Stylish Kitchen: 5 Future Trends

stylish future kitchen trends 2021The kitchen is the heart of the house. In it, we begin our day; here the most important conversations, everyday rituals and the best parties take place. How to arrange so that this room is not boring and the kitchen does not go out of fashion? We present 5 trends in kitchen design that linger for a long time.

The modern kitchen and its new role in the housestylish future kitchen trends 2021

The former kitchen, designed as a separate closed room, slowly goes into oblivion. Today, she is increasingly entering the living room and becoming the centerpiece of the house. This is due to several factors. The first of these are rising housing prices, the savings of developers, small houses and small apartments. With the development of urbanization, this trend will grow.

Another thing is to change your lifestyle. Thanks to the ubiquitous Internet and the devices that make us online available around the clock, the boundaries between private and professional life, work and leisure are blurred. We are more and more willing to work remotely from home, saving time spent on traffic jams. The kitchen becomes a multi-purpose room, serving not only for cooking, but also for work and entertainment.

Another equally important factor is a return to community building. With the advent of pressure on individualism and personal development with threats from the outside world, a tendency arises to take care of family and friendships. We want to spend more and more valuable time together with our loved ones, cook together and have lunch, without interrupting the rest of the family.

In the kitchen, not only combined objects and household appliances built into other rooms become invisible, they merge together. Heating stoves merge into one surface from above, built-in refrigerators and folding batteries near the sink disappear from view. Sometimes some kitchen utensils begin to play the role of decorations, giving the character and style of the interior of the whole house.

This is the function of carved taps, designer teapots, toasters and coffee makers. This, in turn, is the result of another important trend – the kitchen is becoming a symbol of social status, a place of representation, which is developed and organized with great care.

Fashionable and timeless kitchen is a focus on valuestylish future kitchen trends 2021

Designers of kitchen furniture and home accessories are increasingly improving their equipment in accordance with the values of the modern world. We attach more and more importance to the environment, eat quality food, spend time on small pleasures and develop experience, not tedious duties.

It’s easier to keep the kitchen clean and keep food fresh. Sinks and hot plates integrated in the countertop reduce cleaning to a simple wipe with a cloth. Kitchen cabinets are designed to facilitate garbage segregation, smart food management, and fast and smart cooking. Adjustable LED lighting helps save energy. Modern hoods purify the air and eliminate odors.

Coffee machines with a removable milk island mean that not a single drop of milk is wasted. Quality is the most important in this trend. This applies both to branded devices that work better and longer, and to what they can offer us – for example, perfect coffee every day.

Intelligent kitchen. Digital innovations, real benefitsstylish future kitchen trends 2021

The kitchen of the future is a kitchen with intelligent user support systems. Contrary to the appearance, such systems do not think about us, but they inspire, show new directions, act as experts, provide advice and help. We can learn from them and get advice.

We are becoming a society that uses modern technology in a rational and practical way. We want to spend money that meets our personal needs and adapts to them. That’s why personalization is so important – also in the area of everyday pleasure, that we allow ourselves in the kitchen, for example, coffee.

What is the kitchen of the future? Industrial style, hi-tech and minimalismstylish future kitchen trends 2021

Technology affects not only the functionality of household appliances. It also shapes the design and trends in interior design. The modern, minimalist style has not gone out of fashion for many years, and there is no sign that it will disappear. It works great in the kitchen because it helps to keep it clean and control the chaos that often accompanies cooking.

This trend is characterized by characteristic colors – fashionable white for some time, but also black, gray, steel and silver. The leaders are especially gray in different shades: darker anthracite, light, with a blue tint, as well as a shade of gray with a drop of beige. These classic and timeless colors appear glossy or matte.

Materials from the high-tech trend include steel, stone, copper, concrete, and composite. When decorating kitchen glass, it is becoming increasingly popular, especially those made by float technology, which is completely flat, without distortion and optical defects. At the top there will be “cosmic” peaks with spots of brilliant quartz resembling a starry sky.

How to decorate the kitchen in a modern way?stylish future kitchen trends 2021

In the world of business and marketing, the influence of the so-called happiness economy, which is an economy of happiness, which focuses on quality of life and satisfaction in various fields. It covers a wide range of industries, including interior design. This can also be seen among kitchen trends.

Kitchens look as if they are more focused on pleasure, where they have a good time, and do not suffer from cooking or washing dishes. We decorate them with motivating quotes, photographs and paintings that evoke positive associations and make every moment happy.

In the central place we place accessories for drinking coffee and tea, fresh fruits, small snacks. We show that we are happy to be in the kitchen, as it is done by culinary masters – Italians, whose slice-vita manifests itself in a love of good food and design.

What is the phenomenon of the Italian style? Functionality and quality are combined in it with the beauty and joy of life. That is why the trends in the kitchen, as in fashion, are dictated by Milan. It is here that every two years the most prestigious European kitchen fair EuroCucina is held – a celebration of world interior design. The next exhibition, which can be expected in the spring of 2018, should lead to the development and refinement of all these trends.