Ceiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutions

Ceiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutionsIf you are thinking about repairing a room, do not forget about the transformation of its ceiling. Yes, this part of the room plays a very important role in the interior, and from year to year designers come up with new and fashionable “pieces” that allow the ceilings to elegantly complete the interior decoration, corresponding to it in style and other parameters. Ceilings 2020-2021 are no exception. Modern and current ceiling design solutions will help you choose a decent option.

Modern trends in ceiling design 2021Ceiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutions

The ceilings, which will be at the peak of fashion in 2020-2021, boast a variety of options.

Complicated, made up by numerous levels of the suspension and tension structure, remain relevant.

But the main feature is not the intricacy of the form, as before, but the original use of light sources. Through lighting effects, the ceilings look unconventional and catchy. In particular, the installation of lamps of different colors is welcomed, painting the ceiling surface in various colors and drawing original patterns on it.

The trend is the zoning of rooms using suspended multi-level models. An ideal solution is to repeat the zoning of the ceiling by delimiting the floor surface – for example, by joining different types of floor coverings.

Among the suspended structures, white ceilings are becoming popular. Of course, just a white stretched canvas may seem boring, but complemented by lighting, a combination of textures, 3D figures or cutouts, it takes on an unusually fashionable look.

Varieties of modern ceilings 2021Ceiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutions

Naturally, the ceiling in this or that room of the house should be chosen based on not only fashion trends, but also the style, as well as the color scheme of the room. The varieties of ceilings that can be installed in an apartment or house are truly diverse.

Bleached ceiling – an outdated solution, which involves coating the surface with acalcareous or chalky composition;

Surface painting – coating the ceiling with paint;

Wallpapering is also an old version, but it has not lost its relevance. If youchoose wallpaper for painting, you can change the appearance of the ceiling surface at leastevery year;

Wooden ceilings – a godsend for creating ceilings in the style of rustic, country oreco;

Cassette ceiling – frame construction, filled with specializedpanels;

Stretch ceilings – are a stretched canvas in one or morelayers to achieve a spatial effect;

Slatted ceilings – are installed on compact areas, the environment of which ischaracterized by excessive humidity or other adverseconditions.

Suspended ceilings – structures based on the frame, sheathed withplasterboard or other sheets.

Materials for ceilingsCeiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutions

The market for finishing materials today offers a vast selection of variations for a practical and original ceiling decoration. In order to create the coating combined with the interior concept, when choosing the optimal materials, one should take into account the characteristics of the room. So, for rooms with high ceilings, the optimal use of suspended structures – rack, tension, panel. If the rooms have a low ceiling, then it is better to prefer materials that can save far out of place centimeters – wallpapering, painting or whitewashing.

Among the most popular materials for creating ceilings are:

Painting water-emulsion or water-dispersion compositions. Featuring practicality, ease of application, a wide range of colors, environmental friendliness and relatively low price, such material has a short service life not exceeding a couple of years.

Drywall, created on the basis of gypsum, from 2 sides glued with paper, is afraid of moisture. However, having a polymer or vinyl layer, which gives additional protection against negative humidity effects, such a material allows you to quickly create an aesthetic ceiling coating without much load on the ceiling. Characterized by environmental friendliness, it allows you to mask communications. True, this material requires puttying and staining.

Tension fabric, which is made from PVC films, or mesh material impregnated with polymers. Such fabrics allow you to create perfectly smooth surfaces, masking the defects of this ceiling, characterized by a long service life, resistance to excessive moisture, excellent heat and sound insulation, as well as environmental friendliness. However, this is not thecheapest option.

Polyfoam plates – are made of polystyrene foam according to various technologies and are attached to a specialized adhesive during installation. They can boast of moisture resistance, wear resistance, a variety of shapes, excellent thermal insulation and qualities and resistance to temperature extremes. However, they are characterized by low vapor permeability and fragility.

Wood, lining – wooden decoration of ceilings is out of fashion, because it not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also creates a favorable microclimate in the room, is environmentally friendly, has high sound andheat insulating abilities, as well as a long service life.

MDF-boards – particle boards with various decorative surfaces, which are used for cladding metal or wooden frames.

Plastic – the suspended ceiling created on its basis, in comparison with drywall, boasts increased moisture resistance and immunity to temperature extremes. With proper care, it serves for decades.

Combine modern lighting with ceilingsCeiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutions

The organization of ceiling lighting and the selection of optimal fixtures should be considered even before the repair.In general, there are several common fixtures:

The chandelier is considered a classic and is characterized by diffuse light flow. It is quite suitable for lighting a small room and is suitable for ordinary ceilings, as well as multi-level structures or inclined surfaces.

Lamps with directional light – they serve to illuminate a specific part of the room. Most often, they highlight the kitchen area, or serve to adjust the total area of ??the room.

Spotlights – are built-in and outdoor, and the latter shine more brightly. They are easy to install and suitable for suspended and suspended ceilings.

LED strip – a godsend if you want to equip hidden ceiling lighting. Stacked inside the eaves, it can be used everywhere except in bathtubs.

In general, lighting is selected depending on the design of the ceiling. So, for suspended ceilings, chandeliers and spotlights are selected. But for stretch it is more difficult to choose the optimal lighting due to the fragility of the film and difficulties with fixing the devices. The find for such a coating is spotlights that produce almost no heat. If you can’t do without a chandelier, a hole is made in the material in advance and through it the wires are connected to the chandelier, after which they are masked with a decorative lid.

False ceilings – one of the trends of 2020Ceiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutions

This version of the ceiling design practically does not limit the design imagination. On the basis of drywall, the largest in area ceilings are performed, on which the seams and joints are imperceptible, steps can be made, their parts are painted in various colors or covered with decorative plaster.

Of course, there are many options for suspended ceilings, but the apartments are mainly used for drywall. This material is attached to a metal profile and allows wires to be laid in the space arising between the floor slab and the ceiling surface. Someone may fear that the height of the room will decrease, however, in practice, the ceiling lowers to a minimum of 4 centimeters, which you simply don’t notice.

Note! You should never make smooth bends on drywall in suspended ceilings. This is the main antitrend of the design of ceilings 2020 – 2010.

Very relevant design ideas for creating suspended ceilings in 2020are the following:

  • run steps, niches, etc. should be done at right angles;
  • vertically arranged sides should not have more than 6 cm height;
  • when performing illumination along the coloring line, care should be taken to arrange a blocking light source on the opposite side. Otherwise, the contour longitudinal color will reveal irregularities in the finish;
  • in the fashion, the backlighting performed on the contour, which allows you to get the effect of a soaring ceiling, or built into the base plane;
  • multilevel ceiling structures are gradually losing relevance;
  • to increase the height of the room, the high part of the multi-level ceiling is made a couple of tones darker than the bottom;

The application of decorative plaster to the ceiling gypsum board remains relevant.

With no budgetary constraints, a plasterboard ceiling is a great choice. If you want an elegant ceiling cheaper, take a look at the option of installing a tension structure.

Stretch ceilingCeiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutions

The creation of a stretch ceiling involves the arrangement of a metal frame, on which a panel of special material is stretched through specialized equipment. Two different price options are fabric-based ceilings and PVC film. The first are more environmentally friendly, however, are much more expensive. This is partly why in 2020 the trend will continue to prevail over ceilings based on polyvinyl chloride – a seamless synthetic material.

As for the design, there are three main options:

  • glossy, able to increase the height of the room and add to it festivity andlight;
  • satin – similar to the fabric of the same name and softly shiny;
  • matte – designers call them ideal. And if it weren’t for fastenings,
  • it would be almost impossible for the eye to distinguish them from drywall.

The following are the main fashion trends of 2020-2021:

  • multi-level designs, especially carved models with certain design options: in particular, options with stretching canvases of contrasting colors over each other and cutting certain patterns in the bottom;
  • use of 3D graphics and photo printing;
  • creation of combined structures in which tension elements and drywall are combined;
  • white ceilings that can be made soaring, decorated with interesting lighting or made luminous with cutouts;
  • mirror surfaces based on satin material;
  • ceilings having a concave frame.

All of the above ceilings have their own design features and advantages, however, when choosing the ideal option, you need to start from the style of the room and the features of its design. So, for clubs and offices it is better to prefer business shades – for example, a metallized version or a white-mirror version, because the ceilings there are usually high. For the design of apartments and houses, 3D graphics, photo printing, white in any variation or combined designs are more suitable.

Secrets of Low Ceiling Design 2021Ceiling Trends 2020-2021. Modern and relevant solutions

The problem is too low, as if the “crushing” ceilings are familiar to the residents of the “Khrushchev” and wooden buildings, for which a standard 2.5-meter height.Correct their negative effect will help the correct design. The basic idea is to create a perfectly flat surface that does not take away a centimeter of height. However, there are other design options that allow you to visually increase the height of the room:

  • You can create a pyramidal effect by creating around the perimeter a box made of PVC cloth or GKL;
  • By pulling a glossy ceiling in the room, you will make it a little higher due to multiple reflection in a shiny coating;
  • Using a visual technique based on the fact that cold light shades move away, and dark warm shades bring closer, you should prefer a white or light blue shade of the ceiling;
  • Another principle – in comparison with the saturated color of the walls, the ceiling should be lighter;

You can extend the room with the help of lighting. Just remove the lights from the ceilings and get rid of the bulky chandelier. Mount the light sources on the walls so that the light goes from bottom to top. If you can’t refuse the upper lighting, you can lay the LED backlight on the ceiling surface.

If you have not yet decided on the optimal type of ceiling for a particular room in your home, contact a professional designer. It will help you determine the optimal finishing option, which will be not only fashionable, but will also be able to give the room an exclusive look, masking its flaws!