New Wallpaper Trends For Children Room 2020-2021

New Wallpaper Trends For Children Room 2020-2021Are you going to do repairs in the children’s room? The easiest way is to change its interior using wallpaper. Just remember that, according to psychologists, the color scheme, equipment and the atmosphere of such a room affects the emerging character and intellectual development of children. Therefore, the design of the nursery should be approached with maximum responsibility. In this article, we have collected the recommendations of fashion designers and psychologists who will help you choose the best wallpaper for the nursery, which will bring boys and girls only benefit and joy.

Modern trends in wallpaper for childrenNew Wallpaper Trends For Children Room 2020-2021

The design of the 2020-2021 nursery continues the trends prevailing in recent years. Among them are:

  • The predominance of pastel colors in the design;
  • The use of wood and other natural materials;
  • Minimalist Scandinavian chic;
  • The use of a game of textures, implying a combination of smooth and rough surfaces, the contrast of glossy and matte materials;
  • Using stickers in the interior. It can be prints, flowers, animals, stars and so on.

Before choosing the color of the wallpaper and their pattern, designers advise to think over the zoning of the nursery. So, in the room of preschool children there should be at least a couple of zones – for relaxation and outdoor games. Whereas in the room for schoolchildren there is also a third zone – the workplace.

As for the stylistics of design, the trend is modern style, Provence, country, avant-garde and pop art. The main requirement – the created interior should, first of all, be liked by the child himself and it is necessary to consult with him, even if he just learned to speak.

When choosing the optimal wallpaper shade should be based on children’s temperament. For example, phlegmatic or melancholic is more suitable for terracotta, yellow or orange. But fidgets are better to choose more calm, pacifying their tone.

Please note: one of the growing trends is the equipment of reading corners or original “wigwams”. In them, children will be able to hide and retire to dream and play. And in the interior they can play the role of a style-forming fragment.

Types of wallpaper for childrenNew Wallpaper Trends For Children Room 2020-2021

Both designers and psychologists agree on one thing: the children’s room should be not only beautiful and functional, but also environmentally friendly. And when purchasing finishing materials, the last criterion becomes decisive. Therefore, we can recommend the purchase of several of the most optimal types of wallpapers, which are not only safe for children’s health, but also provide an opportunity to stylishly and fashionably decorate the nursery.

Paper wallpapers, although they seem morally obsolete, are absolutely natural, environmentally friendly, able to breathe, have an affordable price and boast the widest variety of decors suitable for children.

Non-woven wallpaper – in fact, is a paper with a design of textile fibers, contributing to an increase in its strength. They are more expensive than paper ones, but they also serve twice as much, let in air, just stick and can be repainted. An important point – the material must be purchased without a vinyl layer, which is not recommended for contact with children.

Fabric coated wallpapers look luxurious and suitably. You can use them for decoration in the spirit of the classics in the room of an adult girl. Absolutely safe for health, they require regular care and gentle cleaning.

Liquid wallpaper is made on the basis of cellulose – an adhesive substance that is unable to harm a child. Diluted with fibers, dyes and sparkles, they can be used to create truly vivid projects, and the increased level of sound insulation created with their help will keep the young owner of the room a dream.

Wallpaper for drawing – paper material that allows you to draw with chalk, a marker or even paint whole drawings. Such wallpapers become not just a decoration for a child, but also contribute to the development of the child.

What wallpaper can not be glued in the nursery?

At first glance, vinyl wallpapers have a lot of advantages compared to paper, because they firmly carry sticky gum and plasticine, painted with felt-tip pens and car races on the wall surface. However, for the child – this is not the best option. Moreover, not even because of the myth of the toxicity of their decorative layer of PVC. High-quality wallpapers pass certification, during which they are checked for safety, which means that they do not emit any toxic substances.

The disadvantage of vinyl coatings is different – just like acrylic-based wallpapers, they should not be used in a nursery because of poor air permeability. If the room creates conditions of high humidity, and it is poorly ventilated, their coating can become home to fungus or mold, which are very harmful to health.

Choose a wallpaper for the nursery for the girlNew Wallpaper Trends For Children Room 2020-2021

When choosing wallpapers for a girl’s nursery, you need to dwell on material that can inspire and surround your little (or not so) owner with comfort. This means that preference should be given to a more tender palette and certainly take into account the age of the child. After all, what will be relevant for a preschool girl is inappropriate in a teenager’s room for 14 years.

The most preferred colors for the girl’s room will be:

Peach – a shade that creates coziness, becoming the ideal choice for rooms where there is insufficient lighting;

Pink is a very positive and harmonious color that fills the space with fabulousness and dreaminess;

Yellow – an invigorating tone that contributes to the development of mental abilities;

Light green and calm green – have a positive effect on vision and easily form a cozy atmosphere;

Lilac is an excellent choice for romantic natures, contributing to the development of their creative potential;

Beige – a neutral shade, which becomes an excellent background for the accent design of one of the walls;

Orange – its muffled version becomes a good choice for inactive girls, since it will recharge it with vigor.

Preschool girls are likely to like the idea of ??decorating a room using a fairy tale or cartoon story.

Compositions based on flowers can decorate a girl’s room at any age. At the same time, bright and large prints are usually used only as accents. While small bouquets can be used on all walls of the nursery in the framework of the style of shabby chic or Provencal design.

In addition, for the girl’s room, especially over 11 years old, ovals, peas, patterns in the form of rhombuses, stripes and cells can be used. With the help of such prints you can visually change the boundaries of space, which is important for children too small.

If the repair is done for many years to come, or for a student of middle or high school, preference should be given to plain-colored wallpapers that do not distract attention from the lessons. You can play here on interesting textures, or their combination. In addition, in the role of a great addition to the plain decoration, you can paste one of the walls with photo wallpaper to the taste of the hostess of the room.

Features of choosing wallpaper in the room for a boyNew Wallpaper Trends For Children Room 2020-2021

Equipping the room and choosing wallpaper for the boy’s nursery, the main parameter for choosing their color is the character of the owners. In particular, for calm and balanced guys who spend time mostly with books, pastel shades will be the best choice. When the goal is to stir up the lazy person, the choice can be made in favor of bright and colorful flowers.

For restless boys, psychologists recommend choosing a wallpaper in a cold palette.

Peach and apricot shades will add a feeling of comfort and security to insecure teenagers.

But the yellow design will help to improve concentration.

As for the patterns, the most popular motifs for decorating boys’ rooms are:

Photowall-paper with various inscriptions for designing an accent wall can become a godsend for a guy’s room from 12 and older;

Drawing in the form of cars becomes a win-win option for a child boy of any age. For preschoolers, it can be small cars on a plain background or bright photo wallpapers with the characters of your favorite cartoons, like “Wheelbarrows” and the like. And for schoolchildren, you can find coverage with racing cars;

Aircraft is another suitable plot for a boy’s nursery, introducing into it a feeling of lightness, adventure spirit and mischief;

Stickers depending on the age and preferences of the owner of the nursery. For young children, these can be favorite cartoon characters or fairy-tale characters, and for older children, figures of people, equipment, and other items;

Wallpaper with a space theme, on which spacecraft, constellations and planets appear. They will make the room of a teenager who is fond of such a subject unusually original;

Robots, Avengers, Spider-Man and other typical boyish characters that the child only wants to settle in his nursery;

Finishing with a football theme will be a good solution for the room of a young fan or a beginner soccer player;

Wallpaper with geometric ornaments – affect the visual perception of the room. So, horizontal stripes will expand the space, slightly lowering the ceiling. Vertical ones, on the contrary, narrow the room, adding height to it;

Checkered wallpapers add masculinity to the interior. And if for preschoolers, designers are advised to choose a blue-and-blue checkmark, then for older guys, brown is the favorite;

The “brick” finish in a snow-white version is suitable for a room of a boy of any age. But the bright red-orange, somewhat aged “wall” will ideally complement the style of the loft in the teenage room;

3D murals – are placed on one of the walls of the room and build a truly magnificent 3-dimensional world, while contributing to the development of imagination and attention.

Keep in mind: even if your child likes colorful and vibrant patterns, they can quickly tire a child’s psyche. A kind of “golden middle”, which will calm an overly active and encourage an insecure child, will be a wallpaper with rare images, or an accent wall with a common plot against the background of a more relaxed design of three adjacent walls

Choosing a wallpaper in the nursery for heterosexual childrenNew Wallpaper Trends For Children Room 2020-2021

Most parents believe that the boy’s nursery is made out completely differently than designed for girls, and it’s simply impossible to combine their design in one space. However, if your son and daughter have a children’s room for two, your task is to invent such a design that would suit both at once. And designers are advised not to despair.

Try to find a cheerful palette suitable for both boyish and girlish temperament. It can be yellow, orange, green and beige;

An excellent reception would be the zoning of the nursery with the allocation of half for the brother and the exact same size part of the room for the sister. They are made out with similar wallpaper, but in different colors;

For zoning, a plasterboard partition delimiting the territory can be applied. In this case, companion wallpapers should be used to design the space.

The primary colors “in half” of the girl and the boy should overlap. For example, a shade can be found in part of the pattern or in drawing elements on the wallpaper of the “roommate” – duplicated in the machine color, the clothes of the cartoon hero, etc.

Observing all of the above, you can satisfy the interests of each of the children without waking them up in the spirit of competition and dissatisfaction with the room.

In general, as you can see, there are a lot of design options for a room for children. And in this case, do not get hung up on general rules and trends. Turn on your creative imagination, listen to the wishes of the child and the advice of designers, and as a result, you can make his room one of the most comfortable, safe and functional in the whole house!