Hallway Designs 2021 – Latest ideas and new trends

Hallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trendsIt may seem that the corridor should not be given much attention during the repair, if only because it is the smallest room in the house. But this is exactly the room that allows you to make a first impression of the apartment. Here you meet guests, come back here after work or study. So the design of the corridor is a very useful idea that will make a small room cozy and stylish. Today we will talk about the most relevant trends in the design of the hallway in 2021.

Latest hallway design trends in 2021

For the past 2-3 years, one interesting trend has been traced in interior design – minimalism. Its appearance is more likely connected with the frantic rhythm of modern life. Agree that when you return home after work / traffic jams / queues, you really want to see a cozy and free space in which it is easy to breathe and comfortable to be.

The corridor is a passageway between the home living room and the noisy street, so its design should be approached with special attention. Thinking over ideas for the design of the hallway 2021, pay attention to the recommendations of designers:

  1. For decor, choose objects that, in addition to the aesthetic, also have a practical function. Do not use unnecessary figurines and other “dust collectors”.
  2. The eco-trend is gaining momentum. In fashion natural materials that do not harm the environment and human health.
  3. Think over the layout of the room. Near the entrance put a shelf for shoes and hang hooks (stands) for an umbrella, outerwear or bag. Install a mirror and a cabinet a little further.

Choose a color for the hallway in 2021

The color palette can make a small corridor more spacious or vice versa – turn a room into a dark and cave cave. So carefully consider the colors of the walls, floor and ceiling. When designing the corridor in 2021, we recommend paying attention to such shades:

White hallwayHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

Since the entrance hall is the smallest room in the house (most often), it needs special design techniques to visually increase the area. In this case, a light finish for the walls is exactly what you need. White plain wallpaper or paint can add light and light to the corridor. Such a shade will be especially appropriate in a room that does not have access to natural light (windows). In addition, it is relevant for most popular interior styles.

Beige color in the hallwayHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

Beige wall decoration, as well as white, allows you to visually increase the area of the corridor. However, this shade has another important role – it makes the entrance hall warmer and more comfortable, adding a special home atmosphere.

Hallway in gray tonesHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

The gray color in wall decoration has not lost popularity for several years. And for the hall, he is no exception. The restraint and conciseness that this shade gives is appropriate in many interior styles of the corridor – high-tech, loft, modern, Scandinavian style, etc.

Dark shades in the corridorHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

Dark tones in the decoration of the walls are suitable only if the corridor has a large area. Even better – if the room has a window. If these two conditions are met, your fantasy may forget about the “forbidden” dark colors. You can design the hallway in black, brown, dark blue or emerald color. Such an interior will look original, restrained and strict.

Wall decoration trends in the corridor

Compared to the floor on which the shoes will stand after the street, the walls in the corridor, of course, do not have such a heavy load. At the same time, not every decoration material is suitable for this room. Pay attention to such options:

  1. Wallpaper. This popular decoration material is also relevant for the corridor. It is better to pay attention to waterproof and washable models. Of course, the entrance hall in the apartment does not need such canvases as, for example, a kitchen. However, here you leave a jacket soaked in the rain, a coat dusty from the strong wind, a wet umbrella. All this can leave stains on the wallpaper, so wallpaper that repels water and can be cleaned is a great solution.Hallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends
  2. Painting. If there are no deformations on the walls, feel free to use paint. She is not afraid of moisture, dirt and dust. To clean painted walls, you can use a brush and detergents (least aggressive).Hallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends
  3. 3-D panels. Wall panels are used today in many rooms of the house. In the corridor, such finishing material is especially relevant. It is easy to install and disassemble, has a wide range of textures and shades and is able to repel dust and dirt.Hallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

Tip : Combine the materials for wall decoration in the hallway – at the bottom you can find more durable options that are not afraid of moisture and easy to clean. While for the upper part of the walls you can tear out the finish, relying solely on its appearance.

Hallway interior trends 2021 in various styles

It may seem that for such small rooms as a corridor, the interior design should not be thought out in a separate style. After all, you will not even have a place to “accelerate.” However, this is not entirely true – you can get the design of the hallway in a separate style motif using the distinctive features of one direction or another. This year, popular solutions will be:

LoftHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

You can design a loft-style corridor as follows:

  • use brickwork on the walls – you can leave the primary one or install a panel with an appropriate coating;
  • Do not hide the wires and sockets;
  • as an additional lighting use a lamp similar to a projector;
  • color palette: black, gray, brown, white;
  • use natural materials – no plastic for furniture or fixtures – better choose structures made of metal or wood.

High techHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

The modern style that came to us along with the development of technology will fit perfectly into the interior of the corridor. To do this, you must adhere to several rules:

  1. The color palette is black, white, gray. Bright accents (e.g. red) are allowed.
  2. Materials – metal, plastic, glass. Give preference to glossy coatings.
  3. As a decor, you can use posters, lamps.

ProvenceHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

A cozy French style for the hallway, which can be obtained by using light pastel shades in the decoration of the room. The Provence-style corridor can be made in mint, soft pink, lemon, blue or purple colors.

Give preference to furniture made from natural materials. Metal and wood can even be “aged a little”.

Scandinavian styleHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

The minimalist style of the interior, which is achieved quite simply:

  1. Use bright colors in the decoration of the corridor. It can be light gray, white or blue.
  2. Set indoor plants or posters as decoration elements.
  3. A lot of light! If there is no window in the hallway, take care of additional lighting.

Classic styleHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

Classic is relevant, no matter what. Of course, such a luxurious design of the corridor in the apartment is more suitable for large rooms. But you can beat him in a small hallway. To do this, use:

  1. A massive lighting fixture – a crystal or glass chandelier – is an essential attribute of a beautiful corridor in a classic style.
  2. Natural materials – linen, cotton, wood, glass.
  3. Warm colors – not only visually enlarge the room, but also give the hallway a cozy home atmosphere.

Choosing furniture trends for hallway in 2021Hallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

Even if the corridor in your house has a small area, it is hard to do without furnishing the room. Of course, the number and size of furniture elements will depend on the dimensions of the hallway and on how many people live in the apartment.

In this case, in any case, going into the house, you need to put a bag / shoes somewhere, hang outerwear or an umbrella. It is also advisable to have a separate place for storing keys in the corridor – we guarantee that they will not be able to get lost in the house.

At least a small wardrobe should be installed in any corridor. Choose sliding wardrobes which thanks to sliding doors save space. A great way to visually increase the corridor is to install mirrored doors in the closet. The reflection of the room and the light will give the beautiful hallway lightness.

As for the dimensions and shape of the cabinet – choose the right design in the store or buy a unique product to order (this is a bit more expensive, but also more correct). In the design of a narrow corridor in the apartment, it is better to enter the appropriate closet. Whereas for square rooms take a look at the corner patterns.

When planning the interior design of the hallway, it is important to consider where to place the storage systems for outerwear and shoes. If the room is large – you can choose closed cabinets – so you hide extra clothes or shoes from prying eyes. However, if the corridor is small – it is better to hang hooks for outerwear and put open systems for storing shoes.

Lighting and decoration for the entrance hallHallway Designs 2021 - Latest ideas and new trends

For a small room in the absence of natural light sources, it is important to pay attention to lighting devices. Even if your corridor is not large, give up the idea of using one chandelier in the center of the ceiling. Ideally, choose a bright ceiling lamp and complement it with the illumination of individual elements (for example, floor lamps or sconces).

Tip : Install additional lighting near the mirror – this way you can make the interior of the corridor in the apartment much lighter.

As for the decor elements in the interior of the corridor, it is better to dwell on more practical items. For example, you can decorate a room using lighting fixtures or a mirror with an original frame. Also, posters, housekeepers, banquets, etc. will do just fine with this role.

The corridor is the first room that you or your guests enter. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the room is stylishly decorated and, most importantly, comfortable. Having thought over the design of the hallway, you can create a pleasant first impression of your home and set your guests in a welcoming atmosphere.