Ceiling Designs 2021 – current trends and original ideas

Ceiling Designs 2021 - current trends and original ideasJust a few years ago, almost all of the ceilings were whitewashing. But time does not stand still, and today much more attention is paid to the design of ceilings. Indeed, together with walls, flooring and furniture, this part of the room plays a big role in the overall design idea. What are the new ceiling design trends in 2021? Let’s look at all the options.

What ceilings are in fashion now?What ceilings are in fashion now

Today, designers are moving away from the classics already familiar to us in the form of simple white ceilings. When creating interiors, original motifs and elements are used. We have collected several recommendations that will allow you to choose not only the most beautiful, but also the most fashionable ceiling in 2021.

  1. Mirror effect . It is not necessary to lay the mirror on the entire ceiling – you can draw a small surface area with it.
  2. Carved ceiling . The use of carvings in the design of the ceiling is a great way to get not only a stylish, but also a unique room design.
  3. Textiles . Quite expensive? Yes. Difficult? Yes. However, the result is worth it. Fabric ceilings continue to gain the appreciation of world leading designers.
  4. Geometric patterns and designs . The combination of several geometric shapes and laconic lines – a bold and original solution for the living room or kitchen.

Ceiling Finish Options

Many modern trends in ceiling decoration sound frightening. It seems that for their execution you will need materials that are difficult to find in our stores. But this is not so at all – the range of finishing materials for the ceiling allows you to perform any, even the most complex surface design.

The most common options in 2021 are:

Coloring and whitewashingCeiling Finish Options 2021

Perhaps the most popular ceiling decoration option. Despite its wide distribution, it still has not lost its relevance. Among the advantages of this method of decoration can only be distinguished budget work and aesthetic appearance of the ceiling. Among the cons:

  • complexity of work;
  • the need to perfectly align the base.

Wallpapering on the ceilingWallpapering on the ceiling

Another classic ceiling option, which also has an affordable price. In addition, today there are a huge number of shades and prints of wallpaper, which allows you to slightly move away from the traditional white and plain surface. Of course, before gluing you will have to perfectly level the surface, but the result is worth it. The main thing is to choose high-quality and stylish wallpaper.

Drywall CeilingsDrywall Ceilings

This finish can be used even on imperfectly flat surfaces. Affordable cost, a huge selection of panels and a stunning result have allowed figured plasterboard ceilings to gain popularity around the world.

With their help, you can construct a complex multi-level ceiling that will complement the interior and become the highlight of the room. Please note that it is unlikely that you can install a drywall ceiling yourself – for these purposes, it is better to call the wizard.

Stretch ceilingStretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings in the interior appeared a few decades ago. It would seem that nothing can surprise the buyer. However, today manufacturers produce models that are striking in their originality. Pay attention to the beautiful 3D stretch ceilings – they fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom or living room.

Dropped ceilingsDropped ceilings

The main advantage of using suspended ceilings is that these designs allow you to customize the lighting in the room. Behind them you can hide spotlights or LED strips. Today, the design of suspended ceilings is replete with diversity. Correctly selected shape of the ceiling allows zoning of the space.

Wooden ceilingsWooden ceilings

Modern manufacturers process wood in such a way that the ceilings from it serve as long as possible. Such designs will ideally fit into country-style rooms, loft or Provence . Environmental friendliness has long been a major trend and wooden ceilings reflect this idea as well as possible.

Color and shape of the ceilingColor and shape of the ceiling

When choosing the design of the ceiling in the bedroom, living room or kitchen, it is not enough to focus exclusively on the finishing materials. It is also important to choose the right shade and shape of the future ceiling design. By combining these two criteria correctly, you will get a harmonious and thoughtful design of the room.

The shape of the ceiling will primarily depend on the shape of the room itself. In some cases (if the area allows), you can experiment with more non-standard compositions. In fact, when speaking about the forms of construction, specialists most often have in mind the design of the plasterboard ceiling. It is this material that allows you to design any shapes. Just look at these photos!

As for the color scheme, the trend of 2021 are:

White ceilingWhite ceiling

A hue that has become a classic design of the ceiling. It allows you to significantly increase the space of the room and blends perfectly with any other shades in the interior. In addition, white color is used in the design of rooms in a variety of styles from baroque to hi-tech.

Beige ceilingBeige ceiling

A warmer shade that gives the room a cozy and homely atmosphere. Due to this property, beige color is often used to design the ceiling in the bedroom. It will also be relevant for rooms facing the north side.

Gray ceilingGray ceiling

Cold shade, which can be quite “heavy” for small spaces. Nevertheless, the gray color in the decoration of the ceiling today is at the peak of popularity. This is an original solution that will decorate any interior and give the room an atmosphere of rigor. In addition, it goes well with bright contrasting shades.

Ceiling design depending on the type of room

Above, we told you about the materials used to decorate the ceiling. However, each of these materials has its own characteristics. Therefore, to use, for example, paper wallpaper in the bathroom or in the kitchen is not the best idea. Let’s figure out how to choose the design of the ceilings in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Bedroom ceilingbedroom ceiling

The design of the ceilings of the bedroom, as a rule, is characterized by the use of decoration in light pastel shades. In addition, here more than ever, eco-friendly natural materials that do not cause allergies and do not emit harmful substances will be relevant. An excellent solution would be a ceiling in a bedroom made of drywall or tension structures.

The bedroom does not need too original and elaborate compositions – leave it in the living room. That way the room was created for rest and relaxation, so each element of it should not strain eyesight. That is why many dwell on such a seemingly banal option as whitewashing the ceiling. Do not forget that the overall design of the room should look as harmonious as possible.

Kitchen ceilingKitchen ceiling

The kitchen is considered a room with high humidity. Therefore, many materials (for example, wallpaper) are categorically not recommended for use in its decoration. In the process of cooking, potassium of water, fat, juice, etc. fly around the room. All this will certainly hit the ceiling, which greatly complicates the process of caring for him.

Therefore, if you want beautiful ceilings in the kitchen to maintain their original appearance for as long as possible, opt for materials such as suspended ceilings, polystyrene foam boards or special water-based paint.

Living room ceilingLiving room ceiling

The living room is the heart and main room of any home. Therefore, its design should be approached with particular care. After all, it is here that the whole family gathers to watch a movie or guests at board games.

The ceiling design in the living room has no limits. Unless one recommendation – the general view of the room must certainly be in harmony with each other. That is, you should not draw up a minimalist and modern ceiling in a room in a classic style.

As for the materials for the ceiling in the living room, feel free to choose any option you like. It can be multi-level designs, and mirrored ceilings, and photo wallpaper . If the size of the room allows, try to combine several materials for zoning the space.

Corridor ceilingsCorridor ceilings

The entrance hall is most often a small room. Therefore, when designing the design of the ceilings, it is important to think about how to make the space original, without taking away the precious square meters. For the corridor, we recommend that you abandon multi-level structures or dark shades of ceilings. Choose simple and concise options, such as whitewashing or painting.

Bathroom ceilingBathroom ceiling

Making the ceiling in the bathroom is an important stage in home decoration. The fact is that due to the increased humidity, it is not recommended to use most materials here. It’s easier to say which ceiling can be installed in the bathroom:

  • stretch ceiling;
  • rail ceilings.

All of the above materials are easy to care for. With them you will not be afraid of evaporation, the accumulation of dust, dirt and fungus.

Tip : Try installing a mirrored ceiling in the bathroom. In addition to the fact that such a finish is quite easy to clean (the ceiling is easy to clean from dust and stains), it also allows you to significantly increase the area of the room, which is especially true for a small bathroom .

Ceiling decoration depending on the type of premises

Thinking over the ceiling design options, it is important to focus on the type of premises. It’s good if you are the owner of a large house with spacious rooms. However, sometimes space sets its own conditions. In this case, the rules for decorating the ceiling may change slightly:

Ceiling design in a studio apartmentCeiling design in a studio apartment

The studio combines a living room and a kitchen in one room. Therefore, for its design, there are two main options:

  1. You use one material for finishing the ceiling in the main part of the apartment. In this case, use material that is suitable for rooms with high humidity (kitchen). Discard drywall and wallpaper, preferring a stretch ceiling or painting.
  2. Zoning space. You can distinguish between kitchen and living room by using several decorative materials for the ceiling. In this case, choose moisture-resistant materials for the kitchen area, and completely abandon the restrictions for the recreation area. The main thing is to provide good ventilation so that the steam quickly disappears from the kitchen and does not penetrate further into the apartment.

Ceiling design in a small apartmentCeiling design in a small apartment

Owners of small apartments of the Khrushchev type rarely manage to boast spacious rooms and high ceilings. To create a space without losing a place in the room, opt for whitewashing, painting or gluing wallpaper on the ceiling. You should not choose dark or bright shades – white, light gray and beige colors will ideally fit into any interior and visually increase the area of the room.

Ceiling Lighting Trends

Thinking over ideas for the ceiling with their own hands, people often dwell on the design of multi-tiered structures that are responsible for the decor of the room. However, in the case of low ceilings, this technique is a failure. It is best to zon and decorate the space with the right lighting. How to do it?

  1. Combine lighting using several types of lights in one room.
  2. Use LED strip (this is especially true for multi-level ceilings).

What ceiling lighting options are used today?

ChandelierCeiling Lighting Trends

The classic version of lighting a room is the use of a large chandelier located in the center of the ceiling. Please note that sometimes the weight of the lighting fixture is so large that, for example, a plasterboard ceiling in a bedroom or living room may simply not withstand the chandelier.

SpotlightsCeiling Lighting Trends

A minimalistic design for modern ceilings. It can be used as the main or additional lighting device. Spotlights allow you to get the most original ceiling design – the main thing is to carefully consider its location.

LED Strip LightCeiling Lighting Trends

This lighting fixture began to be used in the decoration of ceilings relatively recently. The main advantage of the tape is that you can choose not only the tone of lighting (cold or warm), but also the shade of light. So if you want to experiment a little, try installing blue, violet or red ribbon. Some models are capable of changing colors, adding waves or even light music.

Ceiling Decor TrendsCeiling Decor Trends

To create a beautiful ceiling, it is important to pay special attention to the decor. To do this, you can use the original arrangement of lighting devices – the technique that we talked about earlier. In addition, there are several ways to decorate the ceilings:

  1. Vaulted ceilings resembling elegant arches are ideal for a room in a classic style.
  2. Layered ceilings. Such designs are gradually going out of fashion, but many designers are actively using them in 2021. The main thing here is to choose an original composition. Laconic straight lines or soft waves – you can choose any design of ceilings.
  3. Beams. Ideal for loft or country style rooms.
  4. Plaster stucco molding gives the room the luxury and elegance of an old palace.

Photos of modern ceiling design ideasPhotos of modern ceiling design ideas

Photos of modern ceiling design ideas

Photos of modern ceiling design ideas

Modern designers have long moved away from banal and too simple ideas for decorating the ceiling. Even the design of the surface in the style of minimalism looks extraordinary and original. Just look at these photos! We are sure that these bold ideas will not only give a portion of inspiration, but will also help to finally choose the ceiling design that would suit your home.

The various types of ceilings that appeared today on store shelves inspire bold experiments and innovative solutions. You can choose any design to your taste. You want a traditional option – whitewashing, painting or wallpaper will come to the rescue. If you want to move away from classical materials, a huge selection of tension and suspension structures of various shades and complexity is provided for your attention.