Wallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021 – best ideas and solutions

Wallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021Equipping a house or apartment, we pay a lot of attention to wall decoration. And this is not surprising, because if you wish, furniture or appliances can be easily changed. But changing wall coverings is a rather lengthy and costly process (moreover, costly not only in time but also in money). Therefore, I want to do everything in such a way that the result is not only beautiful, but also durable.

Wallpaper has long been considered the most popular decoration material for walls. They combine affordable cost and attractive appearance. Especially today, when on the shelves you can find a huge number of diverse variations of wallpaper – non-woven, fabric, liquid, etc. Let’s figure out what types of wallpapers are most suitable for the kitchen, and how to choose the perfect option for your home.

Wallpaper on the kitchen – trends in 2021Wallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

The kitchen, as many people still claim, is the last place to glue wallpapers . As a rule, the decoration in this room includes shiny, glossy, homogeneous surfaces like ceramic tiles. However, modern unusual wallpapers will cost much less than tiles. And the use of the latest technology has helped manufacturers to make the finishing material as easy to care for.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a high-tech, classic or loft kitchen wallpaper . Let’s get acquainted with the best kitchen wallpaper trends for 2021:

  1. Themed patterns (cups, food, dishes) – an unchanging classic in the interior of the kitchen.
  2. Vintage motifs (large square, lines, floral patterns).
  3. Pastel shades of wallpaper – powdery, blue, mint, peach, etc.
  4. Wallpaper simulating various surfaces. For example, natural stone, brick, wood.

Types of wallpaper for the kitchen and the criteria for their choiceWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

Well, based on the fashion trends of 2021, wallpapers do not lose their relevance and are an excellent option for wall decoration in the kitchen . In addition, today manufacturers offer several types of material manufactured using the latest technology. Such wallpapers are not afraid of high humidity, high temperatures, etc. Of course, there are options that are strictly not recommended for decorating the walls of the kitchen. These include:

  • paper wallpaper;
  • liquid wallpaper .

This is due to the low density and, as a consequence, the fragility of the materials. Of course, some models may have a protective layer. But it’s better not to experiment and choose wallpaper for the kitchen that meets all the functional requirements. Let’s look at the main types of wallpaper that you can use in the interior of the kitchen.

Non-woven wallpaperWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

Non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen is actively used in view of the good degree of moisture resistance of the base. The fact is that such paintings, as a rule, are made of a material called non-woven, which is not afraid of sunlight and wet cleaning.

Non-woven wallpaper has a multilayer structure, due to which they have a high density. They can be sold as a finishing wall or as wallpaper for painting . The advantages of this material include:

  1. Large roll width, which significantly reduces the number of seams and joints on the wall during gluing.
  2. Due to the structure of the wallpaper, they do not soak from glue and do not form so-called bubbles.
  3. Non-woven wallpaper can even be applied on uneven walls. Dense material is able to perfectly hide surface defects.
  4. Non-woven wallpaper is easy to care for.

The disadvantages of non-woven wallpaper include:

  • models that are designed for painting, as a rule, have a relief layer in which a large amount of dust accumulates;
  • Cheap wallpaper models may contain formaldehyde, which is released during operation.

Vinyl wallpapersWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

Vinyl wallpapers perfectly combine high quality and affordable cost. And thanks to special manufacturing technology, they are great for decorating the kitchen. Similar canvases consist of several layers:

  • paper base;
  • textile or non-woven backing;
  • film as the top layer.

What are the advantages of vinyl wallpaper?

  1. High strength of the material, which is caused by its multilayer structure.
  2. Simplicity in wallpapering.
  3. Durability. The protective film, which is located on the outside of the wallpaper, allows you to keep the attractive appearance of the canvas for as long as possible.
  4. Environmental friendliness. Wallpaper does not emit harmful substances and does not harm human health.
  5. Wide range of.
  6. Easy to care. Washing vinyl wallpapers is a pleasure. They are easily cleaned of dirt as usual with a damp cloth, as well as their special detergents.

Important! Avoid harsh detergents that contain chlorine or acid. It is better to choose an option specially adapted for washing wallpaper.

Currently, there is a huge amount of vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen. The catalog, however, divides them into two main types:

  1. Wallpaper without embossing . Differs in density and simplicity in operation.
  2. Embossed Wallpaper . A more original coating, which is formed as a result of hot stamping. These finishes can mimic stone, plaster, or even textiles.

CulletWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

During its appearance, cullets have gained great popularity around the world. They are used not only in living, but also in industrial premises. This type of wall decoration can often be observed in medical institutions. This is due to the environmental friendliness and hygiene of the material. Cullets are, in fact, a textile version of the wall decoration, which is made from the so-called glass fibers. They include several components: sand, clay, soda, limestone. As you can see, the composition of the material is quite decent and can easily be used when decorating the kitchen.

The advantages of cullet include:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Wallpaper meets all fire safety requirements.
  2. Strength and resistance to mechanical damage.
  3. Cullets provide air circulation and prevent the appearance of mold or fungus on the wall, which is especially true for the kitchen.
  4. Possibility of sticking on walls with small chips and cracks.
  5. Cullets can be glued to a variety of surfaces. They are suitable for both metal and brick, concrete, wood or plastic substrates.
  6. Long term of operation (more than 20 years).
  7. Easy to care.

The disadvantages of cullets in the kitchen can be attributed only to their high cost. However, if you want a quality and stylish repair for many years, then be sure to look at this option.

Photowall-paperWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

Photo wallpaper is a special kind of art. It can turn any room into a stylish and bold space. Moreover, today there is a large number of different variations of drawings for every taste – you can even find photo wallpapers for the kitchen, expanding the space.

It is important to remember that photowall-paper in a kitchen interior is always emphasis on walls. No matter how you furnish the room, this decoration will attract the attention of guests at home. So carefully consider the choice of topics, which, fortunately, are quite a lot:

  1. Coffee-themed kitchen wallpapers. This could be an illustration of a coffee shop or a cup of coffee. A similar style of wall decoration will make the room more comfortable.
  2. Landscapes, for example, pictures of nature and beautiful cities.
  3. Illustrations from eateries (e.g. Parisian), restaurants, bakeries, etc.
  4. Floral motifs.

Make sure that the selected photo wallpaper in the kitchen fits into the overall interior of the room. In addition, the pattern should suit your tastes. After all, you primarily do repairs for yourself, and not for guests.

The murals themselves will fit into any style of kitchen interior:

  • for high-tech, choose the motives of large cities (for example, New York);
  • for Provence style , an illustration of a French village or small town;
  • Scandinavian-style kitchen wallpapers can illustrate nature (such as a forest or mountains).

Criteria for choosing a wallpaper for the kitchenWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

The choice of wallpaper in the kitchen should be approached with particular care. It is believed that this room has the highest degree of humidity (not counting the bathroom). Such a finishing material, such as wallpaper, can not always withstand temperature extremes, condensation, steam, etc. Therefore, before you go to the store, pay attention to these selection criteria:

  1. Moisture resistant . Please note that the kitchen is not only a room with high humidity, but also a place for cooking. Therefore, food and steam stains can often appear on the wallpaper. When choosing wall decoration, pay attention to moisture resistant options that are not afraid of wet cleaning and, as a result, can last several decades.
  2. Vapor permeability . Washable wallpaper in the kitchen should dry as quickly as possible. It is in this that such a property as vapor permeability will help them. In addition, you will be sure that the wallpaper provides good air circulation on the walls and does not absorb extraneous aromas that are in the kitchen while cooking.
  3. High density . A similar structure of the wallpaper will help them withstand various mechanical damage.
  4. Resistance to sunshine . This property is especially relevant in the presence of a large window in the kitchen. Wallpaper models with low resistance to sunlight can quickly lose their original appearance.
  5. The ability to paint wallpaper . Today, many manufacturers offer wallpaper for painting. In the kitchen, they will be very welcome. After all, now there is no need to redo the repair, you can simply change the surface, causing any shade you want.

Wallpaper for the kitchen – color schemesWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

In the process of choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, people, as a rule, first of all think about the color palette of the material. From the point of view of psychology, color can have a big impact on a person. It helps to relax, stimulates appetite, awakens activity, etc. That is why the choice of shade of wallpaper in the kitchen plays an important role.

Agree that, choosing a material for wall decoration in this room, I want to get a result that will not strain my eyesight and will not get bored over time. Currently, kitchens are made out in more classic (white, beige, gray) colors, and in bright extraordinary shades. For example, pay attention to bright wallpapers for the kitchen (green, yellow, red, violet, etc.).

The main recommendations for choosing the color of wallpaper for the kitchenWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

The choice of shades of wallpaper for the kitchen can be dictated by new trends. In this case, it is worth choosing extraordinary original options. However, if you prefer a more classic way of decoration, take a look at the traditional palette, which has long been used in kitchens. When choosing a wallpaper color, it is important to pay attention not only to fashion trends or your personal preferences, but also to several other factors:

  1. The shape of your kitchen, the total area of the room.

Important! Some shades of wallpaper on the kitchen (black, dark blue, gray) can visually reduce the space, which is not suitable for a small room.

  1. The presence of natural light (the number and size of windows in the kitchen, access to the balcony, etc.).
  2. The location of the room relative to the cardinal points. It will depend on what time of day the kitchen will be flooded with sunshine: in the morning, at the height of the day or in the late afternoon.
  3. The style and color scheme of other rooms that are adjacent to your kitchen. Especially relevant if you plan to create a more or less holistic interior of the house.
  4. The color palette of furniture facades and household appliances.

In fact, the color of wallpaper for the kitchen can be divided into two categories:

  • neutral, which are used with brighter furniture facades;
  • bright multi-colored wallpapers that blend perfectly with plain light facades (white, beige).

Wallpaper for White kitchenWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

White wallpaper for the kitchen is perhaps a classic interior. This choice of wall decoration has several important advantages:

  1. Universality. You can choose absolutely any color of furniture facades, kitchen textiles, appliances, etc. White color is combined with restrained shades (gray, black), and with brighter tones (turquoise, pink, green, etc.).
  2. Visual increase in the room. Actual for small kitchens. White wallpaper in this case will make the room much brighter and more spacious.
  3. White wallpaper in the kitchen also makes the room easier and cleaner. The main thing is to choose washable models from which dust and dirt can be easily removed.

Important! Do not think that white exists in one version. As with other colors, it has several tones. The most relevant shades of white wallpaper in the kitchen in 2021 are: snow, milk, ivory, vanilla.

Beige wallpaper for kitchen 2021Wallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

Beige wallpaper in the kitchen, as the previous version, helps to visually increase the space and add lightness and airiness to it. However, in comparison with white colors, beige and light brown tones carry a slightly different mood to the room. They make the kitchen warmer and more comfortable. In addition, beige wallpaper for the kitchen in a classic style is just the perfect shade of the walls. Just look!

If, having gone too far with white, you can create the illusion of a too sterile room, then with beige colors such errors are not expected. In addition, it is a beige shade that is a traditional design option for Feng Shui cuisine. It is believed that it creates coziness and harmony in the house.

Beige wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen is in perfect harmony with the brown facades of furniture. However, this is far from the only color combination. You can also choose white furniture, dark blue, purple accents.

Bright wallpaper in the interior of the kitchenWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

If you are a fan of bolder interior design options, be sure to look at the bright wallpaper on the kitchen. At first glance, it might seem that such a choice will quickly become boring and will irritate the eye. However, do not rush, because by experimenting a bit, you can get a bold and stylish interior. Just look at all these photos. Agree that bright wallpapers can be a great accent in your kitchen.

Important! We do not recommend combining bright wallpapers with bright facades or colorful textiles. In this regard, it is better to choose more restrained colors.

Kitchen wallpaper with printsWallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

If you think that monophonic wallpapers look rather boring and do not create such an interesting interior as you would like, take a look at models with prints. With them, your kitchen will play in a completely different way. You can choose a striped wallpaper, a cage, with oriental ornaments, floral patterns, geometric motifs, etc. By the way, pay attention to the wallpaper for the kitchen with coffee cups. Such a print will fit into the room as organically as possible and will look stylish when choosing the right color.

Do not forget that working with prints is much more complicated than just choosing the color of the wallpaper for your kitchen. It is important to adhere to several recommendations:

  1. A large drawing makes the room visually smaller. While small patterns can visually increase the space.

Important! With small patterns also can not overdo it. If there are too many of them, they will also make the room visually smaller.

  1. Vertical stripes or patterns are great for kitchens with low ceilings. They help visually stretch the wall.
  2. But horizontal stripes on the contrary – expand the room (at the same time they negatively affect its height).
  3. Diagonal patterns can clog a small space too much. But in a kitchen with a large area, they create the illusion of movement.

The combination of wallpaper in the kitchen – ideas and trends of 2021Wallpaper Trends for Kitchen 2021

Wallpaper in the kitchen is also very useful in creating different zones and moods in an open-plan room. So-called accent walls are still a popular option for multifunctional spaces, for example, in an open-plan kitchen. In this case, wallpaper is the best option to distinguish between several zones. They help to tie the composition together and create a visual focus in the room, attracting the views of all those present in the room.

To create a more extraordinary and unique interior design, we recommend that you combine the shades of the walls in the kitchen. With their help, you can perform several important tasks:

  1. Zoning space. Using different shades of wallpaper helps, for example, separate the cooking area and the dining room.
  2. Visual increase in the room. By correctly combining patterns and shades, you can visually raise the ceiling or expand the walls.

Tip: For small kitchens, we do not recommend combining two contrasting shades. The best option in this case is a combination of colors with a difference of a maximum of one tone.

A kitchen is not only a culinary, but also an interior flight of imagination. So you can safely choose brighter and more unusual wallpapers (compared, for example, with a bedroom , where the walls should be more restrained). Despite the variety of materials for decorating the walls of the kitchen, wallpaper does not lose its popularity. Moreover, today there are durable high-strength options that can withstand any conditions.