Modern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021

Modern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021What hostess does not dream of a beautiful and functional kitchen? And its decoration begins. And most often wallpapers are used for them, whose assortment cannot but please with a variety of textures and colors. In this article, we will tell you about the subtleties of choosing wallpaper for the kitchen 2020-2021, trends in kitchen design and wallpaper fashion, as well as techniques with which you can transform even the smallest and darkest room.

Actual trends in kitchen designModern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021

In the design view, the kitchen 2020-2021 is a bright, spacious and without excessive elements room. Too pompous design with a heap of equipment gradually disappears, and the kitchen, in which the working triangle loses its meaning, turns out to be a trend. So, the refrigerator today can be located next to the computer, and the sink – in a completely different room.

Among the main features of the kitchen design trends 2020-2021 are:

  • Compact and rational design combined with a convenient layout;
  • Quality and natural materials. Finishing materials should be acquired high-quality and mainly natural;
  • Original and bright ideas. Ideally, the interior uses original and bright ideas, a large number of accessories;
  • The best combination. All elements should combine well with each other;
  • Good lighting. Particular attention should be paid to good lighting.

When choosing a fashionable kitchen design, it is extremely important to determine the basic color of the finish, which should be not only fashionable, but also practical, and also go well with the design of the rest of the premises in the house. The most popular for kitchens 2020-2021 is considered the white color, which is present in various styles and can be diluted with bright accents.

If white does not seem practical to you, stop at designing the kitchen in lemon yellow, green, purple, gray, pink or green. Such tones will bring lightness and freshness to the decoration of the room.

Wallpaper in a modern kitchenModern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021

Wallpaper is considered one of the most affordable variations of the kitchen decoration. Their diversity provides the opportunity to select the optimal coverage for any room. And so that it was pleasant to be with the whole family in it, it is very important to approach the selection of tones that create coziness with all responsibility.

White and its light shades are an ideal background, because walls with such a finish visually expand the boundaries of the room, and the bright furniture and contrasting drawings on it look very stylish.

Gray and all its tones, such as mirror, graphite, silver, etc., are used to create a stylish and concise interior. Having diversified such wallpapers with details of bright colors, you can revive the interior mood.

Shades of brown, where you can include a palette of wood textures, are the best choice for people who are not chasing new-fashioned trends, but who prefer an ageless classic. Compared to cold tones, brown wallpaper with a pattern or plain color bring a warm mood to the decoration.

Black wallpaper is a rather unusual technique for the kitchen, however, when combined with snow-white or steel furniture and competent lighting, they allow you to create a truly elegant interior without “reducing” the room area.

Yellow is an amazingly cheerful shade and is able to give vivacity to household members, setting a positive mood in the morning a day ahead. And you can adjust its brightness from light sand to bright orange. An excellent yellow companion can be graphite, snow-white, purple or green. However, the selected shades must match the color depth.

Wallpaper in green tones, as well as all its many shades is an excellent choice for placing orange, gray or oak furniture on their background.

When designing a kitchen, even the smallest details should add up to a harmonious and integral picture. After all, any little thing is able to spoil the stylish and fashionable decoration, or, conversely, fabulously transform it. That is why, in addition to choosing a design style, materials and design concept, it is so important to think over and stylishly design a window in the kitchen

Varieties of wallpaper for the kitchenModern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021

Due to the fact that the cooking room, along with the bathroom, is considered the wettest in the apartment, its decoration provides special requirements for the stability of the wallpaper to an unfavorable environment.

Paper wallpaper– The most affordable paper wallpapers in the kitchen will lose their appearance within a year or even faster, which will entail the need for a new repair. And regular exposure to water vapor will have an extremely negative effect even on a spectacular textile cover – it will quickly stretch, begin to shed and become covered with unaesthetic spots. In contrast to the aforementioned wallpapers, acrylic, non-woven, vinyl and natural types of cork and bamboo materials are excellent options for covering walls even in such a problematic space as the kitchen.

Vinyl wallpaper – during their production on the basis of – paper is applied polyvinyl. Its main drawback can be considered the ability to pass water and air, which in the kitchen is transformed into a virtue. The only thing that is not the best choice for the kitchen is a coating whose top is foamed, because water can accumulate in it. But vinyl with a smooth texture or silk-screen embossing you can safely wash even with a wet sponge.

Non-woven wallpaper – is a flexible cellulose fabric, most often glued for painting, although on sale you can also find color options. If you buy wallpaper for painting, then the painting composition is better to purchase acrylic or latex. The beauty of the relief on the surface of such wallpaper will remain with a maximum of five color changes.

Acrylic wallpaper – made by applying acrylic to a non-woven or paper base, leaving micropores for air. Such wallpapers are very decorative and easily glued, but their moisture resistance and durability are inferior to vinyl.

Bamboo wallpapers – made on the basis of natural wood, they have the ability to repel moisture and boast a decorative appearance. Finishing them with one of the walls will immediately make the atmosphere in the kitchen comfortable; and if the high price does not scare you, feel free to choose bamboo wallpapers that will not be demolished.

Cork wallpaper – this coating boasts environmental friendliness, durability, moisture resistance and mechanical strength. And he also has a truly unique texture. For the kitchen, this is a great choice.

Cullets – due to their high vapor permeability, they do not accumulate on the dust surface, are well cleaned and can be painted. And therefore, ideal for kitchens experiencing severe stress.

Are you planning to design a kitchen with a balcony? Making the most of the possibilities of such a solution, you can get a truly functional space, whose aesthetics and practicality are unattainable for any ordinary kitchen.

Choose a wallpaper in the kitchen according to the style of its designModern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021

Any style in the design of the premises is characterized by a specific set of colors, textures and accessories. Wallpaper becomes a kind of background that needs to be in tune with the general concept and, framing the details, emphasize their beauty and unity.

  • Provence provides for the use of light colors, medium-sized floral drawings and patterns for decoration. An excellent background for him will be beige, olive and lavender wallpapers;
  • Country-style, implying the creation of a rustic house, allows you to turn the kitchen into a truly comfortable room, in which it will be extremely pleasant for all households to gather. The best wallpaper in this case will be pale pink, brown and green materials. In addition, striped or checkered texture is allowed.
  • Loft involves decorating the room with maximum naturalness. The ideal wallpaper in this case will be those that mimic plaster, brick or masonry;
  • Minimalism implies the utmost conciseness, minimum furniture and decorative elements. Wallpaper in its framework should be monophonic and have muted tones;
  • Japanese style involves the use of natural stylized materials, such as bamboo wallpaper. In addition, 3D wallpapers with drawings of birds and flowers are quite suitable;
  • Retro-style, which became fashionable last year, involves the use of sophisticated oriental motifs, stripes and elegant floral prints.

Important nuances when choosing wallpaper for the kitchenModern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021

When deciding such an important question, what kind of wallpaper to buy for your kitchen, you should not limit yourself to exclusively design recommendations.

Important in this matter are a number of criteria to evaluate the practicality of the future finish:

  • resistance to fading – this parameter of the material is especially important if the kitchen windows face the south. UV rays quickly deprive the brightness of the paint of the wallpaper without additional protection;
  • resistance to mechanical and chemical damage;
  • ability to endure sharp moisture fluctuations;
  • lack of desire to absorb kitchen odors, like a sponge;
  • moisture resistance – for areas with a high risk of contamination, it is better to prefer washable wallpaper, because even ordinary coffee can leave difficult to remove stains;
  • sufficient vapor permeability – the wallpaper should dry quickly after wet cleaning and cooking. And a washable vinyl model that blends well in the interior can also be a great option.

If you are the owner or mistress of the kitchen in Khrushchev, you know firsthand that furniture and household appliances are hard to fit here. But a kitchen in Khrushchev can be comfortable and rational. The advice of professional interior designers will help you achieve what you want.

Wallpaper trends for small kitchenModern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021

As for the choice of color and decor of wallpaper, it’s worth choosing it, starting from not only personal preferences, but also the characteristics of the room.

In order to visually make the small kitchen more spacious, you should choose light wallpapers without contrasting patterns. The pattern is allowed only small, almost in tone to the coating.

A good solution would be the presence of pearlescent and silver-gold reflections on the material.

Another method of visual increase in the room is the use of white wallpaper. But dark materials, coupled with large patterns for small kitchens, are taboo.

If the room suffers from too low a ceiling, the presence of vertical lines will help to visually raise it. At the same time, it is not necessary to purchase wallpaper with stripes, because you can glue monochromatic and patterned sheets of similar shades.

To compensate for the missing volume will help panoramic, or 3D wallpaper with landscapes shrouded in sunlight.

Wallpaper trends for the kitchen in a studioModern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Trends 2020-2021

If the kitchen is finished in a one-room studio, where it is connected to the room for receiving guests, using wallpaper you can distinguish their space. In the cooking zone, you can glue material with imitation of brick or masonry, and the living room area can be glued with wallpaper more charge, for example, silk-screen printing, or photo panoramas.

For a kitchen with northern windows, warm shades of wallpaper are preferred – cream, pale yellow or peach. For rooms with southern windows, gray, green and blue shades will be the best choice.

By combining materials, you can create a solid authoring design. So, a combination of beige and white with brown and even black tones will be successful. If the kitchen is spacious enough, feel free to choose a red-white or other contrasting combination of materials.

As you can see for yourself, it’s not so difficult to make a fashionable, functional and beautiful kitchen of your dreams using wallpaper decoration. The main thing is not to rush into the choice and take into account the significant nuances of the choice and sticking of a particular material. In case of difficulties, you can always turn to a professional designer, with whom you will quickly develop a project of an ideal kitchen for you.