Wallpaper for kitchen: modern ideas 2021-2022

From this article you can learn how to choose the perfect wallpaper for modern kitchen 2021-2022, common design decisions and the principles of harmonious combination of materials in the interior of one room. The text contains information about acceptable types of wallpaper for the kitchen, taking into account its operating conditions, and also discusses the features and markings of wallpaper with a washable surface.

Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022Modern wallpaper for the kitchen

What wallpaper to choose for the kitchen as wall decoration

Modern manufacturers offer an extensive selection of colors, drawings and materials, so choosing and buying wallpaper for the kitchen is not difficult. However, the decorative component of the finish is far from the most important parameter that you should worry about when choosing materials. To design a kitchen, significant costs will be required, because this room belongs to the category of rooms with a special microclimate.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Vinyl wallpapers are great for the kitchen room

Choosing what wallpaper to glue the kitchen, you should consider the operating conditions of the room:

  • high risk of mechanical damage to the finish;
  • constant temperature changes;
  • high level of humidity;
  • risk of permanent contamination and surface burnout.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Colorful wallpaper with floral patterns

Do not forget that wall decoration forms the overall appearance of the room. In order to correctly decide which wallpaper is better to glue in the kitchen, one should take into account the technical and operational properties, as well as the decorative qualities of the material.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Non-woven kitchen wallpaper

What wallpaper is better to choose for the kitchen: analysis of technical characteristics

When deciding which wallpaper is best for the kitchen, do not forget that not every type of this material can be used indoors with so many factors of negative influence. Despite the cheapness and an extensive selection of coatings with various decorative qualities, paper wallpapers are not recommended for use in the kitchen, if there is no desire to update the finish every 1.5-2 years. This rule even affects products that have been treated with moisture repellent.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Textile wallpaper on one of the walls of the kitchen

Do not use textile fabrics in the kitchen. Such wallpapers have a luxurious appearance and are characterized by high environmental friendliness, since the surface of the textile coating has the ability to “breathe”. Such wallpapers will absorb odors, but this is not acceptable. Textile wallpaper can not be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or sponge, especially since cleaning agents are not allowed for this purpose.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen

As a finish, it is better to buy vinyl wallpaper for the kitchen, which has strength, durability, as well as resistance to negative impact factors (within reasonable limits). You can use a damp sponge and cleaning products to clean. The range of vinyl products is quite wide, so for the kitchen space it is advisable to select products with the highest density of linen.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Glass cloth wallpaper for painting – a great idea for the design of the working area

Useful advice! To check the vinyl for density, you need to press on it with your finger. If the surface of the material bends easily, then the product is not dense enough. The best quality option is a compact vinyl wallpaper.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Wallpaper for painting the colors of the sea wave

On sale you can find vinyl wallpapers on a non-woven and paper basis. The second is much cheaper, however, they are less durable and durable. The service life of products depends on the quality of the vinyl layer on the surface. Consumers can choose between wallpaper for painting the kitchen and canvases decorated with patterns and drawings. Products intended for coloring allow you to change the color of the finish up to 5-6 times. The ability to paint damage and stains on the canvas is a significant advantage for the kitchen, where the walls are constantly exposed to mechanical stress and pollution.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Paper-based kitchen wallpapers

Which is better to buy washable wallpaper for the kitchen: a catalog of photo ideas and basic types of materials

On sale are several varieties of materials having a washable surface. All of them differ from each other in technical characteristics. The basis for acrylic wallpaper is foamed polymer. This type of material has a multilayer structure, so washable kitchen wallpapers look embossed in the photo. Acrylic coatings are very soft, so it is not recommended to expose them to mechanical pressure and clean using detergents.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Wallpaper in the kitchen, imitating brickwork

Vinyl wallpapers exhibit high resistance to moisture. This material is practical and presented on the market in several variations:

  • smooth;
  • embossed ( for painting );
  • kitchen (special high-density vinyl).

70% non-woven wallpaper consists of natural cellulose fibers. Moisture-resistant options can last for a long time. The coating does not need special care. The material is single-layer and two-layer. They allow you to repeatedly change the coloring of the walls, which is why they are so often found on the network of photo wallpaper for painting in the interior of the kitchen.

Liquid wallpaper is a dry powder that is mixed with water before application to the walls. The advantage of this coating is a large selection of decorative effects, due to the addition of additional elements to the mixture.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen, imitating boards

These components include:

  • mineral fractions used to create a raised surface;
  • cellulose fibers;
  • shine;
  • silk fibers.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Wallpaper for the kitchen, imitating masonry stones

In kitchens, you can also use metal wallpaper, consisting of porous paper as a base and a decorative layer made of foil and paint. Wall decoration is allowed with fiberglass cloths, which have a natural and environmentally friendly composition. The surface of such a coating is hygienic, perfectly masks the inaccuracies of the base and does not create conditions for the growth of bacteria.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Wallpaper on the walls may well be combined with the pattern of flooring

Useful advice! Before you start cleaning washable wallpaper, it is advisable to test the material in an inconspicuous place to avoid damage.

Catalog of washing wallpapers for the kitchen: photos, product prices

To recognize washable wallpapers, just look at the packaging. Manufacturers label such materials with wavy lines, the number of which indicates the degree of moisture resistance.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Bright colored wallpaper for the kitchen

In the catalogs of washing wallpapers for the kitchen you can find materials of the following types:

  • washable – cleaning with a damp cloth using gentle (non-aggressive) cleaning agents is allowed to remove light impurities. Marked with two wavy lines;
  • superwashable – you can remove contaminants with the help of soap solutions, without fear of spoiling the surface. Marked with three wavy lines;Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Bright print of wallpaper on the walls of a modern kitchen

  • friction resistant – coatings can be cleaned with a brush or sponge, using soapy solutions to remove significant dirt and grease stains. Marked with the image of a brush and one wavy line;
  • ultra-resistant to cleaning by the friction method – alkaline solutions can be used to clean, allowing you to remove serious impurities. Marked with the image of a brush and three wavy lines.

Average BN International washable wallpaper options:

Product type Name Price, rub / roll
Non-woven Hej 1300
Color line 1600-1650
Color stories 1800
Indian summer 1950
Vinyl Indian summer  1950
Glassy 2000
Sweet dreams 2350
Designer Wallpaper Curious 2350


Note! Each type of material is marked on the wallpaper packaging with the letter designation: BB (foamed vinyl), PB (embossed vinyl), PV (flat vinyl), STL (glass), STR (structural coatings for painting).Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Wallpaper with the image of greens will perfectly decorate the kitchen in pastel colors

What color of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen: photos of popular design solutions

The selection of the color of wallpaper for the kitchen can be based on the actual color solutions offered by fashion designers, or classic palette options. Every year, manufacturers produce collections with complex shades and original combinations. To choose the optimal palette for the design of the kitchen, you need to consider factors that affect the success of this venture.

To decide what color of wallpaper to choose for the kitchen, you need to consider the following nuances:

  • the shape of the room and its area;
  • the amount of natural light, which depends on the number of windows, their size;Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Combining wallpapers of different textures and styles, you can come to an interesting result

  • placement of the kitchen in relation to the cardinal points;
  • color scheme of rooms adjacent to the kitchen;
  • design and coloring of furniture facades.

The choice of colors is influenced by the planned image of the space, which can be neutral or contain bright accents.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Bright colors in the modern interior of the kitchen are becoming more popular.

Design and photo of wallpaper for white kitchen in the interior of the room

White, like gray, refers to the base palette. It is considered the most versatile, so it fits perfectly into any style of the room. Exotic destinations such as futuristic and Mediterranean are no exception.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

The color of the wallpaper has something in common with a touch of kitchen furniture.

Actual shades of wallpaper for white cuisine in 2021:

  • Ivory;
  • ivory;
  • snowy white;
  • lactic.

The wallpapers for a small kitchen in Khrushchev made in a light palette look excellent in the photo. This coloring is perfect for creating a light and clean room, with its help you can visually expand the amount of space. If the kitchen is very compact, it is advisable to choose a light palette for furniture facades. Do not be afraid that the surface of white wallpaper is too easily soiled, because non-woven wallpaper can be cleaned more than once.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Photowall-paper will decorate any interior of kitchen

Note! On white surfaces, dust, dried water droplets, and fingerprints are less visible.

Using beige and brown wallpapers in the kitchen: photo in the interior of the room

The beige palette of shades is always in trend. If this color is chosen as the decoration, then on real photos of wallpaper for the kitchen in the interior you can feel a cozy and warm atmosphere. Moreover, such a result is possible even if the room is dimly lit or is located on the north side of the building. A great option will be the combination of beige wallpaper and furniture with white facades. No less impressive look on the background of light beige walls and dark headsets that contrast with the finish.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Non-woven wallpaper for the kitchen in gray and white colors

In 2021, it became very fashionable to use photo wallpapers for kitchen walls with thematic pictures. Most often, such coatings are made in brown, green or monochrome colors. The list of the most common topics includes images of food and drink, dishes, as well as coffee beans and seasonings. Although they can use urban and natural landscapes. Beige and brown colors blend perfectly with classic-style wooden furniture.

The choice of wallpaper for the kitchen: a catalog of photo ideas for room decoration

Pastel colors are in demand as never before. In the interior of the kitchen, delicate shades of pink, peach, blue, lavender, mint and lilac will look good.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Bright colors and bold prints are perfect for the interior of the kitchen

To create an invigorating interior, bright shades of walls are suitable:

  • yellow;
  • light green;
  • Orange;
  • red.

Many apartment owners prefer the light green color of the kitchen , which wallpaper to choose in this case depends on the chosen style. Furniture facades made in this shade do not combine well with classic and rustic styles, but perfectly emphasize the advantages of modern design. White walls or wallpapers imitating a natural wooden surface in brown are suitable for light green cuisine.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Unusual wallpaper for the dining area of the kitchen

Light green and pistachio shades are perfectly combined with cream, beige, creamy, dark brown, gray, coffee and pale blue tones.

Useful advice! It is better to refuse to use cold shades in light green cuisine. It is advisable to finish the wallpaper with light warm tones.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Brightly colored kitchen wallpaper

A combination of two-color wallpapers in the kitchen looks spectacular on the photo. Shades belonging to the same color group are ideally combined, for example, beige and brown, red and pink, lilac and purple, blue and blue, yellow and orange.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

A wide range of wallpapers with various patterns will help to realize the most daring design decisions.

You can play on contrasts using monochrome colors. Before you start choosing a wallpaper design for a black and white kitchen, you should determine which of the shades will be the main. The predominance of black will add mystery and depth to the interior. Using white as the main shade will fill the room with air and light, and visually increase its size.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Black and White Kitchen

Wallpaper for the kitchen: photos of modern ideas 2021-2022

In the photo of modern wallpaper on the kitchen of 2021, you can see many beautiful and stylish interiors. The range of products offered by manufacturers is very wide and includes both budget options for wallpaper and elite types of coatings. Therefore, it is not difficult for consumers to choose finishing materials for their home.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Bright wallpaper in the interior of the kitchen

Finishing recommendations:

  • wallpaper for the kitchen in the interior decorated with vertical patterns visually raises the ceilings, while horizontal ones increase the space;
  • large images on canvases can be used to visually reduce the size of the room, small images to enlarge;Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Bright floral accent in the dining area of the kitchen

  • In the photo of fashionable wallpapers for the kitchen in 2021, often there are geometric plots, if you choose a wallpaper with interwoven figures and stripes, you can create an unusual effect due to the play of light and shadow on the coating.

Ethnic theme of wallpaper for the kitchen: a catalog of ideas for home

Coatings decorated with ethnic ornaments are able to fill the interior of the kitchen with new shades and colors. In the photo of wallpaper for the kitchen in 2021, made in the national style, you can see the coverings decorated with various drawings and patterns.

Most often used as decoration:

  • images of animals;
  • images of plants and flowers;Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Bright floral decor of one of the walls in the kitchen

  • original styling;
  • geometric figures.

Useful advice! So that the interior does not begin to look like a folk art museum, it is advisable to use ethnic motives to the best of our ability. Under such coatings, it is better to choose a neutral background in a restrained color scheme.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Cozy kitchen design in blue tones

In the photo of modern wallpaper for the kitchen, made in ethnic style, you can find motifs of various cultures. All of them have their own performance characteristics and are characterized by the predominance of certain shades. Slavic ethnic ornaments are rich in colors. This culture is characterized by a combination of black and red, green and blue, sand and yellow, as well as wood. The listed shades can be diluted in white.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

The working area should be pasted over with washable wallpaper with a high degree of moisture resistance.

The wallpapers with African motifs are dominated by such colors as green, black, scarlet, blue, yellow, amber, coral, purple, white and brown. The subjects of the northern peoples, on the contrary, are restrained and concise. As a rule, the palette is limited to 2-3 colors, the most popular of them are blue and red on a white background.

The use of 3D wallpaper in the kitchen: design, photo interiors

Wallpaper with the effect of 3D-images have become an achievement in the progress of room design. These three-dimensional coatings are wide-format paintings decorated with drawings that create a three-dimensional effect of presence.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

3D wallpaper in the kitchen with the image of the forest

It is not necessary to draw up the entire perimeter of the room with the help of these wallpapers, it is enough to select only one wall, for example, the area at the dining table . In design magazines, there are photos of combined wallpaper for the kitchen, where the three-dimensional pattern on the cover is combined with a calmer, monophonic background. It is not recommended to use materials decorated with large or thick patterns in combination with a 3D image. Otherwise, the design will be too overloaded with decorative elements.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Lightweight, unobtrusive cutlery print

The best option is to use wallpaper under a brick in the kitchen. Usually, such a material forms the working area (apron), although it is allowed to use paintings on other surfaces of the room. Wallpaper imitating brickwork can be made not only with the use of 3D printing, there are also common product variants on sale that convey the beauty of this material due to the relief texture.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Brick Wall Wallpaper

Design of combined wallpaper in the kitchen: photos and unusual ideas

The combination of colors and materials is a great way to support the fashion trend of 2021. With the right selection of materials, even a compact kitchen is suitable for combined design.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Paper-based wallpapers with greens

Most often, apartment owners resort to the standard version of decorating the kitchen with tiles and wallpaper, photos of such interiors can be found almost everywhere. A similar method is used to save on finishing materials, because the price of tiles is much higher than the cost of wallpaper. With the help of ceramic tiles , an apron area and areas where the walls are most affected by mechanical stress, pollution and moisture are formed. The remaining surfaces can be pasted over with washable wallpaper.

Useful advice! When choosing wallpaper for the kitchen , it is better to pay attention to vapor-permeable types of coatings. If the wall surface does not breathe, the risk of mold growth increases.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

Washable wallpaper for the kitchen

As a rule, the decoration of the kitchen in the photo with decorative stone and wallpaper is performed for the same purpose. To minimize the cost of decoration and simplify installation, instead of tiles or stone, you can use wallpaper that mimics these surfaces. It is very important that the material located in the working area has a high degree of resistance to moisture.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

The walls of the kitchen-dining room can be decorated with paintings

Rules for combining materials:

  1. Coatings must match each other in quality and price. The combination of elite and budget products is not allowed.
  2. The thickness of the combined coatings must be the same, otherwise serious problems will arise during the jointing of the seams.
  3. If the interior uses a bright panel, the remaining surfaces must be decorated with plain canvases.
  4. In combination with saturated colors, it is better to use neutral tones.
  5. Patterns and flowers go well with the shades and textures of natural wood.Wallpaper for kitchen modern ideas 2021-2022

One of the walls of the kitchen is painted in the color of the print on the wallpaper.

On the Internet you can find many photos with ideas on how to design a kitchen in a modern style. They can be used as an example or inspiration when creating your own design. Do not forget about such decor as wall clocks, paintings, antique coffee grinders and other trinkets. The main thing is to choose the very style and design that reflects not only personal wishes and tastes, but also your own vision of coziness, warmth and comfort. This is exactly the atmosphere that a kitchen should have.