping relatives.

How to choose

When planning a kitchen sofa purchase, it is hardly worth being guided exclusively by the price component. Saving sometimes leads to great disappointment. Cheap furniture without a certificate can fail within the first month. The main criteria for the right choice are not so many.

What we pay attention to:

  • Sofa transformation mechanism;
  • Upholstery material and quality of materials used ;
  • Ergonomic
  • The configuration, size and design that should fit your table
  • Availability of additional features;
  • Hygroscopicity.

What to consider

Measurements of the site for the future sofa should be made taking into account several nuances:

  • the shape of the back and the presence of lateral parts;
  • curved back is better to prefer a straight;
  • armrests and side backs – their absence;
  • When choosing a folding sofa, you need to know for sure whether there is enough available space for such manipulation;

The smaller the kitchen, the more accurate the calculations.

Material: Leather, Woven

The visual appeal of the upholstery must match the characteristics of Italian, Scandinavian or traditional English. Poisonous colors and poor decor will cause constant irritation. But other criteria are priority: ease of care (should be easy to wash), strength, resistance to high humidity and temperature extremes, and immunity to odors.

Even with caution, it is impossible to avoid splashing water and fat. As a result, streaks and spots. They create a sense of untidiness and discourage appetite. What materials will avoid such troubles?


Fabric – on the sofa can last a long time, but can be a complete disappointment. Need to choose the right

There are a lot of fabrics used for upholstery. But are they all suitable for such a specific room?

Upholstery of any type, no matter how durable, requires proper care. You should not use tools that include bleach to clean the sofa.

Tapestry and jacquard. These fabrics are very elegant, varied in patterns and even sophisticated. But for the kitchen, the option is not perfect. Jacquard is durable, but does not tolerate high humidity. You can not wash it, dry cleaning is required. The tapestry is strong enough and can withstand infrequent wet cleaning. But with constant use it is prone to abrasion.

If there are four-legged pets in the house, this option should also be neglected. From sharp claws, numerous puffs are possible.

Eco-friendly flocking fabrics of the new generation are more suitable for use in aggressive environments, as they are characterized by greater waterproofness. Flock with Teflon impregnation is easy to clean, easy to clean, prevents dirt from sticking and dust settling, resistant to elevated temperatures. Able to withstand the onslaught of pets. Teflon flock is usually treated with antiseptics.

Durable chenille. A find for allergy sufferers. It does not deform, does not electrify, does not absorb odors, which are sufficient in such a room, soft to the touch. But it is not too moisture resistant and quite expensive.

Velor. These are softness, resistance to deformation and breathability. However, this material cannot be called durable and abrasion resistant. Over time, it can be difficult to remove stains.

A beautiful sofa with bad stitching will not last long. It will burst at the seams and will look unaesthetically.

Leather, suede, leatherette

Microfiber or faux suede is one of the most popular materials for the kitchen according to consumer characteristics. Durable, resistant to moisture, pollution and abrasion due to Teflon coating, does not stretch. Eco-friendly and easy to clean.

A great option for genuine leather. Status status, the longest possible life, easy maintenance (any stains are easily rubbed off), moisture and heat resistance. The lack of patterns is compensated by the variability of shades. The disadvantages include high cost. However, it is also a guarantee of high-quality production and coloring.

Do not place a sofa made of genuine and artificial leather next to the stove (especially gas). The skin does not tolerate cigarette burns. Good reason to quit smoking.

Imitation of genuine leather is much more affordable, and in terms of consumer qualities it is not inferior to it. Resistant to wear and moisture, easy to clean, not susceptible to odors.

Improper care can eventually lead to cracking of both natural and artificial skin.

Ecoskin is an environmentally friendly breathable material with a fine texture, in its strength and practicality not inferior to natural leather in anything. In its manufacture, PVC is not used. Such an upholstery is environmentally friendly, does not emit toxins and allergens, and is vapor proof.

The presence of synthetic fibers in the fabric should not be confusing. Such upholstery is not afraid of wet cleaning and practically does not fade.

How to fit a kitchen sofa and table into the interior

Placing a small sofa in the kitchen is a doable task. It is enough to take into account several nuances.

  • It is worth giving preference to models without armrests and side corners, for example, a couch with a berth. Thus, you can save at least a dozen centimeters;
  • The sofa can be either monolithic or folding (for example, on the principle of a French folding bed). When folded, these models are compact and do not interfere with movement in the kitchen. At night they can be moved apart, turning into a full-fledged berth;
  • Corner configuration (in the form of the letter G) – allows you to delicately fit the sofa, even in a small room. Optimum length – no more than 1.5 m;

Before going to the store, you should decide on a place to install the sofa, as there are right-side and left-side models.

With the island location of the working area, the sofa can be installed directly next to it.

An outlet for a non-standard or small-sized kitchen can be the manufacture of custom-made furniture, taking into account the characteristics of the room.

Read how to position Ikea’s corner kitchen in a small room.

If the area allows, you can separate the sofa from the rest of the space with a drywall partition or a bar, creating a full-fledged relaxation area with the help of the decor.

Combined room

The combination of kitchen and living room with a small footage of the latter is a popular design technique that gives many benefits:

  1. Firstly, the extension of the footage of the room.
  2. Secondly, the opportunity for the hostess of the house not to break away from guests or home while cooking.

And during the holidays you can arrange culinary shows for guests, as is done in restaurants with a kitchen open to the eyes of visitors. In order to avoid the spread of odors throughout the room, care should be taken about effective ventilation.

To isolate the living room from the kitchen, you can use the following methods :

  • the organization of more intense lighting in the cooking zone and more subdued in the living room, thereby delimiting them;
  • only a partial removal of the wall between the kitchen and the living room or the installation of a cornice, on which you can hang curtains that separate two halves from each other;
  • the table can be used as a delimiter with a low lampshade, a chandelier or a long lamp hanging above it. You can install a folding table with a butterfly;
  • floor of different heights. In the kitchen area, it may be slightly higher. In addition, it is reasonable to use flooring of different colors or textures;
  • the installation of a bar, the role of which can also be played by an island for cooking.

Want to create a chalet-style kitchen interior in your apartment?

Small kitchen

A small room is most affected by poor design. In this case, there is simply nowhere to turn in. Therefore, the option of an island for organization in a small space is better to sweep away immediately. Besides him, nothing else can be accommodated here.

The main “blow” should take on the wall. Kitchen furniture and stove can be arranged in a line opposite each other, freeing up the center for movement. With the angular version, two adjacent walls on one side are actively involved. And on the other, you can place a cozy small sofa.

If instead of the usual hinged door to install a sliding door, this can save a lot of free space for the same sofa.

A folding table and the same chairs can only be taken out during the meal, and then removed until the next time. A non-standard option for eating can be a beautifully decorated wide window sill, to which a pair of light bar stools are attached.

Large with sofa bed, sofa bed

That’s where there is room for imagination. You can experiment and make several options for arranging furniture when the old version gets bored. The working area can be traditionally located near the wall and in the form of an island in the middle of the room. Cupboards, a refrigerator, upholstered furniture and a table with chairs are located in accordance with the ergonomic requirements of the choice of the owners. The stove standing against the wall can be separated from the dining area and sofa by a small bar counter.

Depending on the shape of the room – square or rectangle – the layout can be single-row or double-row. Good luck if the insulated loggia or balcony is adjacent to the kitchen. There it is quite possible to move a table with chairs or a sofa.

Small sofa with drawers

Furniture, the design of which provides additional containers for placing things, kitchen utensils and products in them, will help free the room from an outdated nightstand or cabinet. The appearance of a small sofa can become a reason for big positive changes in it. It turns out that instead of one item you get two at once – a berth and a place to store a sufficient amount.

How to make a folding kitchen sofa yourself, see the advice of the masters:

Care of a sofa, berth

Whatever version of upholstery you choose, competent care of the sofa is required in any case.

  1. Do not install it next to heating appliances or a stove to avoid burns and grease and dirt. This is also correct in terms of fire safety.
  2. Knowing the moisture resistance of the upholstery, you should still not test its strength by regularly filling it with different fluids.
  3. For cleaning, it is important to use only products that do not contain bleach.
  4. Clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner or steam generator.
  5. When removing stains with stain remover, it is better to apply it first on a soft cloth, and not immediately on the upholstery.
  6. Removable covers from the sofa is better to clean in dry cleaning.
  7. It is better not to install the sofa in direct sunlight.
  8. Regularly check the condition of the sofa mechanism.
  9. A sofa made of genuine leather (leather) is easier to keep in good condition while maintaining a sufficient level of humidity, regular fatliquoring of the skin. Use only a soft cloth to wipe.

A small sofa, a sofa bed in the kitchen is not a luxury. Its appearance allows you to make the room more comfortable, expands its functional purpose (can serve as a box if the top cover opens), allows you to organize another berth. Against there can only be a lack of sufficient area.

Sofa for a small kitchen, small-sized sofa bedSmall Sofa In The Interior Of The Kitchen Types, Rules For Choosing And Placing

Most often, the kitchens do not have enough space to place work furniture and a dining table. Therefore, a small sofa can only fit in a fairly roomy kitchen. The sofa provides several seats for people compactly sitting at the kitchen table. Basically, semi-rigid sofas with drawers are installed in the kitchen, in which dishes and other kitchen attributes are folded.

What a compact sofa looks like for a kitchen

The kitchen sofa can be used as the only place to sit at the dining table, while freeing up space on the other side of the table, which could be used for stools. Such a sofa is most often not folding, because for its folding would need to clean the table.

It is extremely undesirable to put kitchen sofas where there are overweight people, as several of these people very quickly put the sofa out of order. You also need to consider that sofa cushions are not entirely appropriate in the kitchen: they are quickly saturated with a specific kitchen smell.

A narrow linear or angular small-sized sofa is often placed in the kitchen, rather than a folding sofa bed

The sofa can be a rectangular box, with a hinged lid that opens like a sailor or train chest. In this case, the back to it is made separately in the form of a long pillow, mounted directly on the wall.

Upholstery of kitchen sofas can be different.

Why do I need a kitchen sofa for a small kitchen

For a small kitchen with cramped conditions for even the necessary furniture, a sofa is most often an inappropriate item. The sofa can be in the kitchen only if the conditions do not allow placing seats on the side of the table close to the center of the kitchen. This option is acceptable only if the dining table is still necessary, and people can sit at it only from the side of the wall, because otherwise it will be simply impossible to walk around the kitchen.

The abundance of sofa cushions in the kitchen is not entirely appropriate, as the textiles absorb odors and will often have to be washed

The sofa in the kitchen also performs decorative functions, combining with angular straight cabinets and a transforming small table.

There are also varieties of sofas on bent semicircular legs, they make up a set with the same chairs and half-chairs. In this case, the kitchen table has a round shape on one leg. In addition, the ottoman or a seat with an ottoman can play the role of a kitchen sofa. Such a sofa does not conceal the space of the kitchen, but cannot be used as a chest for storing supplies.

What a small kitchen with a sofa looks like

Typically, kitchens in prefabricated houses leave no place not just for a sofa, but for an extra pair of stools or chairs, and often even for a refrigerator. Therefore, a sofa in the kitchen requires a certain place.

It is needed to create some comfort and complete the furniture composition. Just as in many rooms the table is moved to the corner sofa, the kitchen sofa serves as an additional seat for 1-3 people at the kitchen table. Apparently, such a piece of furniture is necessary if the whole company prefers to play cards while drinking coffee.

A small kitchen sofa can perform the following functions:

  • Harmonize the overall color scheme of the room with its own color;
  • Serve as a repository of kitchen utensils, and possibly some supplies.

It is hardly possible to recommend a kitchen sofa as a bed for sleeping, since an apartment in the kitchen of which there is a place for a sofa can very well provide several sleeping places in more comfortable rooms than the kitchen.

The location of the sofa is usually angular, in the corner opposite the sink. It is desirable that there is a window to the side of it, since it is impossible to covertly bring backlight over the sofa

Small sofas for the kitchen are used to accommodate people at the dining table. Sitting on a sofa with a backrest, on the one hand, is more comfortable than on a hard stool, but on the other hand, it is very difficult to leave the table without disturbing the neighbors. Sofas of different colors can revitalize the kitchen space or balance the arrangement of furniture.

A very important purpose of kitchen sofas is the storage of kitchen utensils, dishes and bulk products. A compact kitchen sofa should have a solid frame, since it must withstand 200 and more kg of people sitting on it at the same time. Very rarely, such sofas are used as a bed.

Rules for choosing and placing in the interiorSmall Sofa In The Interior Of The Kitchen Types, Rules For Choosing And Placing

Infrequently you can see a large kitchen. The owners of such areas, of course, are in a big plus, since they can freely manage the space, do not think about how to put cabinets, upholstered furniture, shelves. It will be more difficult if it is a small-sized apartment. Although in such conditions you can make a cozy dining area.

A small sofa in the kitchen is the secret of a cozy interior

A lot remains in the country of Khrushchev’s buildings, which are known to all miniature dimensions. When creating a unique interior in such an apartment, a small sofa will fit perfectly into the kitchen, which will separate the dining area and will be in harmony with other items. In this case, it is important not only to select a sofa for the overall design of the room, but also to look at its practicality, versatility. Before choosing a small sofa for the kitchen, you should make sure that it has niches for storing different utensils, as well as an extra bed, which is important in a small living area. Thanks to this, the kitchenette will turn into not only a food preparation area, but also at the same time become a living room, bedroom, dining room.

If the apartment has a shortage of beds, then you should look at the folding compact sofa in the kitchen. The main thing here is to make sure that the transformation mechanism is suitable for frequent folding and that the frame itself is durable, convenient, comfortable.

It also happens that the layout of a small kitchen with a sofa changes significantly when the upholstered furniture serves as the boundary between the two zones. Especially often this can be seen in a studio apartment, where the kitchen and living room are combined. As a rule, there is a cooking area and a dining place where you can comfortably eat with your family.

It is important that the kitchen space is at least 9 square meters. m, because a sofa with an extra bed in a smaller room just does not decompose.

In addition, kitchen sofas for a small kitchen often serve as a bedroom, providing a sleeping area. It is best not to sleep on them constantly, as manufacturers often save on the size of the sofas themselves, which leads to an uncomfortable and unpleasant sleep.

Varieties of compact kitchen sofas

If you have a small kitchen, this does not mean that you need to be limited to stools. Compact kitchen sofas come in the following types:

  • angular;
  • direct;
  • semicircular;
  • modular;
  • sofa bench;
  • sofa couch.

The angular model is the most suitable option. You can place a sofa in a small kitchen in a free corner. This saves you a little space and can put more people in the dining area.

The interior of a small kitchen with a direct model sofa will look great. They are quite comfortable, compact when folded and easy to move. If you choose a good extra bed, then pay attention to the transformation mechanisms “click-clack” and “Euro-book”. They easily turn a sofa into a sleeping bed, withstand frequent transformation, and also have special niches for different kitchen utensils. The usual “book” is suitable if you are sure that the berth will serve as a guest option.

Remarkably fit into the interior and a semicircular model. It is best to order in a small room not a folding sofa, but an ordinary one. It has roomy drawers under the seats and shelves.

The modular design is suitable if you need to arrange upholstered furniture in different places. Such sofas have built-in minibars, compartments for storing rarely used kitchen appliances. The strength of the frame is important here, since a poor-quality sofa will not last you long.

You can also look at small sofas for the kitchen, which do not have a folding function, but can accommodate many people and accommodate a lot of kitchen utensils. The sofa bench, although simple, but looks quite impressive. To highlight it, you can somehow buy bright pillows in addition.

A great option for a small kitchen will be a small sofa couch. It has an extra sleeping bed so that guests can stay overnight from time to time. In the assortment there are single and double couches, so which one is suitable only for you.

Sofa couch is with a back and without. It is better to choose the first option, which looks spectacular, and more convenient to use.

Extra features and practicality of small kitchen sofas

Small modern kitchen sofas are quite versatile and practical. Most of them have spacious drawers, niches for storing little-needed kitchen utensils. Also, some models are equipped with minibars, where you can store a small collection of spirits, as well as shelves where you can put different seasonings, spices, etc.

You can also choose a kitchen sofa with a berth. In this case, attention should be paid to transformation mechanisms. The most popular are types such as:

  • dolphin;
  • French clamshell
  • roll-out.

The best option for kitchen furniture is the dolphin mechanism. The design of a small kitchen with a sofa of this type will noticeably change. The transformation of the berth is quite simple: just pull the extra element out from under the long seat.

When buying this type of furniture, see if there are spring closers in it. Their presence indicates good quality furniture.

The French clamshell has an attractive appearance. The sofa is laid out very simply: the sleeping bed is taken out of the design. This option is advantageous for its compactness. Unfortunately, this model is not intended for daily sleep.

The roll-out sofa is also easy to fold out, but in a small room it will occupy almost the entire space. That is why this type of transformation is so rare in small kitchens.

When choosing a roll-out sofa, pay attention to the model having profile guides, since the rollers are not so reliable in operation.

How to place a small kitchen corner?

It is important where the upholstered furniture will be located in the vast kitchen, so it is worth considering all the options.

  • Under the window. The classic area where it is best to put a corner or straight sofa.
  • Near the window. In a small kitchen you can place upholstered furniture to the right or left of the window. The best option would be a straight design or semicircular.
  • In the corner. If there is a free angle, then feel free to place a sofa there. By placing an angular structure, you can free up additional space for a refrigerator, cabinet or other furniture.
  • In the center of the room. For a spacious kitchen or studio apartment, such an option is suitable. For such a distinction of the zone, furniture of any design is suitable.
  • At the free wall. If the kitchen has an unoccupied wall, then a direct model will fit perfectly here.
  • Opposite the work area. With a standard layout, a straight sofa can be placed near the wall, and in the corner leave space for a refrigerator. It is also possible to install an angular module, which can accommodate more people.

Which upholstery is better to choose?

When choosing kitchen furniture, the first thing you should look at is upholstery. It also depends on how durable the entire structure will be. Best for such a room is leather and eco leather. These materials are strong, durable, easy to maintain, resistant to mechanical damage, resistant to moisture and fire. In addition, there are no spots and no scuffs visible. The only thing is that leather will be more expensive than a substitute.

If the design of the room requires fabric upholstery, it is better to choose a flock or velor with special impregnation. You can also add rattan furniture.

Good filler is the main role in providing comfort

Regarding the filler, pay attention to polyurethane foam. This is ideal for a wet room. It quickly adapts to the body, quite comfortable and durable, lightweight and can withstand any load.

Foam rubber is similar in characteristics, but here you can get on low-quality material. Because of this, you will have to change the filler itself, as well as the upholstery. Often foam rubber is chosen precisely because of its cheapness. To immediately check the quality, you need to sit on the sofa and immediately get up. If the foam immediately returns to its original form, then it is good, if not, then it is better to look for another store.

In a small kitchen, it is always difficult to separate the dining area and hide unnecessary things. But still, such an option is possible. Having put, a practical sofa you can get an additional sleeping bed, spacious niches, a minibar and much more.