Newest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021

Newest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021Are you going to make repairs in the kitchen, or just update the annoyed look of the cooking room and family gatherings? Do this with quality and beautiful wallpapers for your kitchen? Do it with quality and beautiful wallpapers. However, such a coating will please you with its practicality and functional aesthetics for a long time only if it is correctly selected. In this article, we have collected the recommendations of designers that will allow you to choose a high-quality, fashionable and durable type of coating with which you can not only transform this room, but also can visually make it more spacious and lighter.

Criteria for choosing a wallpaper for the kitchenNewest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021

The kitchen is a special place, because here they prepare food, have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This means that various spots appear on the walls quickly enough. Therefore, the requirements for wallpaper for this room are much greater than for decorating a living room or bedroom.

Wallpaper for the kitchen should be moisture resistant and not prone to rapid wear. Therefore, designers call ideal dense materials, the surface of which can tolerate wet cleaning.

An important parameter is light stability. Especially if the window is large enough and looks east or south. Resistance to UV rays is essential for wallpapers of dark tones and sufficiently bright coatings, because they tend to fade faster.

Pay attention to the compatibility of the picture. There are varieties of wallpaper that adhere without moving the canvas. When choosing complex ornaments and drawings, keep in mind that you have to tinker with fitting and trimming, and this threatens an increased consumption of material.

Do not be lazy when buying finishes in the store to check literally each of the rolls: in particular, look at the batch number indicated on the label. The same wallpaper, but made in different batches, can vary quite noticeably in shade, as a result of which you can spoil the impression of the updated interior.

Designers are advised to look at four types of washable wallpaper:

  • vinyl;
  • non-woven;
  • glass;
  • 3D wallpapers.

In the above list, in no case can you put paper wallpaper, since high temperatures, flying drops of fat and high humidity can ruin their coating in a year or two. At the same time, it is impossible to clean such wallpapers.

In addition, wallpapers from natural materials, such as wood, cotton, linen or bamboo, will not be the best choice for the kitchen. Such textures absorb smoke and odors very well. Another not practical option for the kitchen space is a wallpaper with a relief pattern. Their top layer will collect dirt and dust, which will be very difficult to wash without harming the pattern.

Types of wallpaper on the kitchen

So, the following types of wallpapers were among our favorites for pasting up the kitchen space:

Liquid wallpaper for the kitchenNewest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021

This type of finishing material is similar to its textile analogues and plaster, while incorporating the best of their quality.

Such wallpapers look stylish and do not fear high temperatures, which makes their sticker appropriate in the working area.

The very texture of liquid wallpaper is the key to their durability, because with mechanical damage they are easily restored with the help of hands. And their sound insulation is beyond praise.

Of particular note is the decorative effect of such a wall coating, applied using a technology similar to the one used to apply plaster. Liquid wallpapers are sold in bags in the form of a pseudo-powder, which is diluted with water and then applied to the walls, following the instructions.

As a result, the wall finish is perfect and seamless. And small wall irregularities are corrected. Due to the fact that the coating is breathing, the humidity level is not disturbed in the kitchen, mold and fungus do not appear. Of course, it is impossible to wash such a coating, but it is repairable – if a piece of the wall gets dirty, it is easily replaced with a new one.

Liquid wall-paper gives a wide scope for imagination, because on their basis it is possible to make any design experiments a reality. Combine several colors, play with textures, and your kitchen will acquire an original and stylish look!

Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchenNewest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021

Such wallpapers are distinguished by external beauty, sufficient strength, water resistance and a relatively low price.

The vast majority of types of kitchen wallpapers sold in stores, both for painting and for painting, belong to this category.

And the best choice among them will be vinyl material on a non-woven basis. In the future, it will be easy for you to take care of such a wall covering – you can wipe the dirt on it with a damp cloth and even wash it with a sponge with soapy water. And some varieties of vinyl wallpaper even allow cleaning with a soft brush (should be marked “resistant to abrasion”).

Vinyl wallpapers vary in the type of application of the decorative layer.

Hot stamped vinyl, also called compact vinyl or silk-screen printing, is ideal for the kitchen.

There is an opinion that the vinyl finish in the apartment is bad because the coating “does not breathe.” Such a statement may be true except for the cheapest coatings. Certified vinyl materials have micropores that evaporate moisture and allow air to pass through.And in order to protect yourself from the possibility of mold in the kitchen, before gluing vinyl wallpapers do not be too lazy to treat the walls with antifungal drugs.

CulletNewest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021

For kitchens and other wet rooms, designing with durable, fire-resistant, high-strength cullet for further painting is an excellent solution.You can repaint such a finish up to 15 times, without causing visible damage to the relief of its surface.

In addition, this finish of the kitchen has many other advantages:

  • such wallpapers are not afraid of moisture;
  • even after 10 years they will not lose their presentability;
  • they are a natural material made on the basis of natural ingredients;
  • during operation, they do not emit substances harmful to human health;
  • if the paint is selected correctly, this type of finish is easy to clean and wash with a sponge or a damp cloth;
  • fungus and mold do not start on such wallpaper;
  • they are suitable for me only for wall, but also for ceiling decoration.

The above characteristics are a guarantee that the coating will last a long time and will not disappoint you with its practicality and beauty.

It is worth adding that two varieties of fiberglass wallpaper are on sale. With the help of fiberglass and cobwebs, you can get an absolutely smooth surface, mask small cracks and prevent the emergence of new ones.

A relief dense wallpaper will give freshly painted walls a truly beautiful texture.

3-D murals in the kitchenNewest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021

Do you dream of drinking morning coffee, sitting by the window in a flowering garden, or admiring the waves breaking on the rocks? Your dream may well become a reality if you purchase 3D murals in the kitchen.Such material is not trivial murals, but 3-dimensional drawings, perceived by human eyes as voluminous. They quite plausibly create the illusion of an open window, a burning hearth, steps that go into the distance, etc. Having correctly selected such material, you can fabulously change the kitchen space – lighten, expand or lengthen, without depriving the effect of presence.

The secret of “magic” is in special drawings on photo murals, which have a two-layer texture with some bias in relation to each other. As a result, the image on them seems to bulge and “play” with space.

There are many advantages to sticking 3D wallpapers in the kitchen:

  • they perfectly mask tubercles, some irregularities and other problems of the wall surface;
  • are not afraid of UV rays and do not burn out for decades;
  • their moisture resistance allows you to wash coatings without fear of wiping the picture;
  • even cat’s claws will not spoil them, because they are mechanically stable;
  • they have no foreign smell, even when heated;
  • the raw materials from which these types of finishes are made are completely harmless to human health.

As for the drawings suitable for the kitchen space, here you need to build on the size and nature of the room. So, in a small-sized kitchen, abstract pictures made in a cold palette look good, visually expanding the space.

In addition, expanding the small kitchenette will help with light coating options with a perspective – all kinds of landscapes, houses under a blue sky, etc.

If your kitchen is combined with the living room, then here will be in place larger 3D images. For example, fruit baskets or coffee fantasies.

To fix low ceilings will help vertical drawings. It can be tree trunks, depicted going up, or high-rise buildings, soaring up to the sky.

Choose the color of the kitchen wallpaperNewest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021

The color scheme sets the tone for the entire interior decoration. And, in addition, it helps to mask individual flaws.

When choosing a color background, designers recommend starting from the chosen style of kitchen design. Literally everyone suggests “their own” shades: if country with Provence gravitate to green and other natural tones, then modern style means – black and white design.

Do not forget about the dimensions of the room. If any shade of wallpaper is suitable for a spacious kitchen area, even dark, contributing to a visual reduction in space, then for a small kitchenette the choice is limited to light bed shades.

When choosing the optimal color of the wallpaper, one can also be guided by the comfort of perception of certain tones. For example, yellow, beige, golden and orange tend to increase appetite and give a feeling of comfort.

All shades of red not only fuel appetite, but also can irritate the nervous system.

But the blue tint, on the contrary, reduces appetite. Thanks to what it becomes an excellent choice for people watching the figure. Blue – soothing, but only suitable for well-lit kitchens with southern windows.

Green tones tend to have to communicate, calm and relieve stress. White – give the kitchen a sense of airiness. And not to turn the room into a hospital room will help diluting the background with bright furniture and accessories.

As for the drawing, it can be anything – geometric shapes, floral and animal motifs, hieroglyphs, stripes, etc.

Please note: in small kitchens, variegation should not be allowed: a pair, a maximum of 3 shades. Moreover, they should be close, and not self-sufficient. The latter is better to save for spacious rooms.

Choosing a wallpaper for a small kitchenNewest Kitchen Wallpaper Trends 2021

If your kitchen cannot boast of large sizes, choosing a wallpaper for it, take the advice of designers to fix some defects and visually expand the space.

In small rooms there is no place for dark wallpaper. The lighter the walls, the wider the room will appear.

The shade of wallpaper should ideally belong to a cold palette – be blue, bluish, pale purple.

Do not use more than three shades in the wall decoration. Moreover, all shades should belong to the same category of colors: do not bring warm tones into the cold gamut. Ideally, if you combine approximate shades – the smoothness of color transitions will work on the visual expansion of the space.

Large patterns tend to “crush” a room, visually reducing it. It is better to prefer a subtle pattern that does not “hit” the eyes.

If there is a problem with a low ceiling, it is better to paste the wallpaper on a room with a vertical pattern.

A non-standard, but very interesting detail will be wallpaper with a print… in the form of a kitchen! The quality of the picture, visually continuing the room, not only looks attractive, but also increases the size of the kitchen.

If the plain decoration of a small kitchen seems boring to you, just consider color accents – borders, contrasting stripes of wallpaper or buy material with an interesting texture surface. We guarantee that in such an interior you won’t get bored!

We hope that our recommendations and tips will help you successfully transform the design of the kitchen using the right wallpaper. Do not be afraid to experiment, because each separately taken room is individually!