Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021

Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021According to experts, the design of the kitchen 2021 will strive to merge the textures and shades of furniture and decoration, ideally – so that the furniture and the planes of the wall-ceilings seem to be a solid surface. Kitchen design moves towards invisible functionality and maximum convenience and comfort – tactile and visual, spatial and, of course, to working comfort. After all, a kitchen is a room where they traditionally cook food or at least coffee. But the most fashionable kitchens of 2021 will become completely different from the kitchens – such a concept will make you laugh at first, but if you think about it, and even better look at the photos of the new designs of the kitchen 2021, it becomes clear: the idea of making the kitchen a room with universal aesthetics is not at all revolutionary shocking. New finishing materials and finishing technologies-2021, modern furniture and household appliances make it possible to create stylish interiors.

Interior styles will be relevant: eco-style and high-tech, and of course, minimalism. The most fashionable texture is matte, the outline of the furniture is concise and linear. Furniture fittings disappear, yielding to the convenience of technology: cabinet drawers and shelves are mobile and listen to touch and light pressure. Primary colors – universal white and gray scale.

Photos and news of modern kitchen design in 2021

Photos and novelties of modern kitchen design in 2021 clearly show the movement of ideas from a fashionable interior – to perfect practicality, when the aesthetics are so good that they are not noticed. Like clean air for breathing. In the new kitchen 2021, inconspicuous furniture and decoration, a combination of luxurious natural textures and shades of cladding. Indeed, the most progressive decoration option is considered to be the background merging with the furniture and decor, and both the textures and the colors should be as inconspicuous as possible. Stone and brick textures, wood, white stucco, concrete finishes – everything is reflected like in a mirror, in furniture facades. As little decorative as possible, maximum laconicism and streamlined forms: the invisible kitchen from the future.Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021

Minimalism is no longer just an interior style, but a worldview. A lot of citizens liked practical and healthy life. Down with dust and excess objects in the house, down with crowding and related problems: practicality of life and spiritual development are completely compatible concepts. Having rejected materialism and hoarding, a person leaves space for life and development. Refusing unnecessary things is not always easy, but nevertheless, there is a clear tendency in the interior fashion: maximum functionality and ease of life. And since living fashion reflects life, then what doubts can be that minimalist interiors will be very popular in the coming year? The undoubted trend of kitchen design 2021 is a concise, bright and simple design of the room, providing maximum living comfort and functionality.Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021

Light and light finishes, inconspicuous background and furniture, the complete absence of bright decors and decorations in the kitchen. Vivid wallpaper prints – excess eye fatigue and an extension of the cleaning front, and no more. Large amounts of open shelves with spices and beautiful dishes are huge temporary resources spent on cleaning and moving objects. Designers do not urge to get rid of dishes and kitchen utensils, on the contrary – the new storage systems are high-tech and comfortable, things and objects are hidden behind a light minimalist facade. Both physically and atmospheric, the interior becomes lighter, and the sensations are lighter. For a kitchen with a small area, this solution is highly rational. A clean plain facade with recessed or hidden fittings, a thin countertop and built-in appliances in a small kitchen is an ideal solution.Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021

Modern technologies in the design of kitchens are the comfort and ease of control of appliances. Built-in models of stoves and ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers, microwave ovens and coffee machines save time and provide a concise design. A small technique – a juicer and a toaster, a yogurt maker, a dehydrator and so on, can easily hide behind a furniture facade.Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021

The utmost simplicity of facades in 2021 is the exclusion of the upper tier of kitchen cabinets and accessories. Kitchen utensils are becoming less relevant and replaced by high-tech gadgets, so the volume for storing things is small. The smooth, one-piece facade is pleasing to the eye and does not collect dust. But the possibilities for decor have become much more – you can decorate the kitchen with an original open shelf. Light colors and the preference for white as the cleanest and simplest is another concept of kitchen designs 2021. The white gamut is universal, and combines with any accents and accessories.Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021

Minimalism and eco-style are in trend, but what is considered archaic and not justifying investment in repairs? Original and popular interior techniques for kitchens, but, unfortunately, a thing of the past:

  • Open shelves in the kitchen with lots of items, utensils and decor. Too much expenditure of time and energy requires maintaining aesthetics in such “centers of comfort”. The maximum is one or two narrow shelves for a functional decor. Perhaps railing for dishes or spices that are convenient to have at hand – but as little as possible.
  • Bar counters are heavy and bulky, take up space and are not very functional.
  • Vivid prints and murals, photo printing on aprons, moldings and the sophisticated decor of furniture facades are too often tasteless and annoying, and collect dust and dirt too quickly. The future of the kitchen, according to designers – for smooth, solid planes.
  • Plush finishes, velvet and lace in the kitchen, classic rococo decorations are an outdated burden of historical themes, an inappropriate theater in modern kitchen. The luxury of draperies and high-relief textured wallpapers are also a thing of the past.

Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021Minimalism is a lifestyle and development. But the kitchen interior can be solved in any style, according to new concepts of simplicity and conciseness. Eco-style in the kitchen is the second main trend of design 2021. Eco-friendly kitchens include natural nutrition and healthy cooking, natural finishes and clean farm products. Eco-style never went out of fashion, and in 2021, interest in eco-interiors is expected to skyrocket.Newest Kitchen Design Trends 2021

The palette of ultra-fashionable eco-design: white and neutral, monochrome and pure natural shades: blue and blue, beige and white, the colors of the sky, grass, earth. The accents are berry and warm yellow, and of course lively textures: ceramic and stone, but the most versatile finishes are wooden. Possible materials: jute and flax, sisal and hemp, bamboo and rattan. And as many living plants and natural light in the kitchen as possible – as much as the area and window openings allow. For an eco-interior, the touches beloved by many housewives are appropriate: linen tablecloths and curtains, fresh flowers and fruits.